Boys for Sale - A Novel about Human Trafficking by Marc Finks

This kindle book will be free from 3/10-3/12.

Every year, more than 2,000,000 children worldwide are bought and sold
each year to be used as slaves.

This may be just one of their stories....

According to one reviewer - "A page-turner from my perspective. It
hits you hard, but it leaves you with hope. Marc Finks does an
excellent job shedding light on such a world that is so hard to
believe exists. Looking forward to book 2."

FOR LONG TV-SERIES - Why? Because the story is gut wrenching. It makes
the slum described in Catherine Boo's acclaimed Beautiful forever look
like a nice place in comparison. It makes the mass serial killer in
the tv series the following have a rival. Not just one. A story so
vivid, so brutal so lacking in anything human that it deserves a much
larger audience than this gripping novel will have. Any one reading
this book will be shocked by the utter evil that it contains. A tv
series would shock the audience and start a groundswell for action on
a massive scale to stop this abuse of young children....You must read
this story which is gripping, and also contains a clear insight into
what the children think , what they feel, what they suffer. Best book
ever about child abuse of boys, never have I read a more graphic
narrative. Mr Finks should give up his day job and become full- time
author, he has the writers gift to make a difference".