Publish. Promote. Profit.: The New Rules of Writing, Marketing & Making Money with a Book by Rob Kosberg

Publish. Promote. Profit.: The New Rules of Writing, Marketing & Making Money with a Book free book promotion Rob Kosberg

This book is free on Amazon 8/27/2018 - 8/31/2018!

In 2008, Rob Kosberg faced the biggest business test of his life. Like many others he had to start over after the financial crisis and build a business in the worst economy of our generation. He did this with his own bestselling book and has gone on to help thousands of other authors to replicate his success. In Publish. Promote. Profit. he tells you exactly how they are doing it. How some clients are earning over $100,000 per month with their books, getting booked on massive stages, getting press and media on demand and becoming the hunted in their industries.

Publish. Promote. Profit. explains the current self-publishing environment and covers the ins and outs of what it means to be an author, expert and thought leader in your field. Far beyond "how to self publish" or “book marketing” Publish. Promote. Profit. explains how to create compelling content quickly and become a true bestselling author even if you have no list, no following and no platform. It contains many real life examples and case studies of the successful systems his authors are using to attract an endless flow of leads, clients, speaking opportunities and media.

Cowgirl - a heart-warming memoir by Tanya Vanderham

Cowgirl - a heart-warming memoir discount book promotion Tanya Vanderham

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 8/25/2018 - 8/30/2018!

If you are a lover of all animals, especially cows, you will be delighted by Tanya Vanderham’s heart-warming, informative and sometimes humorous account of life growing up on, and owning, her own dairy farm.

Imagine a dairy farm with 500 black and white Holstein milking cows, a pig barn with a roof top that overlooks wide open fields, a big pond that always fills up after heavy rains and dad’s 1948 Studebaker pick-up truck.  This is the backdrop for Tanya Vanderham’s childhood adventures that would inspire a lifelong devotion to her work in the dairy farm industry. One might say that Tanya was a born natural. Her father was a dairy operator whom she loved and respected. He was her mentor.

Cowgirl is as educational as it is entertaining, describing the many intriguing aspects involved in the dairy farming industry. Cows are actually very extraordinary, intellectual and emotional. For example, did you know that cows can recognize their families after being separated for years?  Aside from the fascinating behavior of cows, other interesting topics include cow maternity, birthing, artificial insemination, pregnancy examination, cow purchasing, and the production of Kosher milk!

You will truly begin to believe that Tanya has been granted nine lives as she describes her numerous brave encounters with these sometimes temperamental animals. Yet, you will see the tremendous respect, care and devotion she has for the cows she has worked with over the years.

With a sense of adventure Tanya writes her memoir from the heart. Beginning with memories of life on the dairy farm with her family as early as the age of one, and spanning her 44 year career as a cattle genetic engineer and dairy farm owner. Also, take pleasure in being introduced to an amazing host of characters. Meet Chief the miracle Greyhound, Charlie the family owl, Bud the giant yet gentle Clydesdale horse and many more.  The inspirational accounts of triumph, tragedy and endearment will have you engaged from start to finish!

Cowgirl is lovingly dedicated to Tanya’s husband John with whom she ran their dairy farm for many years. To her he is the “other half of one remarkable team”.

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing by Benjamin Kahriman

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing free book promotion Benjamin Kahriman

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $7.99) 8/25/2018 -  9/3/2018!

Amazon #1 New Release, #1 Bestseller, BookBub Featured New Release, & Readers’ Favorite Seal of Excellence!

In Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! Kahriman outlines and shares his powerful trading and investing formula forged from years of research and trading experience. He explains how you too can realize your dreams and reap the bountiful financial opportunities present in the stock market. Best of all, Kahriman demystifies the technical, hard to understand, and complicated aspects of trading and investing. Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is concise, practical, and written for everyone, in effect, a true and complete beginner’s guide to not only trading, but a better life.

