A Boy A Dog and A Fly - a kindle book by Kiplyn Garrett


A fun rhyming children's book for ages 3-6!

A Boy, A Dog and A Fly is a really fun read that tells the story of
what happens one afternoon when a boy, a dog and a fly cross paths.
It's sure to bring a laugh to your little one when he or she sees what
happens to the fly.

The illustrations are well done and help bring the story to life.

Excerpt from A Boy, A Dog and A Fly:

Once upon a time in a land close by
there was a boy, a dog and a fly.

The boy left the dog to go inside
but before he left and the dog could sigh

The boy left a bone for the dog to eat
He laid the bone at the dog's front feet

A few of the reviews:

"This was a very fun read for me and my little niece she loved the
story the first time and the many times we have read it since I
purchased it. The way the rhymes are written is very playful with a
good dose of humor as well. It is so nice to find new children's
authors to enjoy."

"Clever, humorous rhyming story about a boy and his dog, and a hapless
fly who lands on the wrong bone at the wrong time. Each page has a
fun, colorful illustration to go along with the short story. Easy to
read out loud to the kids at bedtime (or anytime) and if your children
are just now learning to read and want to do it themselves, there are
no big words to trip them up as they make their way through the story.
Our kids got quite a giggle from the fly's travels throughout the book
and I suspect it will be a new favorite story for a while to come."

Looking for a fun book for a child age 3-6? You found it! Check out
A Boy A Dog and a Fly.