TRANSCENDER: First-Timer - a YA Paranormal Fantasy by Vicky Savage

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Description: I've always loved romantic adventure stories set in medieval times, with brave warriors, graceful horses, swordfights, and princesses. The problem is I'm not a fan of "damsel in distress" tales. I wanted my heroine to be a thoroughly modern girl, smart, capable, courageous, and athletic. So I needed to figure out how to get my modern girl into a setting that had all the fun of medieval times, but with great clothes and indoor plumbing. The time-travel concept didn't really work for me. But I've always been fascinated with the notion of parallel lives. That's how I came up with the idea of a Transcender—someone with the ability to travel among alternate universes. That concept allowed me to pick and choose which elements I wanted in my story. It's great fun!

When I wrote TRANSCENDER: First-Timer, I asked myself what would happen if a typical Connecticut teenager discovered, accidentally, that she had the ability to travel among parallel worlds? This is the story of Jaden Beckett and her amazing adventures when she unexpectedly finds herself a member of the royal family in one of the three surviving dome nations on a post-apocalyptic version of earth. Jaden reunites with her mother, deceased in her Connecticut existence, undertakes the task of learning to act as a princess in a backward, dystopian nation, and falls hopelessly in love with the most wanted outlaw in the land. The Inter-Universal Guidance Agency is working day and night to return Jaden to her original home, but now, she's not sure she wants to leave. Join the fun!


"Savage is a skilled storyteller ... this jaunt into high adventure and romance in a parallel universe launches a promising new trilogy in YA fantasy." ~Kirkus Reviews

"Completely imaginative, lush description, terrific book!" ~ Christina Hickey, Ensconced in YA

"... the combination of action, adventure, and romance makes [Transcender] a great title for YA readers." ~ IndieReader

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