Christmas in Smithville (Hometown Series Book 4) by Kirsten Fullmer

Christmas in Smithville (Hometown Series Book 4) discount book promotion Kirsten Fullmer

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 8/26/2018 - 8/28/2018!

Even though Gloria is determined to change her reputation, most of the women in town still think she’s a tramp. Sure, she may have dressed a little flashy and dated pretty much every single guy in town, but that’s the past. Now that she wants to make a fresh start, will Smithville give her a second chance?

Ned has heard all the gossip, but being the Sheriff’s Deputy, he sees all the kind things Gloria does behind the scenes for the folks of Smithville. It looks like the upcoming Christmas Pageant will offer him the opportunity to spend time with her, but can he overcome a frustrating stutter and talk to her, face to face?

Bayou Beckons - sexy southerner meets western rancher in Contemporary Romance by Linda Joyce

Bayou Beckons - sexy southerner meets western rancher in Contemporary Romance book promotion Linda Joyce

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $3.99) 8/3/2018 - 8/31/2018!

After a trip to Yellowstone National Park, southern author Linda Joyce knew someday, she’d write a book using the setting of Wyoming. The wilds of the west are about as far away from the watery bayous as a southern belle can get—worlds apart. 

In Bayou Beckons, Camilla Lind is trying to reform her party-girl ways and find meaning to her life—traveling far from home to find herself. She’s struggling to change and karmic payback is a bitch. She meets Trixie, a Wyoming bar owner who claims Camilla is “like a redheaded Barbie in a peasant blouse, Daisy-Duke shorts, and cowboy boots” Her advice to Camilla: “This is a place for finding one-nighters, not life-timers and despite your appearance, you’re the kind of woman who wants a man for keeps.” However, Camilla’s not looking to change is her status—Southern and Single.

Rancher and contractor Jared Richardson resists his attraction to Camilla, but his heart has other ideas. He’s erected a wall around his emotions after the past betrayal of his now-deceased wife. He never expected to fall for a woman like Camilla. And he’s fallen so hard, he must rethink all his relationship rules. His father’s advice: “This one, Camilla, she’s a whole different story. I can’t figure out why you’re still sitting around here. Go after her. After all, everyone deserves a second change. Even you.”

 As a hurricane bears down on the gulf coast and Camilla races for home, will Jared find his way south, and can they weather the storms of past hurts to embrace a future together?

Her First Kiss: Londons story (Firsts series Book 1) by MJ Fields

Her First Kiss: Londons story (Firsts series Book 1) discount book promotion MJ Fields

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 8/16/2018 - 9/16/2018!

What happens when these two repeatedly run into each other without the watchful eyes of others? Will London’s daydreams of Logan Links being the first man she kisses become a heavenly reality, or will his devil dimples lead her straight to hell?

The 90 Day House: Buy a House in 90 Days with No Money Down - Owning Your Dream Home is Easier Than You Think! - Nonfiction book by Kenzie A. Bond

The 90 Day House: Buy a House in 90 Days with No Money Down - Owning Your Dream Home is Easier Than You Think! - Nonfiction book promotion Kenzie A. Bond

According to a recent Reuters Poll, U.S. home prices are forecast to increase substantially over the next few years, as the supply of existing home struggles to keep up with buyer demand. To compound matters, the Federal Reserve has signaled an upcoming hike in interest rates - which means more $ out of your pocket throughout the life of your loan. Combining these two factors means that buying a home will soon be exponentially more expensive than in years past.

Sound depressing? The good news is that after a long hiatus as a result of the devastating market crash and recession of 2008, lenders are beginning to offer "Zero Down Mortgages" to qualified buyers again. Does qualified mean perfect credit score? No. But it does mean that your credit report reflects a stable payment history, one which makes a lender feel comfortable loaning you a large sum of money.

Credit reports not there yet? I have a solution for that. "The 90 Day House" takes you from the initial downloading of your credit reports, thoroughly reviewing them, and the entire credit restoration process. For free. Not sure where to find legitimate down payment assistance or no down loans? I've got you covered. After we get your credit reports where they need to be I have provided a list of nationwide lenders offering zero down mortgages.These are not the predatory, sub prime lenders of decades past - these are legitimate, local and nationwide financial institutions that are looking to be competitive in today's real estate market.

