The Rich the Poor and the Foolish - a guide to wealth creation by Paul Liburd

This book will show you how to 'Have Your Cake and Eat It'. In other
words, you will learn how to buy what you need without actually
spending your own money.

The foolish borrow money and constantly live beyond their means. As a
result, they are continually paying off yesterday's debts and
therefore, never have enough money to enjoy today.

The poor generally avoid debt but are only a little better than the
foolish. They save diligently for the things that they need and then
spend all of their hard earned money on the goods and services for
which they have saved, after which they too are broke.

The rich on the other hand, never spend their money; instead they
invest it and only spend the cash-flow that their investments produce.
This little book will show you how to do just that.

No special qualifications or expert knowledge is required and you
don't even need a wage/salary increase. Armed with nothing but the
information found in this book, you can start today with whatever you
have and take your first step towards financial independence.

Take the 'Financial Aptitude Test' at the end of the book and then
strengthen your weak points by re-reading the relevant chapters. This
book will soon become your best friend and mentor. Good luck.