Spell On Me - a visionary&metaphysical novel by Serge Smith


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The novel explores many important elements of the human condition and our seemingly irrepressible desire to encounter the internal (and eternal) universe and to discover and explore the true nature of reality, as it were. The book presents both sides of the equation, as well -- both the ecstatic response to interaction with the timeless and the kind of depression one can feel when faced with the nuts and bolts of ordinary earthbound reality and living in the physical world among other people at various stages of awareness and unawareness. A transcendental experience dramatically changes the life of a young, career-minded professional hurtling towards middle age. Subsequently, cracks begin to appear in his well-ordered way of life. Even the most secure aspects of his world, which previously underpinned the stability of his existence, suddenly now seem alien, indefensible, and directionless. He begins to question the value of his own status in his adopted world, and sets out on a quest for a new meaning to his life: it must exist, the essence of it seems almost tangible, but how to reach it? From a series of allusions, disturbing dream sequences, visions and experiences, and from the conversations with the people close to him, the author, in the impressionistic form of a daily journal, takes the reader with him on his voyage of discovery, moving forward sometimes by intuition, sometimes by touch. It seems that the words even to express what he is seeking will forever elude him…until one final, defining moment.