You could spend hundreds of hours researching these methods and programs online, becoming frustrated when you hit a dead end - or you could take advantage of someone else's blood, sweat, and tears and follow the simple steps outlined in The 90 Day House. Get your copy today!

The $214,000 Mistake: How to Double Your Social Security & Maximize Your IRAs, Proven Strategies for Couples Ages 62-70 by James Lange

The $214,000 Mistake: How to Double Your Social Security & Maximize Your IRAs, Proven Strategies for Couples Ages 62-70 free book promotion James Lange

Free book promotion on Amazon 8/20/2018 - 8/24/2018!

The $214,000 Mistake -- How to Double Your Social Security and Maximize Your IRAs: Proven Strategies for Couples Age 62-70 helps married taxpayers get the most out of their Social Security benefits: more money for you and less for Uncle Sam. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of Social Security recipients don’t receive the benefits they are entitled to? Do you know why? Because, they don’t know how to optimize their benefits.

With clear examples and uncomplicated language, the book shows you how to implement proven strategies that will prevent married couples from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The $214,000 difference referred to in the book title is shown in Figure 3, on page 19. The math for doubling your Social Security can be found on page 20.

The book also covers how to combine optimal Roth IRA conversion strategies with the best Social Security strategies. The timing of Roth IRA conversions and Social Security distributions can easily make a difference of $1,000,000 or more. Under the newly passed Trump tax bill, the difference could be $1,500,000 or more. (See page 5).

Furthermore, getting Social Security right is a woman’s issue. Getting Social Security wrong not only hurts the primary wage earner of the couple, but could be devastating for the dependent spouse, usually the wife. For example, if the primary-wage-earning-husband collects too early, not only will his benefit be less than half of what it could be, his wife will get less than half if he dies first. And, since statistically women live on average seven years longer than men, a man making the wrong decision about his Social Security could unnecessarily doom his wife to a life of poverty after he dies.

The Destruction of Jerusalem: A Sign for US of Good News Amid Impending Calamity (White Horse Series) by Richard Ruhling

The Destruction of Jerusalem: A Sign for US of Good News Amid Impending Calamity (White Horse Series) free book promotion Richard Ruhling

Free book promotion on Amazon 8/20/2018 - 8/24/2018!

Christ linked the destruction of Jerusalem to end-times in Matthew 24. The destruction of Jerusalem is a sign of impending judgment on the US for our moral decay as in Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court's redefining of marriage. God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant marriage. That's the overlooked meaning of Christ's wedding parables that are misunderstood as a rapture.

Egypt killed babies; the US has aborted 60 million innocent infants. Egypt enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in some way--alcohol, tobacco, drugs that are a leading cause of death, but we call it healthcare. We call it freedom, but most people have a problem with food, fashion, fiction, gambling, greed, Hollywood, 'music,' sex, perversion, TV, or violence, etc.

The Return by David Hatton

The Return kindle book promotion David Hatton

The Return follows the story of Marty Hahn, who fakes his death in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Crippled with debt, he escapes New York and returns 10 years later to claim his insurance. Upon arrival, he finds his family in despair, who have struggled to cope with his absence for the past decade and had no indication that he was still alive. His family's fury appears insignificant compared to the wrath of the American public, who discover he took advantage of that tragic day for personal gain. The Return is a book about love, devotion, betrayal and forgiveness. How long can a family commit to a man who has lied to them for over a decade?

Followed - a psychological thriller by Mark Lukens

Followed - a dark thriller book promotion Mark Lukens

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 8/13/2018 - 8/19/2018!

After a dinner out with friends, Phil and Cathy are followed home by a stalker. As the stalker terrorizes them, dark clues surface from Phil's past that makes Cathy believe Phil may know who their stalker is and what he really wants.

