Brayden Rider, Tales of a Medieval Boy - kindle ebook by C.L. Barnett

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His father missing, ten-year-old Brayden Rider lives a humble life in a small medieval village on the edge of a great forest. When his home is attacked one night, Brayden knows he must escape, but, to where? With the arrival of a travelling knight carrying a cryptic letter, Brayden’s life changes forever. For Brayden is no ordinary boy, but the son of the treasure master of the Templar Knights, and there are those who will stop at nothing to steal the secrets of the Order. Brayden flees to the castle, and while in hiding as a page befriends the lord’s daring daughter, Josslyn Marshal. Together, they face danger and excitement neither could ever have imagined. In this coming of age story, Brayden experiences all the challenges and intrigue of life in the medieval age, while starting down the path to his destiny.