Not My War - an award-winning WW2 Young Adult Historical Novel by Valerie Anne Hudson

Not My War - an award-winning WW2 Young Adult Historical Novel book advertising Valerie Anne Hudson

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Having finally been released from years of tedium and oppression in English boarding schools, fearless, fun-loving Louise Bellingham is determined to live life to the fullest.

Living with her mother and brother in Paris as the Nazis invade, she finds herself caught up in a war she wants no part of.

As friends and family join the Resistance, she participates herself with reluctance, until she’s swept off her feet by Hans, a charmingly handsome young Nazi officer. His companionship provides her with the fun and excitement she’s been looking for, but her friends and family start to push her away and question her loyalty--even to the point of accusing her of being a traitor.

In turn, Louise becomes resentful; increasingly selfish and self-centered; pushing everyone away in fits of self-righteous rage.  

As she gets to know Hans better, Louise witnesses first-hand some of his acts of cruelty, and questions his character. And when she’s forced to experience first-hand the brutal atrocities being inflicted on the Jews, her eyes are finally opened to the truth as she realizes what needs to be done.