There and Back There Again by Andrew Alsup

There and Back There Again discount book promotion Andrew Alsup

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 8/12/2018 - 10/31/2018!

This book is a story within a story.  The larger story is life, love, faith and the company of a good dog. 

The inner story is a matter of national importance. 

How did a matter of national importance become the inner story?  In reality though, with a life full of other meaningful things, how else would it be?

Mind Dimensions Omnibus - thrilling urban fantasy by Dima Zales

Mind Dimensions Omnibus - thrilling urban fantasy discount book promotion Dima Zales

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 8/15/2018 - 8/18/2018!

All 5 books in the popular Mind Dimensions series from a New York Times bestselling author, available for the first time in one convenient, discounted omnibus edition. Over 1500 pages of thrilling action, adventure, and unique mind powers.

Darren's had it easy his whole life. Finishing Harvard at eighteen, a lucrative job on Wall Street at twenty-one—all things are possible when you can cheat by stepping outside time. Thanks to his ability, he's a know-it-all, but what he doesn't know is how he's able to do what he does.

That is, until he meets Mira and discovers her dangerous, hidden world.

Kensington - a memoir by Robert Haydon

Kensington - a memoir about growing up in a small town by Robert Haydon

I walked down to the corner of Bexhill and Old Spring Road. It was New Year's Eve, soon to be 1957, and the icy wind caused my eyes to water.  With the Christmas lights still glowing from the front porches and roofs of the neighborhood houses it was like a blurry Kaleidoscope of colors. Sally was upstairs in her bedroom. I could barely see her moving around. And, that was it... the last time I saw her. The next morning we headed for Dallas in our new station wagon with a moving van behind us. The world, as I knew it, had come to an end, and my time growing up in Kensington became a memory that held me hostage for most of my life.

But Dallas was a revelation. One day at my new school the guy behind me in study hall said his fingers hurt from playing the guitar all night. We struck up a conversation and soon we were meeting every weekend at his house to play guitars. His name was Steve Miller, the future Hall of Fame Steve Miller. We put together a band called The Marksmen Combo and Boz Scaggs became our bass player when Buddy Miller, Steve's brother, had to concentrate on college. After Steve left for college, the band kept performing and our good fortune included a short tour with The Beachboys and being the first band to play at the first Dallas Disc-A-Go-Go. The book covers these moments of our rock 'n roll history.

The combination of leaving Kensington and playing rock music was not a good one. I was an extremely unhappy kid, and even after my own hit record, I couldn't get past remembering that other life in Maryland.

This book tells the whole story of the Steve Miller connection, with quotes from Steve, Boz, and other members of the band, but this book is really about being a kid and growing up in an idyllic little town in the late 40's and early 50's. I talk about everyday life and a lot of the special moments I shared with my best friend, Larry. There is a quick coverage of the family genealogy and the story about how my parents met, with the high points and low points of their marriage. But, for the most part this is the story of my return to Kensington after being away for twenty years.

When The Well Runs Dry, a dystopian novel by M J Dees

When The Well Runs Dry, a dystopian novel discount book promotion M J Dees

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) 8/12/2018 - 12/26/2018!

In a country divided by civil war, one city stands above the chaos. Since the system collapsed, citizens are struggling to survive. Marauders are destroying what little is left. However, not everyone is quite ready to surrender. The Alder and her loyal supporters find themselves caught in a life or death struggle to save, not only themselves but also those around them. The future of the nation is at stake. When The Well Runs Dry is the first book in M J Dees' dystopian series set in a future where resources have all but run out. Read this book while there is still a future in which to read it.

Reflections of Love (New Beginnings Romance Series Book 2) by Wolfgang Ausserbauer

Reflextions of Love (New Beginnings Romance Series Book 2) book promotion Wolfgang Ausserbauer

Mary Allen, a well to do Georgia Bell finds herself with cattle rustlers and a haunted mansion on her hands.

Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self - 2nd Edition by Nomi Bachar

Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self - 2nd Edition free book promotion Nomi Bachar

Free book promotion on Amazon 8/13/2018 - 8/17/2018!

GATES OF POWER: Actualize Your True Self is an inspirational, informative, and practical guide for all who are passionate about living up to their potential and maximizing their life. The book is based on the Gates of Power® Method created by Nomi Bachar. In the book, Nomi offers wisdom gathered through her own spiritual and emotional journey, her life-long study of different spiritual traditions and her experience as a counselor and coach for the last 26 years.

The Gates of Power® Method is a path for self-healing and self-actualization. The path is practical, creative, and deeply spiritual. The method empowers and energizes all seven facets of our being: Body, Emotions, Dialogue, Creative Expression, Life Path, Silence, and Knowledge. At the same time it unifies the three aspects of the self (Emotional Self, Defensive Self, Expanded Self) creating inner strength. Gates of Power® Method is the ultimate guide for creating a vibrant, powerful and whole Self. The method is practiced through a comprehensive curriculum that includes seven levels of training.

Words: Poems of Pain, Love and Redemption by Michael Bell

Words: Poems of Pain, Love and Redemption book promotion Michael Bell

These poems celebrate, each in its peculiarity, a birth of hope. ''True Works from Gate Five'' explores territories of mental illness, culminating in the salvific imprint of a finger touch. ''Words'' embarks on an errand of unlimited value; walking the grounds and swimming the waters of how it is when one cannot fully be what one is, that is, a being fully alive.

I write an ornate style of verse. I value polite words and courtesy. This propensity reflects in ''Words: Poems of Pain, Love and Redemption.'' Sometimes in this book of poems, as it were, dragons breathe fire that consumes victims. At other times, as in ''Plow of a Field in Novato'' a poem sings a wistful, ruminating song of the joy found at surrender to spiritual power embedded within the despair of a life sentence to hopeless addiction.

Themes of love and lust in some much of this poetry evoke readers to ride winds of charmed imagination. ''Thickets of Wire'' and ''Raisins for Breakfast'' exemplify these thematics. Pain and the hurt of dashed romantic desire in Ecuador birthed the poem ''Comforted.'' Exuberance with personality, distinction and a reminder to remember encapsulate the spirit of the poem ''Esther.''

The reader may read well assured that each of these sixteen poems not only wanted but needed expression..

Starfire - dystopian romance set in a new world by Jenetta Penner

Starfire - dystopian romance set in a new world book promotion Jenetta Penner

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) on 8/12/2018!

Lies, Love, and Secrets Ignite a Galactic War.

Cassiopeia isn't thrilled with traveling on the first starship to settle on a new earth. But it's not like she has a choice. Her father is the architect of this grand civilization that is meant to be humanity’s salvation. So, staying behind was never an option.

Once she arrives on the lush new planet named Arcadia, Cassi and her family are treated like royalty, but when a terrorist attack strikes and her father is killed, everything falls apart.

A mysterious and gorgeous boy enters her life and Cassi is thrown into a reality she never knew existed. She shares an otherworldly connection with this boy, and soon uncovers secrets about herself and this new planet that were never meant to emerge.

Readers of the Fifth Wave and Under Different Stars will love this dystopian romance set in a new world.

Resthaven - heart stopping suspense by Erik Therme

Resthaven - heart stopping suspense book promotion Erik Therme

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 8/10/2018 - 8/16/2018!

It was supposed to be an innocent scavenger hunt. They thought the building was abandoned. They were wrong.

Dare to Ask God WHY? - rediscovering faith through healing after a tragedy by Greg Williams

Dare to Ask God WHY? - rediscovering faith through healing after a tragedy book promotion Greg Williams

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 8/10/2018 - 8/20/2018!

What is an 'acceptable loss' when it comes to your child? Greg Williams' journey to regain his faith after tragedy took him down an unimaginable path, not just to recovery, but to healing action that saved the lives of countless others.

