Crossing Paths: the BookCrossing novel - contemporary fiction by Debbie Robson

Imagine a world - a parallel universe - where books are left on park benches, on tables at cafes and at the end of a pier. Sometimes the books have notes on them. Sometimes they are dropped in fountains in ziplock bags.

Strangers pick them up and take them home and sometimes they find just the right person! These books can be tracked and occasionally they turn up after five or even ten years. It's not fiction! It's real life, a real online book club and my main character is a member. Unfortunately she is lost, bent on self destruction and other bookcrossers must race against the clock to find her before it's too late. Three members try and work out her next move from the books on her bookshelf and in the process several others find themselves in Paris.

As we meet all the characters 52 books are released and some of these books go on journeys of their own, including quite a few 1001 books you must read before you die. The reader, the characters and a cast of books travel from the US, across Canada, to Greece, through Italy to France and across to Cornwall. Some characters fall in love, others find themselves in this novel about love, literature and synchronicity!

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