Fake News, a historical political comparison of propaganda by Kelly Carey

Fake News, a historical political comparison of propaganda by Kelly Carey

Kelly Carey was struggling to talk to her Fox News watching parents during the election. No matter what she tried to discuss politically, they responded with fabricated stories meant to instill fear and prejudice. It started with a blog, and ended with a book comparing right wing propaganda tactics of conservatives beginning in 1996 to the propaganda efforts of Adolf Hitler himself. Kelly expertly weaves the destructive talking points of the right and the election of Donald Trump into the history and tactics of Hitler and the Third Reich. It's a heavy topic and Kelly manages to imbed some humor into the intensely serious implications of having another hate filled autocrat in power.

Crazy about my Best Friend by Hazel Keys

Crazy about my Best Friend by Hazel Keys

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Making the transition from friends to lovers is impossible, some say. In the prequel “Crazy About My Best Friend”, we get to see Amelia and David’s inner thoughts and see where precisely their platonic feelings changed.

This romantic comedy series explores the joys and challenges of falling for your best friend.

The Sparks - an epic YA fantasy by Kyle Prue

The Sparks - an epic YA fantasy by Kyle Prue

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Would you believe a 16 year old could write a YA fantasy that is winning numerous national awards for Best YA Fiction? This action packed series is what USA Today calls "a crackling read".

Honor does not bend. A will of iron does not break. Victory lies within the ashes.

The Vapros, the Taurlum, and the Celerius: three dynasties bound by an ancient promise, and given superhuman abilities to protect the city of Altryon from the dangerous world beyond its walls. The Vapros have the ability to teleport and turn their enemies to ash, the Celerius have super speed and the ability to heal from any wound, the Taurlum have skin like steel and godlike strength. Centuries of petty infighting have turned the families against each other, resulting in a secret war. A powerful emperor now rules over all, as the families have weakened by massive casualties.

16-year-old Neil Vapros desperately wants to become an assassin, to please his hyper critical father. After failing his first mission, Neil learns that a sinister new force has awakened. This mysterious new power threatens to shatter the established order and threaten the lives of everyone in Altryon--regardless of their family name or allegiance.

The Book of Rose: Rituals of Self - Empowerment by Rose Maina

The Book of Rose : Rituals of Self - Empowerment by Rose Maina

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The Book of ROSE part biographical and rest is insights based on Rose's experiences teaching many young children and their parents. Wisdom imparted to Rose growing up in Eastern Africa by spiritual mystical masters who practiced earth based religions also involving the occult. This book highlights Rose's transformational journey from child sex slave freeing herself from sexual child abuse and to her becoming a self empowered woman of worth.

Junkyard Lucy by Tony Nesca

Junkyard Lucy by Tony Nesca

Junkyard Lucy is a collection of stories by underground writer Tony Nesca. Stylistically alternating between Nesca's unique free-flow style, full of that incredible, rhythmic prose that only he can do, and street-tough, short declarative sentences, the writing shows incredible range. The themes are varied and widespread - from love,sex, music, death, old age, rebellious youth and everything in-between, Junkyard Lucy is a subversive celebration of being alive, a romantic, sexually charged discourse on life, alive, unfettered and free.

Chaos (un)Controlled by Tael

Chaos (un)Controlled by Tael

Teenage Rixa Storms is suffocating under her mother's "reverse persecution." The more her mother forces her to worship, the stronger her disdain echoes. She's counting down the days until she can flee to college and never look back, but freedom seems to arrive early when she stumbles across University Heights, a library-in-the-sky world where she can learn to harness elemental power. She is assigned two Guides to aid her studies in Elemental mastery: Azurre, responsible, by-the-book, and always concerned with impression, and Charon, aloof, prideful and considered the Black Sheep by the rest of University Heights.

Rixa soon discovers cracks in the portrait of ‘freedom’ this world represents when she uncovers the oppressive skeletons the school works hard to keep buried.  The prejudicial nature of this alternate dimension erupts into a dangerous chaotic spiral where her real and surreal worlds collide. To emerge victorious, she’ll need to reassess what is truly shackling her, and face years of emotional suppression, or risk losing control of her newly awakened abilities.

Nourish, Heal, Thrive - an Alternative Health book by Rika K. Keck

Nourish, Heal, Thrive - an Alternative Health book by Rika K. Keck

$0.99 on Amazon 2/23/17-2/26/17!

It’s Not about the Lyme; It’s about the Individual

NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: A Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Living with Lyme Disease is an essential companion for anyone struggling with the long-term challenges associated with Lyme-related illness. Rika Keck shares her extensive clinical knowledge and expertise from a whole-person perspective. Informative and engaging, this valuable holistic and nutritional guide serves as an important adjunct to every Lyme and coinfection treatment protocol.

Rika Keck founded NY Integrated Health, LLC, in 2006. With a mind-body philosophy, the company integrates foundational principles including personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and physiological stress management while also considering the impact of environmental toxins, chronic infections, emotional trauma, and genetic predispositions.

Roadmap to the End of Days - a thought-provoking book by Daniel Friedmann

Roadmap to the End of Days - a thought-provoking book by Daniel Friedmann

$0.99 (regularly $9.95) 2/23/2017 - 2/24/2017!

Is history a purposeful process with a beginning and an end, or is it a random series of events with neither purpose nor direction? If history is a guided process, are we near the end of the world?

Have we almost completed preparations for the End of Days? What will happen next? When? Are we backseat passengers in this journey, or are we in the driver’s seat?

Daniel Friedmann takes you on a journey to discover what is really going on with Biblical eschatology and the end of the world, and to then glimpse the future and ponder the role you will play in it.

History is a discipline that uses a narrative to examine and analyze a sequence of past events and to objectively postulate the patterns of cause and effect that determined them.

Friedmann looks at history from the supernatural perspective. Every plan becomes suddenly evident when enough of it has played out. Have we reached the point in history where the Divine Plan of history is apparent?

Read Roadmap to the End of Days and discover what is really going on, then glimpse the future and ponder the role you will play.

