Retribution-thriller by K. T. Archer

Stay vigilant, a psychopath is about to be unleashed!


Lizzy Wallace Boudreaux credits her best friend for much of the happiness she's experienced in her life. If it hadn't been for Kay's antics, Lizzy never would've met her husband and step-daughter, the two people she cherishes more than her next breath.


Being in the wrong place at the right time, Lizzy discovers her friend's husband is being unfaithful. To keep his secret would be as much of a betrayal to Kay as her cheating husband. But to tell Kay will hurt her too.


When Lizzy reveals what she knows the two women dive into some amateur PI work to uncover his deception. Neither realize deadly secrets have been lying underneath the surface all along.


A fugitive, living an assumed identity, had been part of their lives for years. Now the fight for survival begins as he seeks his revenge against Lizzy, Kay and everyone they love. 

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