Chane the Destroyer - a fantasy fiction redemption story by Rupert Godfrey Baldwin

Chane the Destroyer - a fantasy fiction redemption story by Rupert Godfrey Baldwin

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $3.99) 12/29/2018 - 12/31/2018!

What would you be if you were forced to be how other saw you or wanted to see you? A monster, a villain, a hero? This takes that question and makes it real. The main character is actually changed into a monster by what other see him, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to change.

Murder at the Bookstore - a heart warming cozy mystery by Dianne Harman

Murder at the Bookstore - a heart warming cozy mystery book promotion Dianne Harman

From a two-time USA Today Bestselling Author comes her latest cozy mystery.

When her sister's warned that she may be the target of the murder, and then it happens, but the wrong person dies, Brigid has no choice. She has to find the person who intended to murder her sister before the person finds out they failed.

Mind Machines - an intense new techno-thriller that pushes the limits of what it means to be human by Dima Zales

Mind Machines - a mind-bending free thriller book promotion Dima Zales

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/4/2018 - 12/31/2018!

With billions in the bank and my own venture capital firm, I’m living the American dream. My only problem? A car accident that leaves my mother with memory problems. Brainocytes, a new technology that can transform our brains, could be the answer to all of my problems—but I’m not the only one who sees its potential. Plunged into a criminal underworld darker than anything I could’ve imagined, my life-saving technology might be the death of me. My name is Mike Cohen, and this is how I became more than human.

The Immanent World: 404 - a horror anthology series by Clive Reznor

The Immanent World: 404 - a horror anthology series kindle book promotion Clive Reznor

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 12/27/2018 - 12/31/2018!

When David Clegg goes a bit too far into the Dark Web, a hacker known as KUTTNER takes over his computer and forces him to watch six live videos. Each video is a twisted tale of sci fi horror where ground breaking technology, in the hands of man, goes very wrong.

Clegg has one chance in each video to help or to watch, not knowing he's sealing his own fate at the same time. Six twisted tales of terror by horror author Clive Reznor.

The Ravencross Box Set Books 1 - 3 - a romance suspense by E. Avalon

The Ravencross Box Set Books 1 - 3 - a romance suspense book promotion E. Avalon

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 12/18/2018 - 1/6/2019!

The first three books in the ground-breaking human avatar crossover romance suspense series, Ravencross.  Each book has two love stories and a suspense thrill, and can be read independently.

Begin on the hot, tense Hollywood set of the blockbuster series Forever, out in the steamy Las Vegas desert or online where everyone can live and love in the multi-player game EverLife...

Meet the three hot, dynamic eldest Clark brothers reaching across the city of Ravencross's economically dividing rivers to find love with three beautiful spectacular independent women.

Book One - Always-follow-the-rules Police Officer Anton Clark is assigned to protect Dr. Seneca Landon from a mysterious harasser.  Could a jagged edge street cop from gritty Northside win over a sophisticated out-of-his-league doctor who has just arrived in town?

Book Two - Mak Clark, the rebel bad boy who has been away for ten years, gets reacquainted with Brielle Fraser, the spoiled daughter of Ravencross's most established family.  How can he convince a woman he has known his whole life that he really is a man for the future?

Book Three - Lunen Wintermere, the college junior from the city's richest family comes home for the summer, and meets Nik Clark a poor boy with mogul dreams operating, literally in her backyard.  Can a wealthy, educated, girl from high up in Lake Heights really find common ground with a townie with a superiority complex?


Each book has a parallel romance set behind-the-scenes at the Hollywood television production of the show Forever, or at the digital complex for the online multi-player game, EverLife.

Double the action, double the hot, steamy romance, in intriguing stories you will not want to put down!!

The Ravencross romance thriller series is about the tension of secret desire, the enchantment of instant love, and the indelible power of our mediums of entertainment...

Come into the hot, steamy behind-the-scenes and on-screen romances of the cast, crew and fans of the popular daytime TV drama, Forever who become dangerously, and obsessively involved with one another through the show and the A.I. enhanced online video game, EverLife based on the show's characters.

Fabulous ground-breaking format.  Each book is two romances wrapped in a suspense thrill. HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating.

Elemental Origins: The Complete Young Adult Fantasy Series by AL Knorr

Elemental Origins: The Complete Young Adult Fantasy Series book promotion sale AL Knorr

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 12/24/2018 - 12/30/2018!

4 friends, 1 supernatural summer, they'll never be the same again. Follow Targa, Georjie, Saxony, and Akiko as they each journey to a new country over their summer break. As each girl is embroiled in a supernatural mystery, the intrigue deepens and they realize that the magic seeking them has personal intent. An elemental transformation leaves the girls breathless and wondering––why them?

Reign of Dreamers - a story of love and mystery by Michael Raduga

Reign of Dreamers - a story of love and mystery free book promotion Michael Raduga

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/24/2018 - 12/28/2018!

Though the action begins on an island inhabited by knights and mutants, this is no fantasy. The main characters are in control of their dreams, yet nearly all events take place while they're awake. They have a king, but all of the assassination attempts are against a princess locked in a tower.

The Stiletto Scandal - A humorous cozy mystery kicks off the Louisiana Bayou series by Riley Blake

The Stiletto Scandal - A humorous cozy mystery kicks off the Louisiana Bayou series by Riley Blake

~Set in Jana DeLeon’s popular Miss Fortune world, The Stiletto Scandal is available now in all markets~

Most people call their local law enforcement officers when a dead body appears in their yard, but in Sinful, Louisiana? Folks turn to the Geritol Mafia.

Gators, local bad guys, and contract killers at large keep former CIA agent Fortune Redding on edge but with trustworthy sidekicks and an impossible deputy in her corner, what could go wrong?

About The Stiletto Scandal:

Unlikely Suspects…

When a former Sinful resident turns up dead in Fortune Redding’s backyard, Deputy Carter LeBlanc springs into action, but Fortune can’t help but wonder about his motives. Is he afraid a killer will strike again and she’ll become the next victim or is he trying to keep her away from the new man in town?

