Every Why – Women’s Fiction by Shirley Ford



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Susan Vizer lives an ordinary life in Dorset. Nothing exciting ever happens. There has been no man in her life since her divorce several years ago. She works for a local estate agent, showing prospective clients around grand properties, never thinking for one moment that she could aspire to anything other than her own small apartment. Her life takes a dramatic turn with a mysterious invitation arriving in the post, offering her a four-week all expenses paid holiday. What was the catch? There had to be a catch. 'No such thing as a free lunch,' her mother warned.  Should she accept? Should she step out of her comfort zone into the unknown?  More importantly, should she take her difficult mother with her? Their journey leads them to a remote, rapidly deteriorating Scottish mansion. Who are all the other women who also arrive? Have they all been offered a free holiday? And more importantly why is only one half of Dunnbray Castle put at their disposal. What is happening in the other half? It certainly isn't empty and unsafe as they are led to believe. There are so many unanswered questions, which culminate in a surprising ending. But as the saying goes – Every Why has a Wherefore.

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