Hidden Demons (World of Chaos: Corruption) (Volume 1)- Book One of a Breakthrough Dark Fantasy Trilogy by Robin Ward


             As a fan of the genre, I have read many fantasy novels. Robin Ward's Hidden Demons touches on many familiar themes in Fantasy literature, but there is an attention to detail and realism that is often missing from fantasy epics. Despite their fantastical situations and surroundings, character emotions and reactions are for more realistic than those of archetypical heroes who seem to display little or no reaction to being in life threatening situations or encountering disturbing phenomena.

            Morality is a very important element of Hidden demons. The main villain of the book is literally The Devil, who manipulates, corrupts and dominates the mentally weak and the morally ambiguous. While most fantasy series have their evil gods as ambiguous threats that often attack the heroes through their minions, and typically only wish to slay the heroes, Lucifer is not like that. He appears in person to taunt, manipulate and otherwise attempt to destroy the characters, mentally and spiritually. The actions and designs of the good gods are more subtle and ethereal. In the world of Chaos, a mortal seeks the good gods, but the Devil comes to them.

            Hidden Demons is darker and more cerebral than most books I have read. The book pulls no punches and is that much better for it. The world is an intricate web of powers and character driven plot-lines that is only hinted at in this first novel. This book is not a one trick pony. It is more than an adventure, it has action, it is a character piece, it is a philosophical piece, it is a romance and there is a dab of horror there as well. I feel as if this book and those to follow will delight readers for decades to come.