Cryptic Tongues, kindle ebook by V. A. Jeffrey

The serpent queen reigns and has held the people of Hybron under thrall through promises of prosperity, deceptive words and fear. She has brought great prosperity to the land - for a deadly price. Some grow weary of that high price and seek a way to overthrow her through rebellion or alliances with her enemies. Yet this very price drives the queen, who has a terrible plan most do not dream of, a plan that would threaten not only the realm but the whole world.

Rapheth, a youth being groomed for greatness is unsure of his destiny and his past is shrouded in mystery to protect him. Raised in the center of Hybronian high culture, seemingly a world away from the poisonous court of the queen, there are many things and ideas that beckon to him and he spends his days living a sheltered, enjoyable existence learning from the prophet Ilim or making mischief with his friends. Suddenly, Ilim is called away to another holy mission and another man comes to instruct him and he is not the only new teacher for Rapheth. These new men come with new and possibly dangerous ideas. Rapheth learns of forbidden things and hidden underneath these things one may find the long arm of the queen, who searches to destroy all those who stand in her way.

Spies are everywhere, spies for the Ainash priesthood, spies for the queen, double spies and threats of war from the east and the south. Queen Taliat's uncle and vassal, Lord-Chieftain Teraht of Egi, has his own plans for power and his own ultimate plan to achieve it. Every tongue makes promises of revealing secrets, promises of the coming of great and wondrous things; prophecies that speak of kings, wars and momentous changes but which changes will come about? Which are true and which are false? Which is deception and which is truth? Which tongues are imparting the sayings of life and peace and which will lead the realm to doom?

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