Motivated Killers…

Now considered an assassin-in-hiding thanks to an unfortunate stiletto scandal, Fortune has a nice price on her head and unlikely hitmen are in the killing game. With a borrowed identity and new place to call home, Fortune soon discovers Sinful isn’t as it seems. Since her Louisiana arrival, the former agent has been involved in one murder investigation right after the next. And things are about to get a lot worse for Fortune and a few of her closest friends.

Blitzball: A Teen Clone of Hitler Rebels Against Nazis in Coming-of-Age by Barton Ludwig

Blitzball: A Teen Clone of Hitler Rebels Against Nazis in Coming-of-Age discount book promotion Barton Ludwig

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $6.99) 12/25/2018 - 1/12/2019!

Fascism is on the rise and Blitzball by Barton Ludwig is an important book to read as it speaks out against fascism as well as racism. In a coming-of-age young adult novel, a teen cloned to be Hitler rebels against his genes and the Nazis who created him at a school where soccer is literally war. At Reichfield High, the battle is fought between Neo-Nazis and Mexicans in a story with themes quite relevant to right now.

"The tone hits a range of notes between Suzanne Collins' 2010 book, Mockingjay, and Mel Brooks' 1967 film, The Producers." - Kirkus Reviews

Promo available for 0.99 from now until 12/12/2019!
Regular Price is 6.99

Out of time - Contemporary Crime Fiction by Phillip Johnstone

Out of time - Contemporary Crime Fiction ebook promotion Phillip Johnstone

Out of time, a look under the edges of society. J Reacher meets A Mole.

Ordinary guy Jonathan Deigh attempts to find his daughter, the Vory, a Chechen terrorist cell and a compromised MI5 boss stand in his way.

Consider a world where many of us are only one emergency from domestic meltdown, then this story will prick at the fabric of your own social stability.

With his future in tatters and no real stake in mainstream society Jonathan Deigh wants nothing more than to reset his life back in the UK. and establish a relationship with a daughter, with whom over the years, he's had minimal contact.

Discovering the bound and gagged, drug damaged DI. Anna Markov, in the back of a van belonging to his new boss, club owner Adam Levi, drags Deigh into a world of organised crime and the fallout from a terrorist plot. His efforts to untangle himself from his ruthless paymaster and achieve justice along the way, only serves to draw his daughter into harm's way.

Outside of the protection of the law, an unlikely alliance between Deigh and Markov sees them struggle to compete at the most brutal levels of criminality in order to battle an organization with no lower limits.

Productive Stoner - practical self-improvement guide by Stoney Steve

Productive Stoner - practical self-improvement guide kindle book promotion Stoney Steve

Do you think that you've seen and read it all?

Well, maybe it's time to rethink that view, because along with ongoing legalization across the world comes the first and only self-development book for...Stoners! Regardless whether you are a cannabis user yourself or you just want to catch a glimpse of a serial Stoner's mind, this easy read will provide you with practical and applicable advice to overcome procrastination, get organized and most importantly get the results you desire!


Check out the amazon page for more details!

Shallow Lives...Shallow Seas; corruption, adventure and danger in the Gulf by Michael Rowbottom

Shallow Lives...Shallow Seas; corruption, adventure and danger in the Gulf ebook promotion Michael Rowbottom

It's 2003 and while Iraq goes haywire in the Northern Gulf, down in Khafira other dangers await. International news agency correspondent Will Hartson stumbles on a story linking what should have been unconnected deaths in the sea and a well-to-do apartment block.

Nothing is what it seems anywhere as the action roams from Washington to Khafira, Russia, London and back again.

And tangled up in the netting are the futures of a hopeless expat banker and a world-weary high class callgirl. Step on board, it's a hot, fast ride.

Death O Death Horror Collection Vol 2 by Ellie Douglas

Death O Death Horror Collection Vol 2 free horror book promotion Ellie Douglas

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/26/2018 - 12/29/2018!

Ten utterly gruesome tales, that will disable you. Christmas has never looked better. Lock your door, light your candles, add some cinnamon spice to your nutmeg, and don’t forget the secret ingredient ‘fear.’ For this will be a Christmas, you will never forget.  Horror in all its mutable forms—abject to absurd—through ten tales of terror to gross you out and make you itch. You'll love it!

Heaven to Betsy - romantic mystery by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Heaven to Betsy - romantic mystery discount kindle book promotion Pamela Fagan Hutchins

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/24/2018 - 12/25/2018!

A former rodeo queen turned paralegal. A criminal attorney with a soft spot for lost causes. To find a missing girl, they'll team up for one wild ride…

Dumped by her husband for a man, ex-rodeo queen Emily Bernal yearns for a fresh start. When handsome local attorney Jack offers her a gig, she's not sure if it's the right fit. But after a dead body takes a swan dive in front of her and she learns a missing six-year-old girl is caught in the aftermath, Emily's heart sends her from barrel racing to paralegal faster than a calf out of a chute.

As she and Jack interrogate the young girl's tight-lipped mother, a string of strange coincidences don't add up. When sparks fly between her and her boss and dead ends become dead bodies, the race to save the girl comes down to the wire. Can Emily and Jack decipher their feelings and the clues before they become the next victims?

Heaven to Betsy is a mystery thriller with a romantic twist. Readers who like strong-minded women, heart-pounding plots, and a side-serving of humor, will love Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ nail-biting novel.

Heaven to Betsy has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with 607 reviews and won the 2015 USA Best Book Award for Cross Genre Fiction. Heaven to Betsy is part of the What Doesn’t Kill You Romantic Mystery Series – twelve (and counting) interwoven, but independent novels with dynamic heroines and captivating lovers. With over 1.5 million downloads, this series continues to rack up awards including the most recent, 2017 Silver Falchion Award for Best Adult Mystery!

The Last Straw - a gripping crime novel by Ed Duncan

The Last Straw -- a gripping crime novel free book promotion Ed Duncan

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/24/2018 - 12/28/2018!

