Kit and Kitty in Love - An illustrated romantic book for lovers

Kit and Kitty are for the tender pieces of the heart that exist someplace in every adult who wants to love and be loved, something that lies deep down within the most callous among us. These heartwarming foxes can be downloaded for free on May 22nd and May 23rd for Kindle.

Kit and Kitty are two adorable foxes heads over tails in love.  They are not about the well worn struggles of falling in love, or about the complications of life in which love often ends up missing in action.  Kit and Kitty are about being there, two lucky beings taking the chance to relish the total joy they find in each other.  It is about how these two delight in their world and respond to it through the shared experience of being in love.  

I chose to present Kit and Kitty as cartoon foxes, because they and their characterized animal world could be just a few suggestive and safe steps away from our own human one.  It  will be endearing, positive, cute, visually stunning, and approachable to all.  Kit and Kitty are a hand painted full color gift of the imagination, a dream that is often tough to find in our own world, with all of its overbearing expectations and unloving complications.  Its the perfect gift book concept for lovers ready to make big commitments to one another.

Looking for something really special for the love of your life?  Tell your sweetheart you are completely and madly in love, just like Kit and Kitty.  They are never too busy or proud to express that they are heads over tails in love with each other.  Vividly imagined and hand painted by W.C. Fielstra, Kit and Kitty in Love is an ode to love, to fill any romantic occasion with passion.  Savor the free gift on May 22nd and 23rd.