RARE ATMOSPHERE, a memoir by Rachelle Rogers

Rare Atmosphere, a memoir by Rachelle Rogers is available on Amazon in both paperback and as an ebook for Kindle

My memoir, Rare Atmosphere, recounts a remarkable sojourn that covers a six year period of time from December 2005 to January 2012, one in which I came to profound realizations about love--love of another, and most importantly love of self. My story began when I was told about a man, one who "sings the song of my soul," one involved in the world of classical music, one who calls Paris his home. I was told that a relationship with this man held the potential for the greatest happiness. Yet, I ultimately found a long, circuitous route between potential and reality, with a continually evolving destination and unimagined detours along the way. 
Working on this memoir has been quite an adventure. Although I've written fiction and poetry, and have composed a few short autobiographical essays, I'd never written a book-length accounting of personal events, in this case, an affair of the heart that traversed dimensions. It was three years into this amazing journey that I decided to write about it. I started keeping journals, and transcribing dozens of audio-taped conversations I had had with non-physical beings I affectionately call The Dead Guys, wise and wonderful entities that supported me through the challenge and the triumph. Many of these conversations are included, along with poetry inspired by my experiences. And, as I wrote, I found I also had to revisit and include an earlier, similar inter-dimensional encounter that took place between 1976-1989, an experience I'd previously promised myself would never be found upon a public page. But there it is, all laid bare.
From the back cover:
When, at age fifty-nine, Rachelle Rogers was told in a channeled conversation about a man she didn't know, yet felt she'd been waiting for all her life, it initiated an extraordinary six year inter-dimensional affair of the heart.
The rich tapestry of events, which unfolds through ongoing conversations with angelic beings affectionately called The Dead Guys, weaves through a world of classical music, poetic inspiration, synchronistic interludes, and unexpected landscapes including Paris, Provence, and the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.
In an authentic and lyrical voice, Rare Atmosphere recounts a story of passion, vision, and the courage to mine for a grander truth.
Editorial Reviews:
"In this rare metaphysical excursion, seasoned writer Rachelle Rogers explores the synergy between inner and outer realms, past and present; a richly poetic journey that reflects the beauty and resilience of the human spirit."Mindy Lewis, author of Life Inside: A Memoir
"In this memoir, the author has a love affair--with a man she's never met. Rogers (A Love Apart, 2005)...receives an unusual message...that she will meet a French [man] who "sings the song of [her] soul." [An] honest portrayal of her struggle to come to terms with her own life... [S]he doesn't hesitate to expose her own foibles and mistakes... The chapters on her trips to Saint Martin and France are especially enjoyable, merging memoir with travelogue, and the poems embedded in the text offer a respite... An unusual, touching account of a woman's search for self-acceptance."
—Kirkus Reviews

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