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Two Writing Tips To Help You Write And Sell More Books From The Kindle Publishing Bible

Frictionless Writing

I first learned this lesson in the world of blogging. I had been blogging for years and noticed I would have very large "dry spells" – sometimes a month or two would go by without having written a single blog post or article. How could that be? What was stopping me? I was so frustrated! I thought I had to wait for inspiration to hit me.

That's when I listened to an interview with Leo Babauta, founder of the Zen Habits blog (one of the most successful blogs in the world). Leo talked about "frictionless blogging." Frictionless blogging is when you simply write the shell of the blog post and immediately post it live on your site without any pictures, editing, graphics or even formatting. Then, since it's live on your site and people are reading it, it forces you to immediately format it, edit it, add pictures and make it complete. It FORCES you to finish the project – because suddenly your fear of what readers will think of you overcomes your old habits of procrastination and "writer's block."

Since then, I've been using frictionless blogging and it has dramatically improved my results as a blogger. And now I've started what I call frictionless publishing (I believe I'm the first person to apply the concept to this arena but I could be wrong about that). For frictionless publishing, I write the book, finish the chapters and then post it on Kindle with minimal or no editing immediately for 99 cents. At this stage, the book is definitely worth at least 99 cents so I know that anyone who reads it will get a lot of value out of it and will NOT be disappointed in their investment.

But, I don't aim to publish and sell 99 cent books. I believe my books are much more valuable. So as soon as I know the book is live on Kindle, I work my butt off to make sure and edit out all the typos, add in any graphics or pictures I need to, check the formatting, rewrite any sections that are unclear, add in bonus info and content for my readers and voila! What used to take me 2-3 months to edit and complete a book now takes 2-3 days, sometimes less. Once I'm confident that the book is finished and I've uploaded the final copy on Kindle (unless I find more typos or decide to add more later which I can do anytime thanks to the ease of Ebook publishing), I raise the book's price to my ideal selling price.

How To Stop Writing

Another huge writing tip that has improved my writing output I learned from Tim Ferriss. He recommends that you should ALWAYS stop writing mid-sentence. Why? Because it's much easier to finish a half-written sentence than to start a new one from scratch. And as soon as you finish that first sentence, the second one just flows, and then the third and before you know it you've written a few thousand words and you never wasted a moment wondering what you should write about next.

I highly recommend that whenever you stop writing for the day, stop with a half-written sentence so that you can just pick it up where you left off without any hesitation or time wasting.

This new habit will be especially helpful for those of you who, like me, struggle to be consistent with your writing productivity.

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