Saving Toby - Kindle ebook by Suzanne McKenna Link

Saving Toby is a gripping bad boy meets good girl tale, a gritty, emotional story that will stay with you long after you've finished the last word.

Studious and goal-orientated, Claudia Chiametti is at her wits end with her overbearing father. In an effort to assert her independence, she jumps at the chance to work as an aid for a kindly, ailing widow in her hometown. The chance opportunity brings her into the home of one of the town’s most notorious families: The Faye Family.

Al Faye Senior left his family shattered after dying tragically in a car accident he was responsible for. Grieving, his frail wife, Julia had little control over the ever-growing volatile relationship between their two sons, Al Junior and Toby.

21-year old Toby Faye doesn’t really want to be home again. His family has left one too many scars already. He’d rather put them behind him, but when he learns that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer, he comes home to take care of her.

Once classmates, Toby has long been infatuated with Claudia. He sees her presence around his house as the perfect opportunity to stir up some heat between them. He senses her influence could be the motivation he needs to finally do great things.

Toby, on his best behavior, shows Claudia he is funny and kind. Drawn to his alluring grey-blue eyes and sexy grin, Claudia is rocked to the core, until finally, she is swept off her sturdy feet.

A crime and a terrible twist of fate force Claudia and Toby's lives into emotional upheaval. To move past the hurt, they must face their greatest fears.