In this second installment of the Pigeon-Blood Red trilogy -- Pigeon-Blood Red was the first -- two men from different sides of the tracks, well-respected black lawyer Paul Elliott and deadly enforcer Richard (Rico) Sanders, are reunited when a teenage girl witnesses a carjacking gone bad and as a result is marked for death by a crime boss with no apparent motive. The girl turns out to be both Paul's neighbor and someone he looks upon as a little sister. He and Rico, who already have an unlikely history together, forge an uneasy alliance to protect the girl from a ruthless hit man who has an agenda of his own stemming from a long-simmering feud with Rico. The hit man sees the job not only as an opportunity to eliminate the witness, but also as a chance to settle an old score with Rico. And for good measure, he plots to take Paul out as part of the bargain.

Don't Resign: A Woman's Right In A Man's World by Natresha Dawson

Don't Resign: A Woman's Right In A Man's World kindle book promotion Natresha Dawson

Author’s note: it takes courage, maturity, and strength to share our stories. Yes, sexual harassment happens to so many of us no matter our age, race, and status, but one of the many things I've learned through the ordeal is true forgiveness. We must forgive their ignorance, forgive their bullying, forgive their egotism, and  forgive ourselves. Learning to truly forgive is one of my favorite sections in my book.

Mantle: The Return of the Sha - a fantasy adventure by Gary Bregar

Mantle: The Return of the Sha - a fantasy adventure free kindle book promotion Gary Bregar

This book is free on Amazon 12/19/2018 - 12/23/2018!

In a world rooted in magic, Lizabet Abbot was seemingly born without any magical gifts of her own—a circumstance unheard of in her kingdom. She is an outcast in her own land, with few friends to call her own.

However, things change when Lizabet's sister is kidnapped by minions of the evil kingdom of Skite, and she sets out with two companions on a quest to save her. It is during their journey, while in the face of danger, that Lizabet discovers she does have a magical gift—one more powerful than anyone could have imagined. It is a gift that may save her sister, her king, and her kingdom.

Gripping and filled with wonders, Mantle is an epic adventure that rouses the senses and brings life to a world of magic and intrigue.

**The sequel and conclusion, The Smoke Wizard, is now available!

Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ by Kerry Wells

Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ free book promotion Kerry Wells

This book is free on Amazon!

I interacted with Jesus as the consciousness of the Sun. I wrote this book to share my interactions with Christ and God and my experiences with heaven and hell.

The Whisper of a Saint: A Search for the Permanent Bliss of Enlightenment by Richard Dietrich Maddox

The Whisper of a Saint: A Search for the Permanent Bliss of Enlightenment book promotion Richard Dietrich Maddox

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/18/2018 - 12/20/2018!

If you like mystical experience and the grandeur of the Himalayas, you will love "The Whisper of a Saint."  An American businessman is called to India by a visionary Saint, and must find him without the advantage of a name or location.  Follow the seeker on his adventures, magical and mysterious as they are.

Dracas: Book One, Dragon Province - A fun but emotional fantasy by Jordon Moran

Dracas: Book One, Dragon Province - A fun but emotional fantasy by Jordon Moran

*$3.99 and available for Kindle Unlimited*

Draca, a person blessed with the power of a one of the seven Dragons before birth. Though their powers remain dormant, and require tremendous training in order to ready their mind and body to unlock the slumbering power.

Ethan, a man unknowingly made a Draca before birth, was blessed, not out of being chosen for duty, but to save his life. The Dragon who blessed him, Luciana, is forced to send the Draca, Sam, to gather and train Ethan.

Their method for training Ethan is creating a small realm based on a world from one of Ethan's video games. Not a one-for-one recreation, but still gives Ethan's enough knowledge to give the inexperienced Draca a small edge in the adventure ahead.

However, the adventure soon becomes dangerous from a simple, unexpected meeting between Ethan and a mute traveler, Husky. While Husky is a far more capable adventurer than Ethan, a malevolent shadow that follows Husky wherever he goes puts Ethan's life in grave danger.

The Ultimate Guide to College Safety: How to Protect Your Child from Online & Offline Threats to Their Personal Safety at College & Around Campus by Peter J. Canavan

The Ultimate Guide to College Safety - a comprehensive reference guide for college students by Peter J. Canavan

College students and their parents used to worry about getting good grades, finding a job after graduation and whether or not they would be living at home after college. However, in recent years the primary concern has been ensuring that students stay safe at college while they are away from home.

There are many safety challenges facing today's students. This book addresses these topics including bullying & cyber-bullying, alcohol responsibility, credit card and ATM safety, dorm room security, personal boundaries, sexual and physical assault, terrorism, active shooters and personal safety both on and off-campus.

In addition to the obvious threats to personal safety, the book contains important information about how to build confidence, maintain the proper attitude, and build various other skills to ensure success both in college and in life.

Get the shortcuts to school safety from Personal Safety Expert Pete Canavan.  Pete is a former University Public Safety Officer, IT Security Consultant, and Martial Arts Master.

Risk The Wings Of Sisterhood - Young Adult by J.R.Evangelisti

Risk The Wings Of Sisterhood - Young Adult by J.R.Evangelisti

Two young women Julie Pastel and Burkie Vivid who seem such polar opposites find themselves in a series of crazed and comedic situations along Route 66. 

Burkie Vivid has plans for her new found friend, the uptight Julie Pastel who has never dated and to introduce her to the world of dating as the two end up on a wild road trip across America.

Along the way they must solve a sixty year old mystery regarding Buckie's aunt. With a sense of romance and youthful exuberance plenty goes wrong along the way in this heart-warming, edgy, humorous and delightful comedic story as they learn a lot about themselves and what really matters in life...a true friend.

Joy is... 365 Keys to Longevity by Paul Abell Ph.D.

Joy is . . . 365 Keys to Longevity free book promotion Paul Abell Ph.D.

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/17/2018 - 12/21/2018!

This book is a synthesis of wisdom from religion, philosophy, psychology and spirituality regarding the pathway to creating joy in your life, which modern research has shown to be the key to longevity. There are 365 succinct transformational concepts on which one can contemplate or meditate each day.

