Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever by L. V. Lewis

Keisha Beale is a street-wise, Chicago south-sider, two years out of DePaul University, who is a quarter million dollars in start-up capital away from realizing her dream of owning a recording studio/record store. She takes the place of her more business-savvy partner in a meeting with Tristan White himself, the venture capitalist they've targeted to fund their business. She's a bi-racial (African American and Brazilian) woman with a troubled past, and she's been so focused on her business pursuits that her love life has been non-existent.Tristan White is the devastatingly handsome, 32-year-old CEO of White Enterprises, the firm he built using just the tiny inheritance his mother left him to prove to his father he had the mettle to go it alone. He comes from a long line of wealth, and lives the life of a "One-Percenter" on Chicago's Gold Coast. Born into a world of white privilege, Tristan is used to controlling every aspect of his life.  When Keisha and Tristan's worlds collide sparks fly, and a fever is ignited in both of them that they have never felt before. It turns out they each have secrets, but together, in the unorthodox arrangement Tristan proposes, they discover passions they never knew they had.

The Ghetto Girl title is in all truthfulness, a misnomer. Keisha Beale is a highly-educated young woman who just happens to have been born on the other side of the socio-economic tracks. She embraces all of who she is, and navigates almost effortlessly in both worlds.

Erotic, amusing, and in places hilarious, the Ghetto Girl Erotica Quadrilogy is a parody with a unique take on a Fifty Shades-type story that will take you even further into the BDSM world, and promises to make the vanilla original Fifty Shades more colorful. 

The first two books focus on Keisha and Tristan's romance, and the final two focus on her roommate Jada and Nathan's (Tristan's twin brother).