In this book:

->> Friedmann places world history within the context of the Divine Plan, allowing readers to understand the recent past and what is in store for the future.
->> Learn how the Divine Plan structure is used to examine biblical history from a different perspective, with amazing accuracy and why other experts who interpret the End of Days by deciphering prophecy alone may have it wrong.
->> Put the End of Days into context by examining parallel periods of history that have already occurred.
->> Examine the revelations in scripture coherently and in sequence using the Divine Plan.
->> Learn how the cosmic placement of events, both historical and present, reveals the pattern for future events.
->> A bird’s-eye view of where we have been and where we might go in order to bring us to a new level of understanding and a further questioning of our human origins, purpose, destiny, and our ability to alter the path to the future.

So Much More - a tantalizing contemporary romance by Cristiane Serruya

So Much More - a tantalizing contemporary romance by Cristiane Serruya

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 1/17/2017 - 2/28/2017!

He needs a woman to play the perfect wife—sex included, no emotions attached.
She needs to pay off a debt before she ends up with broken legs—or worse.

Everyone knows about billionaire tycoon Markus Blackthorn’s wild love life—it’s all over the tabloids. It’s also why he’s lost custody of his four-year-old daughter. But he has a plan to get her back—if only he can find the perfect wife-for-hire.

No one knows Hannah Kristensen is drowning in debt—except one dangerous loan shark. Losing her job is only the latest catastrophe in her life. Markus Blackthorn's insane offer might be exactly what she needs to save herself—if only she can keep from falling for the last man she should love.

Take the Body and Run - A Goofy Thriller by Kindle Scout Winner Jada Ryker

Take the Body and Run - A Goofy Thriller by Kindle Scout Winner Jada Ryker

PAWS for Wikket, the cranky cat with a nose for crime! Take the Body and Run is a contemporary mystery/romance/humor about a hunted woman hiding under a dead friend’s identity, a handsome lawman, a death doctor with fart machine-will travel, and a feline who leads the humans into trouble.

“TAKE THE BODY AND RUN is a fast-paced ride with a sparkling character and written in a new, original voice. This is a don’t-miss debut.”
-Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author

Recoil - A series of bite-sized episodes of action, adventure and humor by Michael Marchant

Recoil  - A series of bite-sized episodes of action, adventure and humor by Michael Marchant

Free 2/21/2017 - 2/24/2017!

Fast paced, dialogue rich journey back in time, when 7 disparate characters are swept back to the days of the late Roman Republic.

An archaeologist, a schoolboy, a physicist, four SAS troopers and two helicopters need to find a way to survive and a way to get back home.

Each episode is a short, bite-sized chunk, which will comprise an ongoing series of action, adventure and fun appearing weekly (or even more often).

Tilt: Dreams of Chaos Book 2 - A Young Adult Fantasy by Ashley Chappell

Tilt: Dreams of Chaos Book 2 - A Young Adult Fantasy by Ashley Chappell

$1.99 on Amazon from 2/20/2017-2/25/2017!

Two years ago Trotter saved her world and the entire pantheon of Realm from a dark god. Unfortunately, gratitude didn't stop the gods from banning her from Realm when she refused to declare her dominion as a goddess. Now even her lonely refuge in Aevum is destroyed as something violently tilts the world away from the sun, plunging it into permanent night. Once again on her own to save her home, Trotter's search for the cause of the destruction uncovers a hidden and mysterious world, one abandoned by the gods, that faces a similar fate.

Unable to turn to Realm for help, Trotter will be forced to finally choose a dominion that will let her save both worlds, even if it means losing one forever. However, throughout her journey she is unaware that the terrifying darkness growing within her means another dominion has already chosen her...

Remains of Urth (Book 1) - a raw, heart-pounding dystopian by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci

Remains of Urth (Book 1) - a raw, heart-pounding dystopian by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci

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In a world torn by war, a dark new species has risen.  Humans are an endangered species.  Seventeen-year-old Lucas and his family must fight to survive.  But can they survive in what remains of Urth?

Justice for Jessica - a page-turning mystery by Alretha Thomas

Justice for Jessica - a page-turning mystery by Alretha Thomas

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Mousey, overweight Stacey Sullivan wants to trade places with her socialite BFF, Jessica James—that’s until she finds Jessica murdered in her own home. Whip-smart detective Rachel Storme wants to retire, but she forgoes her plans when asked to solve Jessica’s murder. Who killed Jessica? The answer will blow you away.

The 5 Foundations of Remarkably Healthy People: An Easy Guide to Restore Your Health, Lose Weight and Feel Great by Dr. Chris Murphy

The 5 Foundations of Remarkably Healthy People: An Easy Guide to Restore Your Health, Lose Weight and Feel Great by Dr. Chris Murphy

Free 2/20/2017 - 2/24/2017!

If avoiding medications and surgery in the future is a top priority for you, then this is a must read! This book gives you an easy guide to restore your health, lose weight, feel great, and help assist you in preventing and overcoming chronic disease. Dr. Chris gives you easy action steps to implement into your life today to help give you a better lifestyle for tomorrow. He will take you through the 5 Foundations of Health (Function, Food, Fitness, Filter, and Freedom), and how to apply them into your own life, just as he has helped thousands of patients do already.

Leadership Lessons From Mom by Mark Villareal

Leadership Lessons From Mom by Mark Villareal

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Learn the impact that a mother makes in the lessons taught through childhood and adults that creates the leaders of today. "Leadership Lessons From Mom" demonstrates the key impacts of teaching leadership lessons and how they relate to today's business environment.

Day of Reckoning: A Lucas Wade Western (Book 3) by Raylan McCrae

Day of Reckoning: A Lucas Wade Western (Book 3) by Raylan McCrae

Free 2/18/2017 - 2/19/2017!

In Wyoming range wars, Marshal Lucas Wade is caught between Big Cattle corporate barons and old time ranchers.  Read the third book in the classic Lucas Wade Western Series, written about the wide open West, where freedom is personified by men willing to take a stand.

Crossing the Meadow - a Horror by Kfir Luzzatto

Crossing the Meadow - a Horror by Kfir Luzzatto

$1.99 on Amazon 2/17/2017-2/20/2017!