The SEXY Diet: Shrink Your Fat Cells, Speed Up Your Metabolism & Activate Your Skinny Genes by Summer Peterson

The SEXY Diet: Shrink Your Fat Cells, Speed Up Your Metabolism & Activate Your Skinny Genes free book promotion Summer Peterson

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/17/2018 - 12/21/2018!

The SEXY Diet is a powerful four-part weight loss system that will speed up your metabolism and turn on your skinny genes. How do you turn on your skinny genes? Author, Summer Peterson points out that while it is true that you are stuck with the genes you were born with, you were born with a lot more genes than the ones you are currently using! If you were unlucky enough to have been born with a gene that predisposes you to breast cancer, there is not one doctor in the world who will tell you that you are definitely going to get breast cancer. Just because you have a gene, doesn’t mean that gene is going to be expressed. In this book, you will learn how to turn off the genes that are keeping you overweight. SEXY is a fun acronym to help you remember the four steps you need to take to turn on your skinny genes. People have lost up to 75 pounds following the SEXY Diet.

The Beautiful Lie: Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad by Tobin Crenshaw

The Beautiful Lie: Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad free book promotion Tobin Crenshaw

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/17/2018 - 12/21/2018!

It is said there were no flies in the Temple, in the following pages you will learn why. Take a faith changing journey and uncover the tools and strategies that will dramatically shift your life, your relationships, and perhaps bring about the turnaround you have long desired for yourself and others. Along with modern day miracles and remarkable historical events, you will learn the truth about the mess the entire world is in, the pathway out of it, and about the One who is closer than breathing.


Pulse Pounding information

Two techniques you can begin using today to transform your relationships

Ten minutes that can make or break you

The advice people really give when they look back over their life

The healing power of thoughts, words, and of making a 5% shift

The truth about research on marriage, money, happiness, and starting a family

The science and psychology behind the power of authentic faith and personal change

Strategies to change your thinking, uncover your destiny, and deliver lasting fulfillment

Remarkable stories that include: the miracle phone call from God, a painting that stopped a war, the divine voice heard for over 3 years on a mountain in the Middle East, the white strap that stood as an unexplained mystery for forty years, the importance of who is buried at a place called Skull, the gospel in a tree, the Amish martyr who challenged an entire nation, what happened to the founder of rock music and the world’s most popular writer, how a monk ended the gladiator games, what people saw and heard from the sky when they killed a family of missionaries, how a pride of lions saved the life of a child, the last song Jesus sang, and the day Christ taunted the devil

These are a small sample of what you will learn about living sanely in a world gone mad!

The 30-Day Productivity Plan (VOLUME II) - a self-help guide that actually helps by Damon Zahariades

The 30-Day Productivity Plan (VOLUME II) - a self-help guide that actually helps by Damon Zahariades

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/11/2018 - 12/18/2018!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to get done? Do you have too much to do and too little time to do it?

If you're like most people, you're sabotaging yourself. Your habits and routines are making it difficult for you to manage your time.

The good news is, you're in control. Here's the secret to overcoming 30 bad habits that are crippling your productivity!

The Nero Prediction, a novel about the star crossed life of Rome's singing emperor by Humphry Knipe

The Nero Prediction, a novel about the star crossed life of Rome's singing emperor by Humphry Knipe

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99)  12/15/2018 - 12/16/2018!

You live in an age when Rome rules the world and astrology rules Rome.

You are a sixteen-year-old apprentice in the Great Library of Alexander, a slave, when you hear that your Roman masters are searching for 16-year-olds with a particular birth time, just as king Herod searched for two-year-old Jesus who astrologers predicted would become the king of the Jews.

Instead of killing you the authorities send you to Rome to serve Agrippina, the emperor’s niece, who believes the stars have foretold that you are destined to help her raise her ten-year-old son to the imperial throne. This draws you into astrology-inspired court intrigues which force you to decide whether Nero is the Christian’s Antichrist who “fiddles” while Rome burns or a musical genius trapped inside a Caesar.

Wilco: Lone Wolf by Geoff Wolak

Wilco: Lone Wolf kindle book promotion Geoff Wolak

A soldier's story, from basic training in 1985 to running marathons, to fame and praise, to military prison and a change of attitude, to the Gulf War and jobs for Intel. Seconded to the SAS at the request of Mi6, pushed onwards to hostage rescue in Africa and building an elite team. This is a progressive series of books covering many years, many countries, many campaigns. 17 book series.

Once Upon a Romance - a heart-warming holiday romance by Alex Bailey

Once Upon a Romance - a heart-warming holiday romance kindle book promotion Alex Bailey

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/1/2018 - 12/31/2018!

Praise for Once Upon a Romance:

"Loved this! Brought back so many memories of our once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a romance set in Disney World. Just made me feel happy and warm inside, perfect Christmas reading."

"I never judge a book by its cover, but with this one the cover beckoned. If you like romance and Disney this is for you. Once opened you won’t want to put it down."

"Oh my! What a perfectly darling romance. I simply hung off each page!"

"Once Upon a Romance (A Dream Come True Book 1) by Alex Bailey is a story that is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time and I absolutely enjoyed reading it."

"This is absolutely one of those romance stories that I would recommend to YA and my mom's book club. It's full of lovely visuals and brought back memories of my own travels to Disney both as a kid and as an Auntie."

"This book was a page Turner and I couldn't read fast enough. This story pulled at my heart strings at times."

"This story took me on not just a magical Christmas journey but also an emotional roller coaster. The characters are fun, connectable and lovable."

“If you love a good holiday story with happily ever after at its core, you've found the book for you. I loved this book and it had me grinning like an idiot like a good Hallmark movie.”

“This book will appeal to Disney fans and all of those who believe in a little magic. A wonderful story of learning to get over loss while opening yourself up to new possibilities. There are so many reasons to love this book.”

“This is a heartwarming story that I found myself thinking about even after I had finished the book. I love the attention to detail that the author gives.”

“The thing I most love about this book, is the way the Ms. Bailey interweaves the love of all things Disney, with the magic of Christmas- whilst also showing a heartfelt and tender romance. This is your quintessential ‘feel-good’, and romantic Christmas story.”

