Among Murderers and Madness - kindle ebook by Sonny Long

"Among Murderers and Madness" is the true story of murders long unpunished.
The story unfolds through the eyes and words of reporter Sonny Long,
who covered the murders since day one. He tells the tale through his
own experiences, through the voices of those closest to the victims
and the suspect and through media reports of the case.
"Among Murderers and Madness" is a nearly 20-year journey; a winding
road from the murders of a mother and her two children to the guilty
plea of a man many believed from the beginning had committed the
crimes. Along the way a cast of characters emerge, some good, some
bad, some even bizarre.
The role of the media covering the case is also examined not only the
author's own publication, but the other local newspaper, area
newspapers and television stations as well as the national media.

The author's intimate conversations with those closest to the case and
his tenacity in keeping the case alive in the minds of the public
makes "Among Murderers and Madness" the definitive source for not only
the senseless stealing of three lives, but for the maelstrom the
murders caused in both the lives of two families and in the
consciousness of a community.