SUMOTORI - Kindle eBook by GP Hutchinson

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A sumo wrestler. Really? A sumo wrestler?

Not just any sumo wrestler, but a yokozuna—a sumo grand champion of almost legendary status—named Tatsuyama.

And the women love him. Actually, just about everybody loves him.

Why then does young detective Kobayashi Koji believe Tatsuyama’s drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend has framed him for the crime that gets him kicked out of competition?

When Tatsuyama himself goes to ask her, she’s dropped off the map.

Follow Tatsuyama and Detective Kobayashi from Tokyo’s glitziest shopping districts to Kyoto’s most traditional gardens and find out why men like Tatsuyama are known as the last of the samurai.

Through the pages of Sumotori: A 21st Century Samurai Thriller, you can grab a front-row seat in the Kokugikan arena, but you’ll soon be whisked behind the curtain into an entrancing, mysterious, and powerful world where compassion and corruption collide.

It’s a story filled with plenty of action, twists, and turns. A tale of unexpected allies and startling and treacherous enemies.

If you’re game for colorful characters in exotic locales facing escalating dangers, then Sumotori may be the story you’ve been looking for. CreateSpace Editor Julie M. said, “It was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a while!” She added, “I think many of your readers will find themselves wanting to karaoke with Tatsuyama by the end as well.”

Why not give it a read and see whether you agree?