“This holiday themed story was beautifully written. Alex Bailey is a talented author and I felt that she did it effortlessly within this romance that focused on the emotionally ties more than the physical - you don't always feel that passion in some stories.”

Love Conquers Cancer: Discover Hope and Alternative Healing on the Road to Wellness by Andrea London

Love Conquers Cancer: Discover Hope and Alternative Healing on the Road to Wellness free book promotion Andrea London

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/10/2018 - 12/14/2018!

Ours is clearly not the only story out there. With the declaration of a single word, cancer, we joined the ranks of an army far larger than the world has seen. As Lenny and I walked the path of diagnosis and treatment, something became increasingly unclear. If so many millions are facing the same enemy, how is it that we have not yet conquered it? This question launched us on a quest: to beat cancer no matter the method. Along the way, we realized our goal was not only to see Lenny healed, but to also help others to pursue and discover ways, both traditional and alternative or unconventionally, to fight and conquer cancer. Lenny has undergone and had traditional treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and as it is does not currently have a cure within the U.S. medical world, he has also undergone many alternative treatment methods some that are beyond our borders. It was these alternative methods that he has experienced the greatest victories.

Our seventeen year journey has not always been a graceful one. I’ve also battled depression along the way, and as Lenny’s wife and primary caregiver, this has many times proved challenging for our family. This is a story about grit. It is a story about refusing to accept the status quo, the statistics and above all else, refusing to give in to a disease that has ravaged the world for far too long. It is our hope and prayer that the research and the steps that we have taken would encourage you to be your own health advocate and realize that there are many more alternative options available to you besides the chemotherapy, radiation and other pharmaceutical methods. May the pages that follow provide you with practical knowledge, indestructible determination and absolute hope for your story.

Boardroom Culture Shock: 7 Strategies to Amplify the Competence and Capacity of Board Culture by Charline E. Manuel

Boardroom Culture Shock: 7 Strategies to Amplify the Competence and Capacity of Board Culture free kindle book promotion Charline E. Manuel

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/10/2018 - 12/14/2018!


In a rapidly changing socioeconomic and business climate, nonprofit board leadership is being challenged to reassess the way it has traditionally governed. Change, flexibility and adaptability are knocking at the boardroom doors with an invitation to consider strategies for expanding capacity and increasing board member engagement. When boards take a fresh view of the culture by which they oversee corporate affairs, they may be shocked to learn of outmoded approaches to deliberations and making decisions.

Boardroom Culture Shock: 7 Strategies to Amplify the Competence and Capacity of Board Culture addresses topics boards do not easily entertain.

Subjects on:
• seven counterproductive attitudes that block organizational health and growth
• drawing forth the best from board members,
• building a culture of open and honest dialogue,
• shifting to a more inclusive board,
• the one thing boards should do before attempting to raise money,
• solving the key complaints board members have,
• and more.

Offering insights into restructuring conventional attitudes, Charline ends each chapter with questions followed by practical application methods for amplifying the competence and capacity of the board. With the challenging and important work of nonprofits in a changing world, boards that are willing to shift their culture, will position the organizations they serve for positive health, growth and sustainability.

Alluring Attraction - a MM contemporary romance by A.F. Zoelle

Alluring Attraction - a MM contemporary gay romance kindle book promotion A.F. Zoelle

Ryder and Hunter have been rivals for years. Their pride always turns everything into a fierce competition between them.

When Ryder agrees to join a friend on a trip to a high-class brothel, he never imagined that he would discover Hunter's darkest secret—he's a sex worker. Hoping to understand why his rival would work there, Ryder hires Hunter to discover the truth.

Ryder is interested in answers, but Hunter is only interested in pleasure. Despite Ryder's objections, he is seduced by this sensuous side of Hunter.

Ryder knows he shouldn’t go back for another visit, but he’s powerless to resist the attraction he feels toward Hunter. His repeated visits to the brothel start to change his feelings for Hunter.

As Ryder’s submission to Hunter intensifies, his friend’s growing suspicions about their relationship threaten to ruin everything.

Is it really possible for their long-running rivalry to evolve into something more?

Alluring Attraction is the first book in the Illicit Illusions series, erotic gay fiction for adult readers that enjoy sexy books about gorgeous men. Contains explicit M/M sexual scenes and language.

Ariadne by Daniel Agnew

Ariadne kindle book promotion Daniel Agnew

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 12/8/2018 - 12/15/2018!

A young priestess flees from Crete to Egypt and finally Canaan as the Bronze Age world collapses around her.

Ariadne is a novel about a young woman’s journey to find out who she is in a chaotic world full of betrayal and heartache. It is a novel about three turbulent lands at the height of the Bronze Age and the death and suffering they endured. It is a novel inspired by history rather than myth, in a period few know what really happened. It is a novel about the past, yet a past so resonant with our present and future. It is a novel for those who love to ponder the tragic nature of war, and for those who long to see the world made right. It is a novel set to challenge historians and to entertain those who just love a good story. It is a novel about the lives of many people and yet ultimately one, Ariadne.

Jessica's Footprints by J.R.Evangelisti

Jessica's Footprints kindle book promotion J.R.Evangelisti

Jessica a seventeen year old girl on an archeological field trip discovers the footprints left 20,000 years earlier.

“Jessica-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!” The head of the archeological field trip sees the footprints and observes the evening sky above, throws his arms open to the heavens, and shouts, “What have you found?”
Jessica...what have you found?"

Twenty years later Jessica now a Doctor is debating the footprints as to rather she has found alien footprints or prehistoric human footprints. In Roswell, New Mexico the debate continues, turning Jessica's life upside down along with her friends.

Pigeon-Blood Red - a pulse pounding crime novel by Ed Duncan

Pigeon-Blood Red - a pulse pounding crime novel free book promotion Ed Duncan

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/7/2018 - 12/11/2018!

In this modern noir two men from different sides of the tracks —a white enforcer and a black lawyer — lock horns when the enforcer has to recover for is underworld boss a stolen pigeon-blood red ruby necklace worth millions. After the thief flees from Chicago to Honolulu, the necklace winds up in the hands of his unsuspecting, soon-to-be ex-wife, who has just reunited with the lawyer, an old flame from their college years. After a cat and mouse chase and several murders along the way, the enforcer and the lawyer develop an unlikely respect for each other, and the hunter must decide whether to turn on his boss or slaughter his prey.

