American Ghoul - A paranormal horror novel by Walt Morton

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If you like a mash-up of realistic period action, horror, humor, and coming-of-age stories you'll like this unusual novel. It has been compared by readers to the works of Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Dean Koontz, Carl Hiassen, and Victor Gischler. Some of those comparisons make sense because American Ghoul has elements of realistic regional horror, like King's SALEM'S LOT. But also, American Ghoul has the kind of over-the-top humor that readers know from Carl Hiassen and Joe R. Lansdale. Beyond any of that, the novel introduces a completely original monster character -- a teenage ghoul -- and the body of the story is a weird and true-to-life examination of the bizarre saga of a teen ghoul trying to live undiscovered in suburban New Jersey, circa 1978. It's a funny, scary novel.