Jack - kindle ebook by Shannon LC Cate

Jack is a witty, streetwise, orphan of 14, living in Five Points, New York in the 1870s. But he's as quick to help a lady across a mud puddle as he is to relieve an unsuspecting gentleman of his pocket watch--especially when the "lady" is sweet, naive, Lucy.

Lucy's Mama would rather she keep her eyes on her own boots, rather than on boys when she goes out for the daily shopping, but Jack seems different somehow. He is Lucy's secret delight--as are the apples and flowers and trinkets he brings to charm her. Eventually, he even charms Mama.

But Lucy's instincts are right. Jack is not like other boys, in ways even Mama, with her special gift of insight can't guess. When Mama sees a dangerous man in Lucy's cards, she fears it might be Jack. Her mistaken attempt to take her daughter far away from him may cost all three of them their lives.

Set between old New York and a rowdy mining town in the untamed Arizona Territory, Jack's twists within twists will keep you turning pages right up to its breathless end. And when you've finished it, and are wishing for more, you can download Jack's short prequel, "Jump" for free at Smashwords, B&N.com or the iBookstore.