Lilika and Other Journeys - a 3 part journey by HD Russell

Lilika and Other Journeys - a 3 part journey by HD Russell

Lilika and Other Journeys is a book divided into three parts. The first part is the telling of an ancient Greek goddess called Lilika and her journey to save the world from her jealous uncle and her life's journey to modern times. The middle or second part is poetry which ranges from the telling of stories to searching for a deeper understanding of life or soul or something like it. Part 3 is a flow of consciousness short story fictionalized from the author's time spent working in an operating room in a level one trauma center.

Winter City Wolf Moon - fear on the last frontier by Elvis English

Winter City Wolf Moon - fear on the last frontier book promotion Elvis English

This book is on a kindle countdown deal on Amazon 8/11/2018 - 8/18/2018 (price drop from $2.99 to 99 cents)!

This is a historical tale about a burned-out private investigator cracking the case of multiple murders of Alaskan Native women in Anchorage, Alaska in the late 1990's. While fiction, it borrows from the truth of the times and the true wonders of the people who overcome an evil man and the underlying forces of racism. Winter City Wolf Moon comes from an insiders view of life in Alaska, fictionalizing the roller coaster ride with crackling dialogue and descriptions born in the streets and lives of the inhabitants of downtown Anchorage. The villain is frighteningly vicious and proves it with each passing chapter of the book. If you like engaging, fast-paced, and remarkably well-written thrillers, catch this taut, tense, Alaskan avalanche of suspense.

Cleopatra! by Tom Andersson

Cleopatra book promotion Andersson

Is Cleopatra a feminist? Some powerful people in Rome are quite concerned about what they see as a new Egyptian threat. And what is that loose cannon by the name of Mark Antony up to? And then there are also Octavius and Lepidus, Antony's brothers in empire, but both with plans of their own. Must Rome's first women Octavia and Fulvia follow the dictates of any of those men? Must Cleopatra?

Men and women. Ancient Egypt. Rome. Love. Power. The meaning of life. This historical novel goes beyond the confines of its genre to explore the many frustrations and passions that govern the human condition. Eminent Romans hold forth on why willful Egypt must become part of the Mediterranean community, while engaging in power struggles at home; Egyptian feminists (are they?) critique the chauvinism that is Roman politics; French romantics and early Egyptologists belatedly but passionately sing the praises of the world’s greatest culture; Roman infantry is put to the test in far-off theaters as Cleopatra’s court indulges in pleasure after pleasure; and learned, erudite Greece finds itself in the middle of this epic mess.

The Age of Anomaly: Spotting Financial Storms in a Sea of Uncertainty by Andrei Polgar

The Age of Anomaly: Spotting Financial Storms in a Sea of Uncertainty discount book promotion Andrei Polgar

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 8/6/2018 - 8/12/2018!

When an economist who became famous for his balanced research-backed views like Andrei Polgar of One Minute Economics sees storm clouds gathering, it’s time to pay attention! The Age of Anomaly is a no-nonsense guide to spotting the next financial crisis and becoming more resilient in general.

Little Girl Lost - a steamy romantic suspense thriller by Mia Frances

Little Girl Lost - a steamy romantic suspense thriller book promotion Mia Frances

Wyoming sheriff Zac McHenry is fit to be tied. A new "working girl" just showed up at the local truck stop, ruining his stakeout. There's been an influx of transients passing through the county lately. Bringing an epidemic of drugs, crime, and vice with them. The last thing he wants is another hooker setting up shop in town. He's determined to send her packing. He's 6' 4" and she's a little bit of a thing. How hard could it be? But getting rid of her isn't as easy as he thought. When he barges into her motel room, she thinks he's an attacker and wallops him with her purse. He arrests her for assaulting an officer and hauls her off to jail.

