The Tainted Jade: A Michael Garrett Mystery by Richard Blaine

The Tainted Jade: A Michael Garrett Mystery book promotion by Richard Blaine

Step into the post-war world of 1948, where shadows stretch long beneath the relentless El Paso sun, and secrets are as elusive as a desert mirage.

Michael Garrett, a quintessential L.A. private detective, arrives to attend an auction at the request of a client.

The prize? An extraordinary treasure — a jade statuette rumored to hold the weight of centuries in its emerald form. A relic of staggering historical significance, its allure is matched only by the haunting legend that surrounds it — a four-century-old Aztec curse, whispered to bring doom to those who dare to possess it.

Willis Canton Ordway also has his eye on it, standing at the crossroads of ambition and fear. He covets the jade's priceless legacy yet trembles at the prospect of the ancient curse. A deadly gamble ensues, culminating in a blood-soaked hotel room and a violent end.

At the macabre scene stands a figure both captivating and enigmatic — a cool, steely-eyed blonde. Michael Garrett, the man entrusted with uncovering the truth, finds himself entangled in a web of deception and danger.

As he navigates the treacherous terrain of suspicion, he can't help but question the allure of innocence that surrounds her, for in this world of smoke and mirrors, trust is a precious commodity, and with blondes, you can't ever be sure...

Can Garrett unearth the truth before the curse's malevolent grip tightens its hold?