Love & Chocolate - romance by Gail Cleare

Love & Chocolate - romance discount book promotion Gail Cleare

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $7.99) 12/4/2018 - 12/7/2018!

When Sarah Westwood’s deadbeat husband deserts her and their young son, she takes a job at her family’s restaurant, The Three Chocolatiers, working with her famous chef grandfather and her pastry chef cousin, Paisley. Determined to never fall for the wrong guy again, Sarah vows to stick to chocolate and steer clear of men, especially her delicious ice-cream supplier, Blake Harrison. But when Paisley signs her up for a dating site, Sarah is soon engaging in a sexy online flirtation with a stranger.

Blake Harrison wants nothing more than for Sarah to give him a chance, but all she’ll give him is the cold shoulder. Never one to run from a challenge, he works on becoming the kind of man Sarah can’t refuse. And since he just happens to be on the same dating site, he’s not above using a little cyber-intel to worm his way into her heart.

When Sarah’s grandfather collapses just weeks before an upscale chocolate-themed wedding that could make or break the business, the staff of The Three Chocolatiers is sent into a tailspin. With the pressure rising on personal and professional fronts, Sarah might just have to let someone sweet melt her defenses.

Foundation Focus Freedom: The 3 STEP PROCESS for Transforming your Mindset, Overcoming your Fears and Harnessing Unimaginable Success by Terence Young, M.D.

Foundation Focus Freedom: The 3 STEP PROCESS for Transforming your Mindset, Overcoming your Fears and Harnessing Unimaginable Success kindle book promotion Terence Young, M.D.

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 12/4/2018 - 12/8/2018!

Do you let your fears hold you back from achieving what you desire?

Have you started to go for your goals and encountered setbacks?

Do you know what the most important tool is that you need for success?

Learn from an enhanced concept of Be, Do & Have.  Who do you need to BE, what do you DO to HAVE what you desire in life?

However, during my coaching and mentoring, I have found this definition to be incomplete.  After studying the habits of successful people, I have discovered 2 common factors that help bring people’s success to the next level.  And once you understand them and incorporate them in your life, you will begin to discover the inner potential within.  The dreams and desires that are just waiting to be born.  What are these 2 things?  Discover them within the book and discover how close you really are towards success!

So, the purpose of this book is to provide you with a simple system and pathway that will support and guide you, as it has me and those that I have worked with. I will help you to overcome your fears and challenges in life, conceive your dreams and deliver an enhanced version of you.

You will develop the proper mindset to focus on your success.

You will identify, address, and overcome the fears that are holding you back from taking the action necessary to move your life forward.

You will be empowered with the freedom of designing the goals and outcomes that will transform you and your life.

But before you do that, I would like to take the next 60 seconds to describe to you how to get the most out of reading this book. It’s a very simple four step process that will help you develop the proper mindset to maximize your results.

The first step is that you took the time to invest in yourself. Congratulations to you for being ahead of the curve!

The second step is to find out exactly where you are in life and what you are looking for. This step is about being honest and open with yourself about where you are in life and where you want to be. You will move forward faster towards what you desire when you have a clearer and honest understanding of where you are now. This is the time to get real with yourself, not hold back from playing full-out and answering the tough questions which you may have avoided in the past.

Step three is learning the abundance of techniques and strategies I have laid out for you. Think of these strategies and techniques like that old-school black bag that physicians used to carry around. They would have so many tools and items that could treat a variety of different ailments and each one had its purpose. Here, I’m going to present you with multiple tools and items in the form of assignments. Some are verbal, some mental, and others are physical in the form of written documentation.

Step four, put the techniques and strategies that resonate with you into action to become that new and enhanced YOU! Those will be the ones that will empower you the most, getting you quicker to the outcomes that you desire. It will be as simple as mastering two or three tools in order to get the best out of you!

I'm excited for your journey!  Check out the book today because you are definitely worth it!

Magic Bullets - a medical thriller by Keith Jahans

Magic Bullets - a medical thriller kindle book promotion Keith Jahans

The quest for a magic bullet is to find a drug which can cure disease and do no harm. Microbiologist Adam Knight finds that the new antibiotic, Floracillin, he has extracted from a mushroom can cause cancer. The mushroom can make someone hallucinate when ingested and think it is magical.  He falls in love with a young talented singer, the daughter of the head of a pharmaceutical company who wants to acquire the commercial rights to Floracillin. But he becomes involved with other bullets that come from Kalashnikov automatic rifles and into contact with dangerous and sinister people who threaten the survival of the girl he loves.

Cryptoconomy: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guy by Gary Miliefsky

Cryptoconomy: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guy free kindle book promotion Gary Miliefsky

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/3/2018 - 12/7/2018!

There's so much more to the Crypto Economy that you need to understand before jumping in.

Combined with the Foreign Exchange (FOREX), this Cryptoconomy is becoming a multitrillion dollar industry. That means there are millions, maybe even billions to be made.

Yes, it's making some people very rich but it's also risky enough to bankrupt you.

It's also become high priority to nations due to the potential for digital currencies.

This also draws in a new wave of cybercriminals - some using cryptocurrencies as a form of ransom payments and others looking to deploy malware that steals crypto wallets and others have created botnets that secretly mine bitcoins using your computer and your electricity without your knowledge or permission.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to understand and even consider joining in the Cryptoconomy. You'll not only learn all the basics, the author shares expert tips and knowledge you'll need to avoid being scammed along the way.

Please grab a copy and review this eBook at this great discount, while supplies last.

Welcome to the Cryptoconomy - where a bright future awaits.

I Knew You: Discover and Fulfill Your Purpose Through Intimacy with a Very Intimate God by Elizabeth Harvey

I Knew You: Discover and Fulfill Your Purpose Through Intimacy with a Very Intimate God free kindle book promotion Elizabeth Harvey

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/3/2018 - 12/7/2018!

