Follow: Book 1 of the Rose Tree Chronicles by JD Buchmiller

Follow: Book 1 of the Rose Tree Chronicles book promotion by JD Buchmiller

Gerardo of Liko, a reluctant survivor, faces a mission to rescue his arch-enemy, Jorge of En Why, who holds the key to ending a continent-wide war. With the help of a pixie, forest sprite, and resourceful rodents, a daring prison break unfolds. As Jorge grapples with his inner demons, can they unite to bring peace to the United Empires?

Within these pages is the birth of two majestic families whose generations are chronicled in an epic fantasy series filled with specters, fairies, elves, dragons, mermaids, and more!

Dive into Follow, the epic start of The Rose Tree Chronicles, an epic fantasy series blending adventure, politics, and the balance of emotion and logic.

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