Talk to the Moon - kindle e-book by Katlynn Brooke

Talk to the Moon is a story of betrayal, racial injustice and murder;  an African story seen through the eyes of Holly Morgan, a young and naïve white girl who has left her home in South Africa for the first time with her sister Eva. The setting is Rhodesia in 1945, and Zimbabwe in 1992—as it became known later after the war of independence. It is Gabe Blanchard, the heir to a large tobacco fortune, who learns of the shocking secrets that Holly did not wish to take to the grave with her when, per her death-bed request, he reads the journals she wrote in the 1940's.
Holly is a compulsive scribbler who writes in detail about her encounters with the odd characters she meets, both on the mission and off, in this strange new country where only the moon is familiar to her. The only thing Holly wants is to settle down with a man she loves and raise a family but that doesn't seem to be her fate. She must navigate her way through suspicion and fear about her new relationship with the good looking but feckless Tony Swann and her friendship with a woman she doesn't really trust, and learn that people are not always who or what they seem to be. Will she find the happiness she is looking for and how will she deal with the disappointments and heartbreak she is sure to encounter? A coming of age story for young adults and adults of all ages.