Landwhig's Pride: The Fifth Token of Life- kindle ebook by J.J. Joenes

A God’s betrayal
...a Woman’s revenge

Having stolen men from Earth, Landwhig so happened upon the 21st century, wherein he found a new creature. And so chose from the womb one to lead into his world. Now Bridget Reid must survive his trial or never return. Seeking answers she finds an ally in Ja, Uckahian via the Fourth Path of Life, who finds himself in wonder as to why and how this female arrived. But not all who seek answers are allies. And though her blood stains many places, Bridget enjoys the freedom a warrior’s life bestows—her sword, her first love, transforming the slightest urge to remain in Uckah into a force destroying hope of a journey home. So is it betrayal after all? Bridget’s jaunt will near its end. And when it does, Landwhig must trust the woman scorned. Then it’s her turn to introduce a God…to madness.