What makes the church the most transformative force in the world is her intimate relationship with Christ, her beloved Husband, and her loyalty to Him.

Today there are many distractions that have come subtly and overtly to shift the focus of believers from treasuring God’s heart and successfully accomplishing their God-given purpose. In “I Knew You” Elizabeth Harvey presents a simple, comprehensive, and powerful approach to resist the various distractions from the enemy, the world, and even ourselves. She strongly encourages readers to discover their unique identity and fulfill their purpose by exploring and understanding the intimate and intentional nature of their beautiful Maker. She explains very carefully how the Word of God reveals to believers that their intimacy with God serves as their greatest form of protection on earth and their greatest form of influence on earth. This encouraging, life-giving book will empower believers to walk in their purpose and to live out their divinely designed destiny.

The Modest Proposal Institute by Paul James

The Modest Proposal Institute free kindle book promotion Paul James

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/2/2018 - 12/4/2018!

Young men attend an island school created for those who can invent, The Modest Proposal Institute, to build a new future for the West. Their work will take them to a life in space and on the ocean floor but their success creates problems for them in the wider world. In order to escape the world closing in around them, they colonize the Moon and the ocean floor.

Dancing Buddha by Olga Mayrose

Dancing Buddha free book promotion Olga Mayrose

Free book promotion on Amazon 12/1/2018 - 12/4/2018!

One day Krishna had come to our world again as he was called so many ages back. He brought his Winged Song and has sung it - probably, that was the thousandth time. People don’t remember how he taught them the same, although he had the immensity of new words! He was ready to bring the variety of unique discoveries - his knowledge. Each time, the humankind was shrugging its shoulders in confusion - it seemingly wasn’t mature enough for that. And Krishna had to go. He had been awaiting. His voice was silently singing among thousands of books. Then once, the new time of Unique Changes had come - the humanity achieved that level of development when no book could be lost, no Sacral Wisdom could be concealed from others; he decided to make one more try - the last one. Krishna chose a new place of birth for himself - Japan, to finalize his mission completely. What was after? Let’s imagine together… The parable of Maitreya

Comrade Netai and the Chronology of His UG days by Sanjay Lahiri

Comrade Netai and the Chronology of His UG days kindle book promotion Sanjay Lahiri

Every change is not revolution- to learn this lesson Netai took a long time bearing some excruciating moments.

In eighties and nineties when the Naxalaite (Now Maoist) was reorganising itself Netai, a youth from middle class, got attracted towards the movement.However, his dream of revolution belied when he found group rivalry,lust for power and arms activity became deciding factor of every policy. In the meanwhile his home slipped into no man's land.

Divide and Conquer - a fast-paced urban fantasy by Carmen Fox

Divide and Conquer - a fast-paced urban fantasy discount book promotion Carmen Fox

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 11/28/2018 - 12/4/2018!

Physicist Lea is getting settled at her new job. Jaded warrior Nieve is getting ready to ditch her old one. Until a prophecy calls on them to pull up their big-girls pants and save the world.

Despite their best intentions, the two women are having a tough time becoming friends, or at least earning each other's respect. How can they build a partnership when they can’t even communicate on the same level? Working together gets a lot easier, though, after a cut-throat king’s grab for power puts their lives on the line. The good news is that, as long as they can trust each other, they’re still in with a chance.

But in a world where allegiances shift and memories fade, that trust is quickly tested.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER is a book of possibilities: a geek and a seasoned warrior unite (hopefully); a prophecy fails (maybe); a chain-smoking gargoyle cracks wise (definitely); a major character bites the dust… let's just say the plot twists won't give you time to catch your breath.

“Urban Fantasy doesn’t get better than DIVIDE & CONQUER. Action, excitement, and 2 kick-ass heroines to root for fill this rich, complex and dynamic world. Carmen Fox does not disappoint!”  ~ National & USA Today Bestselling author Anna J Stewart

“This is a must-read book whether you like urban fantasy or not, and if you aren’t sure about fantasy in general, it’s likely that Fox will change your mind.”  ~ Red City Review

“Two thumbs up. Thunderous applause. A big ol' WOW. A refreshing voice and talent.” ~ Contest Judge

“Fox does a wonderful job of capturing every gritty detail, and writing from a point that gets you amped up for these awesome characters.”  ~ Thatentertains

Sticks and Stones by Susie Tate

Sticks and Stones free kindle book promotion Susie Tate

Free book promotion on Amazon 11/29/2018 - 12/3/2018!

“Grey’s Anatomy meets the romance novel.”
"Moving, sometimes funny, sometimes dark contemporary romance.”
“Love, understanding, patience and passion – Perfection.”

A born surgeon, Dylan resents having to down his orthopedic power tools for a six-month spell in Elderly Care. He thought that at least working with Lou would make his skiving easier; after all she’s always helped him out before. Sparks fly, and one night Lou gets what she has wanted for twelve long years.

But Dylan was too drunk to remember the next day, so when he mistakenly believes that she’s put his career in jeopardy his vicious insults, publically made, cut Lou to the bone. It’s only after he loses Lou’s warm smiles, dry wit, boundless enthusiasm and energy from his life that he realizes the extent of his stupidity.

Maybe sticks and stones can break bones and that’s something Dylan’s surgical skills can deal with. But when it’s a heart he’s broken…

This book is a full-length, standalone, funny, feel-good, contemporary romance.

Dream of the Wolf - a page turning whodunit by Bradley McKenzie

Dream of the Wolf - a page turning whodunit free kindle book promotion Bradley McKenzie

Free book promotion on Amazon 11/26/2018 - 11/30/2018!

In her first case, a young detective must put aside her working class roots to understand how elite women are being led into the mountain wilderness to die.

Thanks-living: How giving thanks allows God to show us favor in life by Gleason Parker

Thanks-living: How giving thanks allows God to show us favor in life free kindle book promotion Gleason Parker

Free book promotion on Amazon 11/29/2018 - 12/1/2018!

Thanks-living is how we respond to GOD'S offer to us in his WORD.

We hear from God in our born again spirit and we speak to him in our thoughts.

