Dream Keeper - kindle ebook by Parris Afton Bonds

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Dream Keeper is a stand-alone sequel to Dream Time and, like the saga Dream Time, follows the fortunes and follies of Nan, Amaris, and Annie ~ and Miles, Ryan, and Sin as they fight their way through strife and cataclysm to find enduring love in Australia.  Beginning with the settlement of English convicts in the eighteenth century, Dream Time and Dream Keeper are Australian history on a grand scale.  I did such extensive and laborious research that an Australian film company was impressed enough to take pity on me and option the two novels (for a pittance).  Alas, the option dropped and no film ~ yet.  I do hope you enjoy reading Dream Keeper and would most certainly welcome your suggestions, although I admit I can cringe at caustic criticism, so please be nice and occasionally buy one of my novels in order to keep me from being sent to Norfolk Island's debtors prison.