Can You Be: A novel about self-discovery by Sonee Singh

Can You Be: A novel about self-discovery book promotion Sonee Singh

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Naina's life is as it has always been. She lives in a self-imposed sheltered manner in Charleston, South Carolina, yet wants nothing more than to have the support of friends and family. She is too afraid to put herself out there, having been hurt so much in the past. Her routines give her a sense of safety ... until an early August morning, when Naina receives a box. It has no information about its sender and is left on her doorstep. A mysterious man shows up at her work asking her about it.

Everything begins to change after the arrival of the box, and Naina is presented with a chance to change her life and explore compassion, forgiveness, and believing in herself. She struggles to understand the power of connections and the potential of expanding her horizons. Naina's journey is mystical and, in portions, it takes her through Stockholm, Helsinki, and the Baltics. Will this quest lead her to discover who she can be?