How to write a good blurb / book description - book marketing guide #5

Self-published book marketing
As an author, you must pay a special attention to your book description. By the book description we mean a promotional book blurb you will be using when putting your book to sale, for instance via Amazon KDP platform. This short text is of great importance - it will be the first encounter with your style of writing for all potential readers of your book. The impression your blurb makes will have a tremendous impact on a decision of buying or not buying your book. Naturally, the content and style must match the book, but there are a few key features of a good blurb that you should try to incorporate into yours.
  • Your blurb should not be too long, but not too short either. Long enough to interest and leave your potential reader wanting more, short enough to not bore them or even give up to read it at all. While this seems very vague, this actually has been measured by publishers: your book description should be 200 - 350 words long.
  • Begin your blurb with a lead - a short one- or two-sentence paragraph, that will summarize the most important features of your book. Example: Jack Reacher returns - and this time, he's bitten off more than he can chew.
  • If possible, make the lead easily distinguishable from the rest of the text, by spacing and writing it in bold font.
  • In the main text of the description, outline the story. After reading it, the reader should have a very clear view what is the genre of the book and what is it really about. Is it more of a thriller? If it is a space opera romance, is there more action or romance in it?
  • Divide your blurb to at least two separate paragraphs. If the description is long, make it three.
  • Do not give away too many details. Avoid any spoilers or hints that tell too much. Try to interest the reader and make it clear that the only way to satisfy their curiosity is to buy and read the book.
In the next chapter of our book promotion guide, we will talk about a proper pricing strategy of your ebook. Meanwhile, promote your book by submitting it to our site!