Eat Your Heart Out - a Women's Contemporary Fiction / Chick Lit novel by Giulia Simolo

Chloe Mackenzie looks like she's got it together but she's falling apart at the seams - literally. After struggling to squeeze into her beloved gold dress that suddenly feels like it was made for a nine-year-old, she realizes her skinnier, more vibrant self has bid her goodbye. And just in time for her boyfriend's brother's glamorous wedding where she'll finally be meeting his parents. 

Talk about stress. She needs to lose weight - and fast. But it's when she becomes a dietzilla that life decides to throw more stress her way, making her crave sweet treats to get through working for a moody boss they call Big Bear and the drama of boutique shopping which feels like the eleventh circle of hell now that she's on BFF terms with cheesecake. 

Underneath Chloe's dieting obsession lurks emotional baggage just waiting for a chance to speak up (if she'd stop stuffing it with food): the affair Chloe had that Brian her boyfriend has no idea about. Could Brody, his brother, have anything to do with why she's eating her heart out with food? 

It's time for Chloe to discover the real pounds that are holding her back in life. And no, they're not the ones on her hips. 

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