They Walk Among Us

Voted "Best Horror Novel" in the 2003 P&E Reader's Poll

A strange nightmare, a young woman in a foggy city and a body buried underneath a bathtub.

A little girl who can see her dead cat, an old blind woman and a beautiful girl who died too young.

They don't know what awaits them beyond that meadow, but they are determined to find out . . .

CROSSING THE MEADOW guides you into the twilight zone where dead people brush silently past the living ones and, often without noticing, affect their fate.

˃˃˃ Warning: Your perception of the space around you will never again be the same!

Being a Witch, and Other Things I Didn't Ask For - a YA book by Sara Pascoe

Being a Witch, and Other Things I Didn't Ask For - a YA book by Sara Pascoe

$0.99 on Amazon 2/16/17-2/20/17!

When you’re fourteen and life has been nothing but hurt and disappointment, maybe it’s time to strike out on your own. So, Raya leaves the boring village and foster home for the excitement of London. But it turns out she’s a witch with this annoying habit of time-travelling – by accident. And this sarcastic witch’s cat Oscar tags along for the ride. But why would she fling herself into the midst of the Essex Witch Trials in 1645 England? After being arrested by Matthew Hopkins, one of history’s most notorious witch hunters, her social worker and witch mentor Bryony goes back to try to save them from the gallows. But returning to present day London remains out of reach when they find themselves in 1645 Istanbul/Constantinople. There, life is more amazing than she ever dreamed. Can she stay? And at what cost?

Longing for Home - An engaging historical fiction novel by Lisa Wayman

Longing for Home - An engaging historical fiction novel by Lisa Wayman

The American experience is brought to life through the eyes of Irena, a seventeen-year-old Slovenian peasant who immigrates to the US in 1892. The American dream is not easy for Irena to attain. Irena is first plunged into the deadly cattle wars of Wyoming where rich cattle owners classify poorer ranchers as thieves, leading to deadly conflicts. Irena is forced to leave Wyoming and travel to Chicago where she and her new Irish husband are reduced to working and living in the abysmal conditions of meat packers. They finally travel to Colorado to make their way in Durango, still poor and struggling, but hopeful of finding a place to call home.

Though the history is accurately described without romanticizing the time, the true lure of the book is the relatability of Irena’s story. Irena is just an ordinary looking girl with domestic skills who grows stronger and more resilient through meeting the challenges of a new life in the US. She struggles with what it means to be a woman, a sister, and a wife. She finds her traditional belief’s and societal roles challenged. Her battles with jealously, self-doubt and marginalization will resonate with the modern reader. Her ability to build relationships with others will inspire. Irena’s story, while realistic, is also hopeful. She loves with all her heart and hopes even in the darkest of times.

“Longing for Home” honors the author’s Irish and Slovenian immigrant ancestors through exploration of the challenges and triumphs of the time and the people who braved to risk so much for the American dream.

Color of Danger: Christian Multicultural Romantic Suspense by Alexa Verde

Color of Danger: Christian Multicultural Romantic Suspense by Alexa Verde

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 2/17/2017 - 2/20/2017!

A wholesome book about faith, love, and murder. Life as the sister of a serial killer is never easy, especially when former runaway Mari Del Lobo becomes a target herself... "I couldn't put it down!" Caridad Pineiro, New York Times bestselling author.

Chasing Bedlam - a R-Rated dystopian action comedy by Charles E. Yallowitz

Chasing Bedlam - a R-Rated dystopian action comedy by Charles E. Yallowitz

It has been a year since Cassidy broke Lloyd Tenay out of Riker’s Island and he helped her cross the Shattered States.

The former global superpower is still a blocked off hive of anarchy, chaos, and debauchery, which is why they have carved out a niche as two of the toughest independent mercenaries around.  Seriously, Lloyd has literally carved that message into buildings, vehicles, and two bounties that were wanted dead instead of alive.  Without movies to digitally download and access to Internet cats, you have to make your own fun.

For example, you could decide to shorten your life by stealing Cassidy’s jeep and most of her gear. With her precious baby and gun collection in the hands of an old enemy, the cunning bounty hunter is about to make her serial killer partner seem like the sane one. Pity anyone who gets in their way as they battle from Dallas to Miami, their elusive prey always remaining on the horizon.

It’s time for another action-packed adventure in the Shattered States where there is no law, survival is the only goal, and there never seems to be a lack of bullets and knives.

Quality Time With Uncle Vito - romance by Sid Tetens

Quality Time With Uncle Vito - romance by Sid Tetens

Harold doesn't know it but he needs some advice.  Yes, he's young, single and successful but his life has hit a wall.  The wall's name is Laurie Jo, she's the town tramp and the only person who can't see it is -- Harold.  Harold needs advice, strong advice.  Enter the ghost of a relative he's never met, a man who has literally seen and done it all.  Enter -- Uncle Vito.  

Money On Demand - the 16 fastest ways to becoming a millionaire online by Steven & Corinna Essa

Money On Demand - the 16 fastest ways to becoming a millionaire online by Steven & Corinna Essa

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 2/17/2017 - 2/18/2017!

People who want a web-based business often end up with shattered dreams because they don’t know how to generate real wealth online. When you finish reading this book, you’ll have the keys to creating your own economy using webinars and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, and you’ll be able to help others to do the same thing.

In this book, readers will discover:

  • The 16 ways to use webinars to finance your entrepreneurial lifestyle, allowing you to focus on the things you love. 
  • How to build a million-dollar web business from scratch even if you don’t have a product, mailing list or idea. 

  • How Steven & Corinna took random seminar attendees and helped them generate $2,000 - $22,000 in 90 minutes or less. 

  • How to automate your entire sales process so you have more time to live your dream life. 

  • Why you don’t need to create a product before it actually sells (but get paid first).

  • The easiest and fastest ways to get other people to promote your webinar so you don’t have to, and why you’ll never have a lead generation or traffic generation problem. 

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog - A guide to Successful Dog Adoption by Diane Rose-Solomon

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog - A guide to Successful Dog Adoption by Diane Rose-Solomon

$1.99 (regularly $4.99) 2/17/2017!

