To Save the Realm - An espionage mystery by T. B. Crattie

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To Save the Realm is the first of three cold war espionage fantastical
mystery-thrillers that take my main character, Brock Coole, a Southern
boy from Mycenae, Tennessee, on a magical mystery tour from the
relatively staid late 1950s through the renaissance of the high
Sixties, all the way to the bitter end of the Vietnam era and the
breakup of the Beatles. Brock's adventures take place in various
scenic locales in Britain, places that I love and that I have visited
many times. My books, I hope, have something of the wildness of J. P.
Donleavy, the cold war grit of John LeCarre, the suspense and love of
land of Geoffrey Household, and the fantastical imaginative invention
of the wonderful British spy-fi series, The Avengers. I'm currently
working on the second book in the series, and Brock is on his way back
to Britain.

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