Crimes of Youth and Passion - a college football horror tale by Daniel Trump

Crimes of Youth and Passion - a college football horror tale book promotion Daniel Trump

A murder on a college campus devastates Octavius Macmillan, weakside linebacker for Jericho State. His friend descended into mental illness before being murdered - and then another friend begins acting strangely, not acting like himself at all. Then no one can hear him when he talks to them, and he realizes something is very, very broken and he needs to fight desperately to fix it - with the help of his genius from Roswell Lacroix and the dynamic reporter Yara Sinclair. 

They must try to win football games despite all of these distractions, and no one expects their defense to stop top-25 teams that they are facing. Meanwhile the supernatural problems lead to a road trip and then a fight against a terrible slasher killer haunting high schools in the Midwest. As more and more people die and the terrible enemy is unmasked Octavius and his friends must try to figure out how to fight an enemy with impossible powers and uncontrollable rage. 

Check out this intellectual horror story by genre writer Daniel Trump, author of Modern Goth and Ascension.