Maybe you've had a dog before and you aren't a complete novice, but it's been awhile and you are rusty. Or you like the idea of adopting a dog but frankly the idea sounds scary. What to Expect When Adopting a Dog gives you the tools and confidence to welcome a new furry family member and save a life in so doing.

Reality Unveiled - an inspiring self-help book by Ziad Masri

Reality Unveiled - an inspiring self-help book by Ziad Masri

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 2/17/2017 - 2/18/2017!

In Reality Unveiled, Ziad Masri takes you on a profound journey into the heart of existence, revealing a breathtaking, hidden reality that will transform your life forever. Far from offering simple platitudes and general principles, Reality Unveiled immerses you into this surprising world of ancient and modern knowledge—and presents you with all the incredible evidence to support it.

After offering a uniquely fresh understanding of life and exploring the answers to your innermost questions, it gently goes on to show you how to tap into this inspiring wisdom in your practical, everyday life. This will give you the power to make a lasting transformation like never before, and to have the joy, peace, and true fulfillment you’ve always been searching for.

WoofiLeaks: Your Dog's Secrets Revealed - a Humor and Entertainment book by John Emmerling

WoofiLeaks: Your Dog's Secrets Revealed - a Humor and Entertainment book by John Emmerling

$0.99 on Amazon 2/17/17-2/20/17!

WoofiLeaks—Your Dog’s Secrets Revealed is a book of colorful cartoons and rhymes—written by a dog—that spills dozens of canine secrets. If you’ve ever wondered why your dog acts strangely, or does something completely off-the-wall, this book is for you. Max, a wise old poodle, courageously breaks the Canine Code of Silence to answer head-scratching questions like these:

• Why do dogs sniff hydrants?
• Why do puppies pull on the leash?
• Can old dogs learn new tricks?
• Why do dogs love ice cream?
• Why does your dog want to sleep in your bed?
• Why do dogs give owners “the sad look” when they leave home for five minutes?
• What do dogs think about humans locking up animals in zoos?
• Are dogs happy about being called “man’s best friend?”
• What makes dogs so funny?
• Do dogs fall in love with other dogs?

Max will even explain what that embarrassing butt-sniffing thing is all about?
WoofiLeaks will delight dog lovers as they turn the pages and encounter dozens of flashes of recognition (“Hey, this rhyme totally explains why Rufus goes bonkers at the beach!”)
Max’s mission was a simple one. He wants to help you—and all of humanity—have a better understanding of why dogs do the things they do. And you’ll learn that dogs have excellent reasons for ALL their behaviors.

Save the Whales - Part One Bumboo Is Back: Purple Grumblies - a Children's book by Mike Marsh

Save the Whales - Part One Bumboo Is Back: Purple Grumblies - a Children's book by Mike Marsh

$0.99 on Amazon 2/17/17-2/20/17!

A whale has washed up on Volcano Island and the Purple Grumblies don't know what to do. What's even worse is the whale's baby, Spout, is caught in the fishermen's net. Can the Grumblies rescue Spout? First of a three-part adventure. Great bedtime reading for 3-7 year-olds.

BLOOD WORK - a mystery thriller by Michael Lister

BLOOD WORK - a mystery thriller by Michael Lister

$0.99 (regularly $5.99) 2/16/2017 - 2/19/2017!

From New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Lister . . .

A Mystery novel with elements  of true crime fact.

Did America’s most notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, kill Janet Leigh Lester?

That’s the conclusion Jack Jordan, John’s father, reached back when he first investigated the case, but now he’s not so sure.

On the same weekend Janet was crowned Miss Valentine at the pageant and Queen at the Sweethearts dance, she disappeared, her car found in an empty field, its interior covered in blood.

The case, known as the Broken Heart Murder, is decades cold now, but a new clock is ticking and John Jordan has one last chance to help his father get it right.

With no jurisdiction and no support and no real hope of solving such an old, cold case, John Jordan is not taking no for an answer.

Once and for all, and before it’s too late, John Jordan is going to find out who’s responsible for the Broken Heart Murder and bring justice to Janet, redemption to his dad, and peace to all those still living under a cloud of suspicion and a shroud of sadness.

Designed To Go The Distance: A Survival Guide for The Creative Professional by Mitch Dowell

Designed To Go The Distance: A Survival Guide for The Creative Professional by Mitch Dowell

Creative professionals such as graphic designers, fashion designs, entrepreneurs, and artists of all sorts, are part of a professional demographic that simply speaks a different language than others. So when it comes to the numerous motivational books on the market, many fail to make a meaningful connection with career creatives.

"Designed to Go The Distance" touches upon many career and lifestyle issues specific to those in creative career fields – cultural topics that are not often talked about or adequately prepared for. It's a quick, yet meaningful mid-career pep-talk for career professionals.

The perfect addition to the creative professional’s bookshelf, or even for non-creatives who need to understand the mentality and culture more in-depth, Designed to Go The Distance is sure to be an engaging and informative read.

Seven Keys To Surviving The Trump Presidency - a Self-Help by Kiran Dintyala

Seven Keys To Surviving The Trump Presidency - a Self-Help by Kiran Dintyala

$0.99 on Amazon 2/16/17-2/20/17!

In this timely book, Seven Keys to Surviving the Trump Presidency, Dr. Kiran Dintyala offers a much-needed approach to healing our deeply divided nation of post-election stress. Known as Dr. Calm, he provides useful insights and strategies to help you relieve your feelings of anxiety and find solace.

Dr. Dintyala proposes that whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent, whether you voted for or against Trump, you can heal. You have the capacity to bounce back and reclaim your lost peace and joy in life. For anyone looking for a solution through the chaos and confusion of these stressful times, this book has the answer.

Key benefits
1. Finding peace of mind despite the parade of craziness you encounter.
2. Emptying your mind of all negative thoughts and sleeping better.
3. Being happy no matter who the president is.
4. Preventing political arguments with friends, relatives, and colleagues.
5. Letting go of the past, marching forward, and building a bright future.

Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author's Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development (Helping Writers Become Authors Book 7) - a Writing Skills book by K.M. Weiland

Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author's Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development (Helping Writers Become Authors Book 7) - a Writing Skills book by K.M. Weiland

$0.99 on Amazon 2/16/2017-2/20/2017!

Have you written a story with an exciting concept and interesting characters—but it just isn’t grabbing the attention of readers or agents? It’s time to look deeper into the story beats that create realistic and compelling character arcs. Internationally published, award-winning novelist K.M. Weiland shares her acclaimed method for achieving memorable and moving character arcs in every book you write.

By applying the foundation of the Three-Act Story Structure and then delving even deeper into the psychology of realistic and dynamic human change, Weiland offers a beat-by-beat checklist of character arc guidelines that flexes to fit any type of story.

This comprehensive book will teach you:
  • How to determine which arc—positive, negative, or flat—is right for your character.
  • Why you should NEVER pit plot against character. Instead, learn how to blend story structure and character development.
  • How to recognize and avoid the worst pitfalls of writing novels without character arcs.
  • How to hack the secret to using overarching character arcs to create amazing trilogies and series.
  • And much more!
Gaining an understanding of how to write character arcs is a game-changing moment in any author’s pursuit of the craft.

Bring your characters to unforgettable and realistic life—and take your stories from good to great!

Sebastian’s Way - a Historical Fiction by George Steger

Sebastian’s Way - a Historical Fiction by George Steger

$0.99 on Amazon, 2/16/17 - 2/18/17!


"He's alive." With these two words, the world as Sebastian knows it will never be the same. The news that his cousin Konrad—his sworn enemy and abusive first husband of his beloved wife Adela—means that his marriage is no longer valid. Even the high king Charlemagne cannot challenge the decision of a powerful emerging Church. Sebastian can do nothing but watch as the love of his life enters a convent.

This epic tale of love and honor sweeps the reader back into the fascinating 9th century world of the incomparable Charlemagne. No mere military account of conquests and battles, this is a rich, well-rounded period drama and an authentic recreation of the early medieval world. Book I of this three-volume series was highly recommended by the Historical Novel Society. The second novel does not disappoint, as the hero is sent from the king’s Rhineland court to three preeminent capitals of the 9th-century medieval world: Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Baghdad. Through his courage under pressure, original ideas, and steadfast service to the king Sebastian has become one of Charlemagne’s twelve paladins, a high honor, but the cost is also high. He loses his beloved wife and family, becomes entangled with other beautiful women, and is submerged into a foreign world of intrigue and betrayal. Becoming a paladin changes Sebastian from a young man of faith and character into a hard-bitten warrior in a ruthless world. Thus the latter part of the novel presents a swirling adventure but also a parable of the ruin and redemption of a professional soldier.

Zeva - a jaw dropping Fantasy/Sci-Fi by Tesha Finley

Zeva - a jaw dropping Fantasy/Sci-Fi by Tesha Finley

$.99 2/16-2/18, $2.99 2/18-2/20, $4.99 2/20-2/22 (regularly $7.99)!

Tristan grew up, trained from birth, that he and the rest of the Zevian race existed for only one purpose...to protect Earth, at all cost. Being the curious person he was and being stuck on Zeva, waiting for the humans to need him, just wouldn't do. He felt a pull toward Earth that he couldn't explain, not yet anyway. When his father was stationed on Earth to stand watch, the missing pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

It wasn't until he met Ember that he knew his life had changed forever. She was beautiful, smart, but most of all forbidden. The uncanny pull he had toward her made his fight to resist her that much harder. She would only serve as a distraction in his life and more importantly his destiny.

Tristan was on the brink of his Ceremony where he'd morph for the first time, making his responsibility greater than ever. He was facing a crossroad and a battle had already risen within him between his head and his heart. Would he risk everything, including their lives, or take the safe route and ensure that Ember was out of harms way?"

Hannah's War - a Historical Romance by Leslie Hachtel

Hannah's War - a Historical Romance by Leslie Hachtel

$0.99 on Amazon 2/16/17-2/20/17!

Hannah Mason has spent the last two years of her life with an emotionally abusive husband. When the Yankees burn the plantation nearby, she runs away. Her destination is Nashville, but when she arrives dirty and with torn clothing, she is swept up with the other women in the purge of Smokey Row.

Loaded onto a steamboat, then rejected from various ports, the women are sent back to Nashville and taken to a makeshift hospital. There, Hannah encounters Major Lucas Kelley, a handsome Union doctor.

She becomes a nurse and travels with the army to various battlefields, war raging all around her. But her greatest fear is that her husband will find her.
Can Hannah free herself from a vicious man and find love with Lucas, the doctor who can heal her heart?

Set in the Civil War, historically accurate, “Hannah's War” illustrates how a woman can rise from a terrible situation, grow strong and find true love.

A Winning Brand - a new book that will help take your personal brand from so-so to rock star by Kraig Kleeman

A Winning Brand

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 2/15/2017 - 2/16/2017!

In today’s modern digital age, it’s easier than ever for the average person to build an amazing brand to protect against economic instability. And that’s exactly what Kraig Kleeman shows readers how to do in his new book, A Winning Brand. Kraig takes readers on a journey to reinvent their brand, be seen as the expert in their field, and earn more customers, more referrals, and more visibility. Doing this allow individuals to be seen by the right people in all the right ways. Reinvention does not require a lot of money, but it does require a commitment to remake one’s brand and establish that new brand using every channel possible.

In this book, readers will discover:

  • How to conduct a personal brand inventory to know what facets to focus on for reinvention
  • Five winning brand principles that guide the personal brand journey so all efforts and results are maximized
  • Determining how your personal gift mix combine in order to make a brand bold
  • Introduction to The Must-React System that can help take results to the next level
  • Strategies to amplify a winning brand Internet presence
  • Ways to build brand credibility so you are seen as the authority in their field
  • A step-by-step action plan to develop and nurture your winning brand
  • Inspirational stories about some of the biggest winning brands

The Merchant's Pearl - a captivating and unforgetable historical romance by Amie O'Brien

The Merchant's Pearl - a captivating and unforgetable historical romance by Amie O'Brien

What happens when the opinionated, only daughter of a missionary is enslaved and gifted to a Muslim prince who has an inner vow to win her affection?