Zac soon realizes things aren't what they seem. Ali is no hooker…she's actually a youth librarian from upstate New York. Much to Zac's dismay, she's also well connected. She's friends with several state and federal judges who intercede on her behalf. He's forced to let her go. Thinking she'll leave town as soon as she's released, he checks her out of her cheap motel room. But she has no intention of leaving. Ali's staking out the truck stop too. Looking for the man who picked up a 13-year-old runaway named Peeky, there a week ago. The girl attended a teen drop-in program at Ali's library and she's not leaving until she finds her. There's a rodeo in town and her room's already been rented out. In fact, there are no rooms to be found anywhere in the area for the next several days. Ali's temporarily homeless and its all Zac's fault! There's only one thing to do…she'll just have to move in with the sheriff until she can find another place to stay. Zac thinks his houseguest is a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered hellion. She thinks he's an interfering, arrogant bully. But when they work together to investigate a case of kidnapping, human trafficking, and murder...sparks begin to fly. Is this any way to start a romance?

The Game: It's All Fantasy. Really. - a comedy / satire by Danny Boogs

The Game: It's All Fantasy. Really. - a comedy satire book promotion Danny Boogs

Religion and fantasy sports collide in this over-the-top satire that focuses on Danny's alcohol-fueled obsession with the Game, an annual contest hosted by the Game Masters. Danny would do anything to be Chosen (with a capital C), but there's the rub: even if he is Chosen, he won't know it until the Game is over. He also doesn't have any way of knowing what the rules to the Game are. But that's just life, ya know? Or is it the Game? All bets are off in this thinly veiled mockery of everything you hold dear.

Reader beware: this book has been described by my mom as "crude, but I have to say I like it, because you're my son, probably."

Identity Check - a political thriller by Rich Allan

Identity Check - a political thriller book promotion Rich Allan

When his mother, Christina is murdered, Scott Harold, along with his brash girlfriend, Jessie, begin a dangerous journey to uncover the truth.

Skirt-chasing President Walter Kendall is fighting to stay in the office for a second term and cannot afford another scandal. His blonde trophy wife, Gloria, hates his indiscretions but believes a baby will save their marriage. 

Stuttering Frank Tate, abused as a child, spent most of his early adulthood in the “Maze,” a Tennessee psychiatric institution, until a mysterious Washington D.C. benefactor rescued him to carry out a series of political “dirty tricks.”

These three stories weave together in a mystery-thriller that will keep you intrigued until the last page.

Out of Shadow - An epic YA fantasy adventure by Jason Hamilton

Out of Shadow - An epic YA fantasy adventure book promotion Jason Hamilton

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 7/31/2018 - 8/31/2018!

Heroes are never born, they are broken and forged.

When young Jak's village is attacked by demons, she is plunged into a whole new world of magic, mayhem, and mystery as she begins her quest to find her long-lost mother.

Volume One of the Muse of Mischief: Trella - science fiction featuring an amazing super heroine by Catrina Briscoe

Volume One of the Muse of Mischief: Trella - science fiction featuring an amazing super heroine book promotion Catrina Briscoe

The Muse of Mischief is a modern day Super Heroine - not just the female version of a male superhero. She travels the Universe with her partner Agent Brzko to help others. They were hidden on Earth as children to protect them from what they don't know. You'll meet aliens you've never heard of and visit places you've never seen as they continue to uncover clues of their origins.

They put their own mystery on hold after discovering an abandoned Rogsaar alien hidden in the forest outside of Portland, Oregon. The duo must figure how to get him home. But first, they have to figure out where home is.

Dark Gods 1: Take the body - epic fantasy by Arthur king

Dark Gods 1: Take the body - epic fantasy free book promotion Arthur king

This book is free on Amazon!

Seth, a young soldier is sold into slavery by a corrupt city watch. In order to escape he is forced into a pact with an ancient wolf-like demon, an old god of his people’s past. Through its ‘gifts’ he gains the skills, memories and knowledge of those he kills, but at a high price.

Now the Dark Guild, the creature’s old masters seek to find him and kill him. They must regain his stolen memories and end this threat to their secrecy.

