IDEAS for Women Only, The Art of a Personal Portfolio, a Non-Fiction book by Helen Hein

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Hello Creative Women Everywhere! Does your work spawn creativity and fill your life with happiness and abundance?

IDEAS For Women Only, The Art of a Personal Portfolio is a small book for women with big ideas.

Welcome to the world of your strengths, talents, and great ideas! Where women are producers of successful families and gorgeous products.This is the place for female artists, writers, poets, quilters, and composers. For women who are business strategists, party planners, managers, counselors, and information enthusiasts in all walks of creative life.

IDEAS For Women Only, The Art of the Personal Portfolio, will assist women in organizing the most important areas of their lives. By creating a personal portfolio, women will develop a life plan that suits their personal needs, utilizes their own special talents, addresses time management issues, problem-solving, healthy relationships, motivation, and dreams. It's like Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey information all in one.