EX LIBRIS by John Oehler

EX LIBRIS political thriller book promotion by John Oehler

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EX LIBRIS was 1st PLACE WINNER in FICTION and GOLD MEDAL WINNER in THRILLERS in the 2021 Global Book Awards.  It tells of the terrifying events arising from discovery of a long-hidden secret that could ignite global mayhem and even nuclear war.

It follows ex-Diplomatic Security agent, Dan Lovel, and his young French partner, Martine who agree to attempt a caper that would help identify art looted by Napoleon. But in the process, they inadvertently unearth that centuries-old secret.  Explosive terror results, and Dan and Martine are forced to make soul-rending choices.

Readers love the non-stop, “breathtaking” action of EX LIBRIS.  They comment that the book is “super fun to read” with a lot of “badassery.”  And one notes that Dan’s Gypsy heritage is a standout aspect that provides “intriguing” insights into “mysterious” Gypsy culture.”

Reader Comments:

• COULD HARDLY PUT IT DOWN TO EAT.   Lost many a night’s sleep reading …  —Karl, 1/10/22.

• UTTERLY GRIPPING.  From the very beginning, the reader is plunged into breathtaking action. One of the standout things ... is the interesting protagonist. The reader is led into the mysterious gypsy culture and I found this aspect intriguing."  —M. Hernandez-Alvarez, 3/24/20.

• A LOT OF THRILL AND EXCITEMENT in EX LIBRIS, … a lot of badassery and dynamism … it moves at a great pace and is super fun to read.  —Myra, 3/14/2020.

• AMAZING THRILLER.  Brought me back to … days of reading full of excitement, and an immensely intriguing plot.  —David Handley, 4/14/20.

• IMMENSELY ENJOYED getting tugged into Dan Lovel’s world.  —Amy Williams, 3/19/20.

• Readers will be unable to put the book down until the final page.  EX LIBRIS shines because of its stellar cast of characters and Oehler's many twists. —The Booklife Prize, 7/14/20.