Baseball Dreams and Bikers: A Book of Short Stories by Douglas Robbins

Baseball Dreams and Bikers: A Book of Short Stories book promotion Douglas Robbins

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"Baseball Dreams and Bikers" is a compelling collection of short stories that delves into the intricate lives of individuals entangled in the realm of dreams, family, and unforeseen circumstances.

In "Someone Anonymous," the search for a missing piece of oneself takes center stage. As readers ponder whether they should be living a different life and if there is an untapped version of themselves yearning to break free, they are invited to join the enigmatic world of SA, where the missing "someone" eagerly awaits discovery.

"Charlie Hero" introduces Charlie Frieze, a fifty-year-old struggling to make his mark on the world. Faced with a sense of desperation, he takes drastic measures to pen his magnum opus, even at the cost of jeopardizing everything. Explore the lengths one man is willing to go to achieve his aspirations and the consequences that unfold.

The title story, "Baseball Dreams and Bikers," revolves around Donny, a gifted high school baseball player poised for a bright future. However, his path to success takes an unexpected turn as his splintering family dynamics and the arrival of his ex-con biker uncle disrupt his dreams. With his parents separated and his father's job loss, Donny must navigate the consequences of his choices. Will he succumb to the pressures and risk losing not only his dream but also his family?

In this captivating anthology, "Baseball Dreams and Bikers" explores the fragility of dreams, the impact of familial bonds, and the unforeseen challenges that can shape lives. Each story immerses readers in a world where aspirations collide with the complexities of existence, painting a vivid portrait of the human spirit's resilience and the choices that define our paths.