Fascinating Rhythm - a historical mystery by Anne Louise Bannon


Free Days from December 25 - 27.

New York City of the 1920s comes roaring to life in this charming mystery sprinkled with romance. When editor Frank Selby is killed, everyone thinks his secretary Kathy Briscow did it. Kathy was doing Selby's work for him and there was Selby's reputation as a complete cad when it came to women. It didn't help when Kathy convinced the head of the publishing company to promote her so that she could continue work on The Old Money Story, a novel by wealthy socialite Freddie Little.

Kathy knows she didn't kill Selby and Freddie is convinced she didn't, either. He knows there was some very bad blood between Selby and Selby's wealthy cousin Percy. Turns out there are others with motives, too, including the publishing company head, who has rather odd habits that apparently Selby knew about. Then there was Selby's thriving business making illegal whiskey.

So Kathy and Freddie team up, combing the speakeasies and streets of the city, blissfully unaware that a pleasant liking for each other will flare up into a full-blown romance. That is, assuming they can keep Kathy from being arrested by a vengeful detective or that they can stay out of the sites of a killer with an obsession.