French Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun - a travel phrasebook by Robert F. Powers & Mathieu Herman

Almost all foreign-language phrasebooks on the market today have their material arranged by categories, usually around 12 to 15 of them. Finding things in them is frequently an exercise in fumbling and frustration. As for instance, which category would you look to for "I'm not sure.", "What's all the racket?", "Do you promise?" or "Could you please do me a favor?"? After years of this sort of cold water thrown on my good communication intentions while travelling around Europe, I (Robert Powers) decided I could do a better job than the prominent phrasebook publishers (you probably know who they are). So, that's what led me to publish phrasebooks, the latest of which in Kindle e-book form is "French Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun".

Everybody knows how to use a dictionary, right? You want to find "horse", you go into "h", glance down the alphabetical order, and "voila!", there's "horse". Well, heretic that I am, I did the unthinkable for a phrasebook: I put my phrases and terms under the alphabetized key word(s) that they contain, like in a dictionary. Hence, if you want "Do you promise?", guess where you go. (No, not "do".) The term "cell phone charger" comes under "charger" (terms are listed under their nouns, rather than their modifiers). It's a 6-second workout to locate your target.

Apart from a faster, easier system to find things, this phrasebook decisively trumps all other French phrasebooks in the AMOUNT of phrases, terms and individual words that it contains. The nearest competitor has less than half as many, most have 1/4, 1/5 or 1/6 of what we offer you. And the scope of subjects is vastly greater, including sports such as skydiving, mountain climbing, soccer, fishing, birdwatching, card games, scuba diving, to name just a few. And the frosting on the cake is a large (very large) French-English food & drink glossary. This is on the heels of 8 appendices dealing with French alphabet & pronunciation, French grammar, cardinal & ordinal numbers, clock & calendar time, metric measurements, adult heights, and adult weights.

As you can well imagine, a work of this sort demands a high degree of accuracy, which in turn demands lots and lots of proofreading. My gallant team and I did it innumerable times. With 823 Word pages, you begin to understand what the concept of do-it-yourself lobotomy means.

For those who are studying French or plan to travel, work or live in France or a French-speaking country, I believe this phrasebook will give you a bountiful supply of vocabulary and expressions to cope with a wide variety of situations. You'll not only be able to get desired information and obtain necessary items, you'll be able to carry on simple social conversations with people, make arrangements, engage in various leisure activities, and even pursue romance. You'll be surprised at how much we give you in this e-book.

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