Shadowed Storm: An Action-Packed Suspense Thriller by Mavery Ellscott

Shadowed Storm: An Action-Packed Suspense Thriller book promotion by Mavery Ellscott

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She’s determined to unravel their plan to control the world’s water supply.
They’re out to silence her—permanently.

Oceanographer Alexis Hayes can’t resist an impromptu dive when she spots a school of basking sharks. But the moment of pleasure takes a dangerous turn. Alexis discovers a sunken motorboat’s lethal treasure—a bio-engineered algae specimen capable of contaminating freshwater sources. Now, she’s the target of a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to recover the specimen.

But Alexis has a secret weapon, friend and former Navy SEAL Seb Tremblay. Together, they set out to find a way to neutralize the algae. Pitted against a powerful adversary with vast resources, the serene waters of the Florida Keys become a deadly hunting ground with Alexis and Seb, the prey.

In a high-stakes game where every move could be their last, what sacrifices are Alexis and Seb prepared to make to protect the planet’s most vital resource and prevent global chaos?

If you like adrenaline-pumping thrill rides with a splash of romance and humor, you won’t be able to put down Mavery Ellscott’s Shadowed Storm.

Each novel in the Shadow Defense Security series is a stand-alone; however, the overarching conspiracy plot is present in each book and characters cross over.