Sarai was led to believe that the whole world could exchange their beliefs for hers. But when her parents are murdered, she quickly learns that the world never stops for just one person. The world takes, forgets, and swiftly moves on.

By 1875, she isn’t even Sarai anymore. She had spent her teenage years repackaged as Leila, a palace concubine-in-waiting for the overly indulgent, Ottoman Sultan, Abdul’Aziz. Leila does her best to stay out of the eye of ‘Aziz as well as his son, Prince Emre. But when young and thoughtful Emre claims Leila for his own harem, she is forced out of her shell and thrown into a ring of competitive women. Here, she cannot hide from the attention her young master wishes to lavish upon her. Nor can she can avoid the ruthless retaliations of his prior favorite, Aster. But it’s the unexpected gift of sexual sanctuary and an inside look into his family’s struggles that really collides with Leila’s upbringing. Soon, despite her better judgment, she finds her heart becoming increasingly tied to him.

But can she submit her faith and independent spirit to such a future—a future where to be loved means settling for the fact that she can only ever be his favorite? Will she be able to take turns sharing him among the four beautiful girls he had received before her, one being a jealous rival and another a closest friend? And what will happen to their love if Emre’s father can’t hold together his fragile kingdom, an empire that has grave threats encroaching from every side…including within?

I Bought The Sun For A Dollar by Gary Starta

I Bought The Sun For A Dollar by Gary Starta

Did you ever wonder if you were connected to the planets? In I Bought the Sun for a Dollar, Timothy discovers a special spot to see a sunrise, forever putting him on a more enlightened path than he was used to.

But there are those who have a problem with happiness, and before all is done, Timothy may find the people around him, including his new girlfriend, are not what they seem.

Put a Shark in Your Tank by Kevin Harrington

Put a Shark in Your Tank by Kevin Harrington

Free 2/13/2017 - 2/17/2017!

Learn how to create a perfect pitch, start and grow your business, and gain valuable insights from entrepreneurs just like you! Through his personal experience, Kevin will give you the tips and tricks to allow your dream business to become a reality.

Age of Order by Julian North

Age of Order by Julian North

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 2/7/2017 - 2/20/2017!

All People Are Not Created Equal

Enter the vivid dystopian world that Kirkus said will have reader "transfixed" (Kirkus Starred Review).

Inequality is a science. Giant machines maintain order. All people are not created equal.

Daniela Machado is offered a chance to escape the deprivation of Bronx City through a coveted slot at the elite Tuck School. There, among the highborn of Manhattan, she discovers an unimaginable world of splendor and greed. But her opportunity is part of a darker plan, and Daniela soon learns that those at society’s apex will stop at nothing to keep power for themselves. She may have a chance to change the world, if it doesn’t change her first.

Age of Order is a novel that explores the meaning of merit and inequality. Fans of the Hunger Games, Red Rising, and Divergent will enjoy this world of deception and intrigue, where the downtrodden must fight for a better future.

All Exposed - From Office PA to Stripper to Loving the Boss - a hot and SEXY romance with a serving of Alpha Male by Amber Falls

All Exposed - From Office PA to Stripper to Loving the Boss - a hot and SEXY romance with a serving of Alpha Male by Amber Falls

Take one drop dead gorgeous PA with a secret past and a millionaire boss who is falling for her and you have the recipe for a hot and sexy romance.

To pay her sister's medical bills, Elle has to spend her nights as Scarlet, a stripper with the Diamond Girls. The timing could not be worse. Can she keep her day job and stay true to her new love or will everything be all exposed?

A bachelor party in wealthy Vestavia Hills might just push him over the edge and bring out the alpha male in her boss.

Like your books hot and steamy with just the right amount of story mixed in? This is a love story with a main order of hot and spicy. Wild and dirty romances with a Happily Ever After are what make Amber Falls books special.

Coming to Rosemont: The First Book in the Rosemont Series - a Women's Mystery Fiction by Barbara Hinske

Coming to Rosemont: The First Book in the Rosemont Series - a Women's Mystery Fiction by Barbara Hinske

$0.99 on Amazon 2/10/2017-2/16/2017!

Forensic accountant Maggie Martin survives the sudden death of her husband, the charismatic President of Windsor College, only to uncover the secrets of his carefully-concealed double life. Dealing with the financial and emotional wreckage left in Paul's wake, she is stunned to learn he inherited an estate known as Rosemont in the seemingly serene Midwestern town of Westbury. Why had he never told her?

Maggie travels to Westbury for the stated purpose of listing Rosemont for immediate sale, but what she really seeks are answers to her all consuming questions about her sham of a marriage; her sham of a life. She never anticipated the seductive charm of Rosemont. Throwing her trademark caution to the wind, and over the objections of her opinionated grown children, she pulls up stakes and moves halfway across the country, determined to make a fresh start in Westbury. Behind closed doors, however, lurks a cadre of evildoers, playing with multiple wild cards of fraud, embezzlement and arson.

With a quiet, orderly -- and distinctively solitary -- life in mind, Maggie is instead thrown headlong into a crusade against political corruption, where defeat and retreat are not an option. Still bearing the scars of betrayal, will she find joy, romance and possibility in Westbury?

This fast-paced, smart novel has enough twists and turns to make the reader want to buckle in!

Coming to Rosemont is the first book in the Rosemont series.

The Value Driven Business - the ultimate approach to building a thriving business by Benjamin Teal

The Value Driven Business - the ultimate approach to building a thriving business by Benjamin Teal

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 2/10/2017 - 2/11/2017!

Want to build your business with long-term, sustainable growth? Then stop treating your customers like an ATM machine. This is not your typical business book. Benjamin Teal offers a different approach to building a thriving business by connecting with customers on a deeper level, one that is consistent with your true self. Teal challenges you to really understand yourself and your customers so you can specifically tailor your marketing to them. Then, others will see themselves in your message.

