The Alaska Job - a Case Lee thriller by Vince Milam

The Alaska Job - a Case Lee thriller book marketing Vince Milam

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In his twelfth stand-alone novel, Bestselling Author Vince Milam takes readers on an electrifying journey through the heart-pounding pages of “The Alaska Job”.

Case Lee is thrust into a pulse-pounding mission that promises untold riches and unrivaled danger. Tasked with discovering a legendary billion-dollar hoard hidden deep within the annals of history, Case quickly finds himself entangled in a treacherous web of espionage, lethal assassins, and cutthroat rivals who push him to the limit. As he follows the trail of cryptic clues etched in the sands of time, every step he takes is fraught with peril. From enigmatic Buddhist monks to the desolate arctic islands once inhabited by Russian fur traders to the unforgiving terrain of Alaska’s wilderness, this high-octane thriller is filled with heart-stopping surprises while every moment becomes a test of survival.