Staying on Your Toes – 7 Steps to an Excellent Performance (The Art of Charismatic Christian Living Series Book 3) - by Connie Bryson

Staying on Your Toes – 7 Steps to an Excellent Performance, an encouragement for women. Striving for excellence in our walks with God on this earth is a lifelong process of staying on our toes. Following our Master’s choreography at every pivotal turn that we make. Allowing Him to be the Director of our moves across the stage of life. By letting Jesus, the Lord of the Dance, lead us in each recital we perform, while keeping up with the tempo of the Holy Spirit, we will finish well.

CONNIE BRYSON moved from Claremont, California to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television commercial actress and model. In 1980, she dedicated herself to God, and her life profoundly changed.  She and her husband, along with NBC, developed and produced television shows for children, including, “Saved by the Bell.” She has been teaching the Bible to women for twenty-seven years, as of this publication. Her love for God, family, and others has inspired her to share the supernatural events that God has created in her life. Connie’s greatest desire is to finish well.