Under The Burning Sky - Kindle ebook by Olivia Bersell


Ethan Coles thought the world of travel and adventure lay straight ahead. A teaching position in the remote. Australian outback was a dream come true. He had always assumed his future lay in the Marines, but that was not to be. As he boards his plane, he's feeling excited about what his new country has in store for him. But he soon learns that not everyone welcomes his arrival to Stoney Creek.

Set in the remote Australian outback the year is 1969 and former Marine Ethan Coles from Herscher-Illinois, is about to take up his new job teaching the children that reside on Stoney Creek. He is instantly drawn to the beautiful half-cast girl Amarin, and feels an attraction he's never felt before. Growing up on Stoney Creek, Amarin learned to fend for herself and she could hold her own against anyone. She was a tom-boy through and through and had never thought she'd want a man, not until the arrival of the alluring and handsome American.