Prisoner of Fallujah--a military fiction novel by Jonathan P. Brazee

Prisoner of Fallujah is a story of a young Marine as he faces a life-and-death situation in Iraq.  

Corporal Nick Xenakis served two tours as a grunt in Iraq, tours he found exhilarating and rewarding.  When his wife gave him the "me or the Corps" ultimatum as his enlistment wound down, he reluctantly chose to leave active duty, but not before maneuvering for one last deployment as a reservist.  Joining an artillery battery that was assigned as a provisional military police company, he figured that this would be an easy pump, not too exciting, but one that would keep him in the fight.

His new billet gave him a much broader perspective of the war, introducing him to aspects of it that he never really considered as a rifleman.  When his convoy was attacked and his Humvee destroyed, the wounded Nick was taken prisoner, and his discipline and will to endure would be put to the ultimate test.

This novel contains coarse language and some graphic depictions of violence and torture.  Some of the thoughts and actions of various characters in the book do not reflect the beliefs of the author or that of Marine Corps policy.  While the main characters and the plot are fictional, many of the events in the book were either experienced by the author in Iraq or relayed to him by others.  Some were described exactly as they occurred while others were slightly modified to better fit the storyline or to protect the identities of real servicemen. 

Prisoner of Fallujah will be offered free on Amazon on May 8, 2013.