But Thanks-living is how we live our this transaction with God and experience  his presence and leading in our everyday life.

The Angels Listened In: Learning to listen to and speak to God by Gleason Parker

The Angels Listened In: Learning to listen to and speak to God kindle book promotion Gleason Parker

Free book promotion on Amazon 11/29/2018 - 12/1/2018!

About my experience of hearing, listening to and speaking to God. From initial born again experience in 1954 to present. And how schoolmaster of legalism turned to grace and love of God only. How thanksliving is our ongoing connection with God.

Quiet Mind Epic Life: Escape The Status Quo & Experience Enlightened Prosperity Now by Matthew Ferry

Quiet Mind Epic Life: Escape The Status Quo & Experience Enlightened Prosperity Now free kindle book promotion Matthew Ferry

Free book promotion on Amazon 11/26/2018 - 11/30/2018!

Matthew Ferry presents his Rapid Enlightenment Process inside his new book Quiet Mind Epic Life.

Enlightenment is not a place. It’s not a destination. It’s a state. It’s a point of view. Enlightenment is a contextual framework that makes living an epic life possible. Let me give you my definition of Enlightenment so you understand our end game together…

Enlightenment is the recognition that the source of life within you… is also the source of life in everyone else… and everything else. We are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety.

When you truly see that the source of life within you is also the source of life in everyone else, and everything else, you enter into an enlightened state. When you see that we are all one thing expressing itself with an infinite variety, and the only thing that makes us different, is our perspective about it…. boom! Everything changes and fear disappears.

From this new perspective you rise above the limitations of cultural conditioning. You don’t have to follow the rules anymore. Everything is up for evaluation. You see dogma for what it is, just stories that were made up by well meaning people. But stories none the less. Not valid. Not true. Not real. Finally, you feel free. The invisible barriers disappear.

This is what I want for you. This is the promise of Quiet Mind Epic Life.

Buckwood - Drama by Mark R. Wilson

Buckwood - drama kindle book promotion Mark R. Wilson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $3.30 (regularly $9.60) 11/26/2018 - 11/30/2018!

A multi-Genre novel filled with intense Drama, hate, gore, erotica, mental and physical abuse, paranormal activities, murder, poverty, bullying and torture which follows two young Dakota Sioux boys and their families as they grow into men during the 1940's thru the 1960's their youthful experiences greatly impacting their futures.


IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING kindle book promotion Lee J. Minter

Solo Chase is a man with a past that is almost as frightening as the ex-lover he left behind. Destination: Harper Creek, South Dakota. What do you get when you have two "Serial Killers"  at large in a small town  with completely different M.O.'s and the local cops don't know which one of them will strike again or first? Pandemonium. Halloween is right around the corner in this usually peaceful little town but so is the next "Blood Moon" that one particular resident has been waiting patiently for its arrival to fulfill their chosen destiny and will let nothing or no one get in the way of executing their  diabolical plans.

Now, instead of escaping trouble, Solo finds himself in the middle of death and destruction and a possible "Murder Suspect" in a series of unexplainable homicides. But Harper Creek also has another special resident that might be the key to solving all this mayhem and madness before death strikes again. That resident is "Samantha Jackson" now see where it all begins before the next blood moon rises "In Sheep's Clothing." The New Edition.

Amazing Detective - Complex East Hampton police procedural book by Walter Marks

Amazing Detective - Complex East Hampton police procedural book by Walter Marks

Free book promotion on Amazon 11/23/2018 - 11/27/2018!

Kirkus Review:

The discovery of a body on a Long Island beach leads a detective into a complex murder investigation with possible ties to drug trafficking in this novel.

A routine shift for East Hampton Deputy Chief Dispatcher Evangeline “Vangie” Clark takes an ominous turn when she receives an anonymous call about a body on the beach at Hither Hills State Park in Montauk. Detective Neil Jericho is dispatched to investigate and discovers a man’s body partially buried in a sand dune. The scene yields few clues. The man was shot in the head execution style and carried no identification. Jericho’s only clue to the victim’s identity is a wedding ring inscribed with the names Todd and Ardis. The man turns out to be Todd Winfield, a commodities broker who frequently travels to Manila for business. Jericho is initially suspicious of Todd’s wife, Ardis, especially when he learns the broker had a mistress. But the detective’s probe takes an unexpected turn when he uncovers evidence that Todd was involved in narcotics trafficking. When a second body is found at a lighthouse, Jericho wonders if both deaths are connected or if the solution to Todd’s murder is closer to home.

This fifth installment of a series by Marks (Death Hampton, 2014, etc.) is a fast-paced mystery that derives its strength from the inclusion of current events. Jericho is a likable protagonist who balances dedication to his job with maintaining relationships with his daughter, Katie, and girlfriend, Rainbow. The novel opens with the murder of Todd, and Marks maintains tension throughout by introducing aspects of the broker’s life that may offer clues to his killer. A subplot involving international narcotics trafficking and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war is timely and similarly well-developed.

An entertaining mystery with an engaging hero and deftly handled plot twists.

Burning Bridges Along the Susquehanna - Fantasy by Paul Nelson

Burning Bridges Along the Susquehanna - Fantasy kindle book promotion Paul Nelson

Lily is seventeen and bored. Life in her central Pennsylvania town simply doesn't provide adventure. Her mother has fallen in love with a heroin dealer. Lily is furious. When life becomes dangerous, a kind but mysterious Native American man, Iron Joe, leads Lily and her little autistic brother, Logan, through a time portal. They travel back to the old logging days of the region. They find many great adventures, but danger follows. Great reading for ages 15 and up! Also in paperback @ Amazon.

The Attic Room: A psychological thriller by Linda Huber

The Attic Room: A psychological thriller kindle book promotion Linda Huber

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 11/22/2018 - 11/27/2018!

A father’s secret. A mother’s lie. A family mystery.

Nina inherits a house from a man she’s never heard of. Who is John Moore? And how does he know her name? Nina travels south to see the house, but sinister letters arrive and a shocking crime is uncovered.

What happened in the attic room, all those years ago? The answer could lie close to home.