You’ll learn:
->> How to choose your ideal customers that are the best fit for your product or business, which will help your business grow.
->> The 5-step framework to building a Value Driven Lifestyle Business so you can grow your business by doing what matters most to you, without feeling slimy or scammy.
->> Why being a bridge builder will form lasting connections with your customers and keep them coming back again and again.
->> Why other business books are focused on the wrong things, and how shifting your approach will result in bottom line growth.
->> How to deliver massive value in a way that is true to yourself and the things that are most important to you.

Teal exposes the “sleazy” strategies other business success gurus use, and busts open commonly held beliefs about how to succeed in business and sell more while gaining more customers.

Payback - a romantic suspense by Leslie Hachtel

Payback - a romantic suspense by Leslie Hachtel

$0.99 on Amazon 2/9/17-2/13/17!

Several surprises await Beth Abbott when she returns to her small town. As a detective, she expects very little in the way of interesting crime. But victims of a female serial killer change that. And then, there's Tom. Another detective with the local force, he wants to capture not only the perpetrator but also Beth's heart.

Natural Disasters, A Love Story - a romance by Geraldine Cantrell

Natural Disasters, A Love Story - a romance by Geraldine Cantrell

$0.99 on Amazon 2/9/17-2/12/17!

An enticing tale of the unpredictable power of love . . .

This irresistible debut novel dances off with your heart while lighting the way to love. At once comic and insightful, it's the story of Maggie Chisholm, a therapist who's good at overhauling everyone's psyche but her own . . . until she loses her balance after a hundred-year flood ravages the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona. Damage to the beautiful home she shares with her husband leads to an encounter with Finn, a local contractor, outdoorsman and self-avowed bachelor. Captivated by Maggie despite his highly guarded heart, Finn can't resist the magnetic connection any more than Maggie can.

Regardless of her longings for a soul mate, Maggie's had enough turbulence in her life; she doesn't need to weather any more of it. Neither does Finn, whose resistance to involvement isn't without cause. Even so, their unfolding relationship evolves into an all-consuming love, as passionate as it is precarious. A threat to their safety, Maggie's alcoholic husband, Martin, mustn't know of her plans to escape her hellish marriage, or another disaster could ensue. But Martin's not the only problem.

Riding the rapids of their desire—as told from Maggie and Finn's separate points of view—their story surges toward a series of unexpected events. While Finn's life veers out of control, Maggie's abusive marriage reaches a crescendo, and dreams are blurred by reality, their love bedeviled by fear. Now Maggie must overhaul her own psyche before regaining her balance . . . with the love of her life.
More than a romance for discerning readers, Natural Disasters is an undaunted journey toward self-discovery. Full of mirth and messages, it invites you to explore a compelling path to the fulfillment of your heart.

Bedtime for Buzzy - a bedtime storybook by T.J. Hackworth

Bedtime for Buzzy - a bedtime storybook by T.J. Hackworth

Believe it or not, when I first read this story to my 2-year old daughter, she tried to hoist herself into her crib because she was so eager to get into bed.  

A young boy is playing with his toys and doesn't want to go to bed. He imagines his toys coming to life one by one, and they convince him that going to sleep is the best way to continue his adventures. As parents of young children know all too well, convincing a child that it is time to go to bed can sometimes be difficult. Bedtime for Buzzy encourages bedtime by helping to lead children to their own conclusion that it s time to go to bed. Bedtime for Buzzy makes a perfect addition to a child's nightly storybook ritual.

The Six and Anwyn of Ialana - a Sci-Fi Fantasy by Katlynn Brooke

The Six and Anwyn of Ialana - a Sci-Fi Fantasy by Katlynn Brooke

In the third book of the Ialana Series, thirteen-year-old Anwyn, the avatar daughter of Jarah and Tegan, possesses the keys to control a deadly weapon: a recently uncovered crystal skull created eons in the past. 

Astrabal, the underworld's demon-lord of Iochodran, will stop at nothing to gain possession and control of the weapon. Glahivar, an old and powerful enemy of the Six, is dispatched to Three Rivers, where the Six, and Anwyn, are under the protection of Queen Catrin and her husband, Ambros.

The Queen and Ambros have problems of their own. A threat from the south by Moran, the war-lord of Yor Swamps, is in the making. Glahivar has no qualms in using the situation to her best advantage, to retrieve the skull, use it for her purposes, and—as a bonus—to end Queen Catrin’s reign.

In a breathtaking race to the end, Anwyn and the Six must not only obtain possession of the weapon without killing themselves or causing a catastrophic event, but they must find a way to deactivate it, permanently.

What is Anwyn’s connection to the weapon, and will she and the Six be able to prevent Astrabal and Glahivar from destroying the planet?

Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 - a Career and Business book by John Tarnoff

Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 - a Career and Business book by John Tarnoff

$0.99 on Amazon 2/7/17-2/13/17!

Faced with low retirement savings, extended longevity and rampant ageism, the baby boomer generation (born 1946-1964) is in the throes of a career and financial crisis.

With less than 25% of the generation financially prepared to retire, the majority (between 60 70 million Americans) are going to need to keep working for as long as possible. But how can they find jobs or start businesses in a marketplace that appears unwilling to appreciate them for their experience and wisdom?

Career coach John Tarnoff is convinced that the future is promising for boomers IF they are willing to engage with the new economy in a new way. In BOOMER REINVENTION: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 Tarnoff lays out a proven methodology of 5 key steps and 23 actionable strategies to give boomers the resources and confidence they need to pivot to a sustainable second act, encore career one that can be not only financially successful, but personally fulfilling as well.

In BOOMER REINVENTION, Tarnoff, a non-traditional career reinvention coach, psychologist, and former Hollywood executive, provides a comprehensive, flexible, step-by-step guide for anyone over 50 to create their second act career. Fired 39% over the course of his 40-year career, Tarnoff shares the secrets to turning his own setbacks into successes, and interviews seven other boomers who reinvented their own careers. Overcoming significant obstacles in the process, they utilized and benefitted from the same methodologies Tarnoff has outlined and shared in this book. He stresses that career reinvention does not necessarily need to be a radical plunge into the unknown. It may, in fact, entail re-committing to and reinvigorating a current job or existing business from a new perspective.

