TALES FROM THE FUR SIDE: Purrfectly Adorable Cat Stories – kindle ebook by Peter Benn


Why do we love our cats?  Is it their calmness, their adoration for us or is it their perceived mystery about what they are thinking and what they get up to when they are out of our sight. Ponder no more my friend, as here are a dozen delicious short stories about our cats. Breaking their feline code of silence each raconteur cat tells us about their secret life. From their own mouth they share stories about being treated as gods in Ancient Egypt, being locked in high-rise apartments, befriending the elderly and dying, foiling a cinema robbery, assisting fairies at the bottom of the garden, stopping a poisoning, being a WWII hero and many other amazing adventures.
Come and see the world afresh from a one foot two inch high point of view - insightful, humorous, mischievous and filled with wisdom and delightful observation. If you are owned by a cat here is the lowdown on what they are really thinking.
After this read you'll view your cat asleep in the corner in quite a different way – you'll love them even more!