What makes Tarnoff s method so effective are his positive, yet contrarian viewpoints, for instance:
  • Don't try to figure out what job or business you can fit into out there in a sea of job postings. Instead, figure out what job or business is already inside you, 
  • Network your way to the decision makers who will embrace your skills and talents, and make that heartfelt vision a reality. 
  • In order to create a new future, you must reconcile your past. You must first deal with all the old baggage and self-limitations that are likely standing in your way. 
  • Embrace your age, don t hide it. Be proud of who you are and what you can do, and leverage the wisdom and experience you've acquired. 
  • Stop feeling that having been fired or downsized is shameful. At this point, it's time to be grateful for the lessons those experiences taught you. 
For those who both want and need to keep working beyond traditional retirement, Tarnoff s practical strategies offer a flexible DIY solution for late career professionals at any stage of their career reinvention process, including:
  • Your resume won t get you hired. 85% of jobs are filled through referrals. 
  • Use social media to build relationships and an active professional network. 
  • Don t feel daunted by tech: Boomers invented the digital revolution (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.) Embrace it! 
  • Nail your interviews by thinking like a consultant, not an employee. Turn the interview process to your advantage and be a problem solver before you even get the offer. 
BOOMER REINVENTION is an indispensable guide to claiming the second act, encore career that is every boomer s opportunity. Now is the time to claim it!

INSIGHTS: Reflections from 101 of Yale's Most Successful Entrepreneurs by Chris LoPresto

INSIGHTS: Reflections from 101 of Yale's Most Successful Entrepreneurs by Chris LoPresti

What if you could sit with the founders of successful companies and discover the secrets to their success? 

Through INSIGHTS, Chris LoPresti has gathered 101 world-class mentors to share their invaluable experiences for the benefit of every entrepreneur.

INSIGHTS grants you access to some of Yale's leading entrepreneurs and the key learnings they've collected on their own entrepreneurial journeys. From founders of Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, to the next generation of entrepreneurs like Thiel Fellows, to early investors in Apple, Cisco, Facebook, and other billion dollar startups, INSIGHTS is a collection of the best advice offered by a diverse group of leaders and innovators.

The 101 featured contributors reveal lessons learned the hard way to help you avoid common pitfalls and allow you to lead your company toward more streamlined success. This unique library of knowledge is available to reference as often as you need.

Thinking about starting your own company? Trying to improve your organization? INSIGHTS provides a wealth of information to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Tough Karma: A Race Against Time - a chilling paranormal romance by Laura Simmons

Tough Karma: A Race Against Time - a chilling paranormal romance by Laura Simmons

This romantic, suspenseful tale features interesting characters with varying levels of psychic ability who work together to overcome a series of obstacles when trying to save a woman’s life. Amber Macklin’s world is shattered when she loses her baby girl three months after her husband’s sudden death. Her cousin, Bryce, comes to her rescue, providing solace and a shoulder to cry on. He has loved her as more than a cousin for a long time. Amber and Bryce soon discover they are not blood relatives, which opens the door for romance as he pulls her through her darkest hours. When Mike, a college friend of Bryce’s, stops by to visit, Amber senses a deadly secret behind his nice guy persona. She has a frightening dream that Mike is trying to kill her and recurring sleepwalking episodes where she draws detailed pictures of him torturing her. Deeply troubled, Bryce uses his ability to astral travel to investigate Mike and uncover his terrifying past. When Mike learns that Bryce and Amber have become lovers, he is furious because he wants her for himself. Mike abducts Amber and takes her to his rural Georgia hideaway, and Bryce must rely on his astral abilities to track her down. But will he be too late?

The Wall People by AnneMarie Dapp

The Wall People by AnneMarie Dapp

Katie O’Brien is starting over in Napa Valley, California. In the wake of an abusive marriage, she’s decided to begin her life anew by fulfilling a childhood dream of moving to a remote log cabin in the woods. As she heals, Katie rediscovers herself, forming new bonds and navigating a new life of mystery, adventure, forgotten love, and whimsical quests back through time to 19th Century Ireland. But everything comes with a price. Some doors should never be opened. The forces of good and evil clash as a timeless romance hangs in the balance.

Through deft and clever storytelling, Annemarie Dapp brings us to an enigmatic world where dreams can become reality, and where a shattered past can trigger a fragmented present of unfinished troubles transforming current sufferings. The Wall People is a book about redemption; it is the story of a broken woman confronting herself and the world in which we all live.

The Firebirds - a young adult fantasy by Harry Simpson

The Firebirds - a young adult fantasy by Harry Simpson

Free 2/3/2017 - 2/4/2017!

Seven middle school students with learning challenges fall asleep during a read aloud and wake up in an altered world. Prisoners of school, perfect clones sent home in their place, their principal a witch, they are foiled at their efforts to escape by a invisible bubble around the school. It appears to be an alien invasion, but their clones are talking. Clueless adults, heroic kids, high adventure, and an asteroid on a collision course with earth.

Hot Wives Matter - an erotic short story by Telly Fox

Hot Wives Matter - an erotic short story by Telly Fox

HOT WIVES MATTER is a sizzling hot, sexy, page turner about a thirty-something couple at a crossroads in their marriage.

Brenda is a dedicated, loving, hot, blonde, wife who has it all.  Her husband Ted is the man of her dreams.  But there's one problem: Brenda's in a sexual rut and she's frustrated as hell!  The passion is not what it was, nor what it should be.  To make matters worse, she has a deep, dark, secret from her past...and an unbridled sexual desire that Ted is unaware of.

Meanwhile, Ted is suppressing a hidden desire of his own, one that he has not come to terms with yet.

When Ted and Brenda drop their inhibitions and embark on an adventure to reach their highest level of pleasure, their wildest fantasies become reality.  But at what cost?  Will their marriage survive the kinky aftermath?

Warning: This book is a hot and filthy erotic short story with a wife sharing twist. If you like steamy scenes with all the dirty details included this is your type of story.