The powerful guild has members in the nobles and rulers of the land, and paid blades at every corner. Seth must fight through them all, as he struggles with his new found powers and against the blood lust that his dark alliance brings.

Chase My Heart: Sweet Hart Inn (A Harbor Falls Romance Book 11) by Sophie Jacobs

Chase My Heart: Sweet Hart Inn (A Harbor Falls Romance Book 11) book promotion Sophie Jacobs

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 8/7/2018 - 8/28/2018!

Stone Kellerman isn't above romancing an award-winning scone recipe out of Ms. Sydney Hart, owner of Sugar High Bakery in Harbor Falls. Although intrigued by the lovely pastry chef, her Double Orange Scone of Sinful Decadent Desire is the best he's ever tasted. But hanging around her bakery shifts his priority from recipe to the baker, and he finds himself tangled in his own plot. Will Stone romance Sydney out of more than her scone recipe?

The Girl Who Sees - addictive urban fantasy by Dima Zales

The Girl Who Sees - addictive urban fantasy book promotion Dima Zales

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 8/7/2018 - 10/7/2018!

Sasha is a talented illusionist who receives the opportunity of a lifetime when she's invited to perform on live TV. When things go terribly wrong, she is thrust into a world of vampires, zombies, and other mystifying creatures, and only then does she realize her true nature.

Seven More Days: Live a Life That's Bursting with Positivity and Happiness ... Before It's Too Late by Amy Dix

Seven More Days: Live a Life That's Bursting with Positivity and Happiness ... Before It's Too Late free book promotion Amy Dix

This book is free on Amazon 8/6/2018 - 8/10/2018!

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are happier and more successful than others, you are going to love this book! It has EVERYTHING to do with how you can achieve anything that you want in life while living at the highest level of happiness!

A story told through true life events, SEVEN MORE DAYS reveals the essence of death so you can enjoy the eminence of life. From six simple words of woman on her deathbed, “I am not afraid to die”, comes a story that captures the true meaning of happiness and challenges the chaos in today’s world…leaving you to question your past actions, yet changing them for the future. This book gives you processes you can implement in your life to mold it into exactly what you want while building your character, connections, and community.

SEVEN MORE DAYS creates a gripping experience of emotion, hope, and change within yourself. Through science, you will understand how the human brain processes information, experiences, and emotions. Once you understand the how, you can move forward with the greatest of ease towards a life that is bursting with positivity and happiness…before it’s too late!

The Bruja - post-apocalyptic horror by Michael Molisani

The Bruja - post-apocalyptic horror book promotion Michael Molisani

In The Bruja by Michael Molisani, the dystopian world after the Collapse sees magic as part of survival and key to winning wars. Ghosts and ancient spirits are no longer superstitions. Witches become a vital part of the army. The Bruja is an evocative dark tale of a flawed and conflicted woman fueled by her desire to protect the ones she loves. It’s a solid read and I look forward to the sequel.

Things I've Learned From The Homeless by Glen Dunzweiler

Things I've Learned From The Homeless free book promotion Glen Dunzweiler

This book is free on Amazon 8/6/2018 - 8/10/2018!

Glen Dunzweiler is a filmmaker, producer, writer and public speaker. He started his work with homelessness in 2010 when making his documentary ‘yHomeless?’. After years of seeing the public bang their heads up against the same homeless issues, he was driven to write this primer.

‘Things I’ve Learned From The Homeless’ looks to explain the world that housed individuals are often frustrated by.

The goal is to flip viewpoints on homelessness, to create new dialogues, and to inspire action.

Glen Dunzweiler invites you to get into it with him, so we can all start to figure this out.

Do the homeless:
Anger you?
Frustrate you?
Scare you?
Sadden you?
Confuse you?
Make you want to DO something?

Read this book.

Spirituality 103 The Forgiveness Code: Finding The Light In Our Shadows - Self Help book by Ivan Figueroa-Otero

Spirituality 103 The Forgiveness Code: Finding The Light In Our Shadows - Self Help book by Ivan Figueroa-Otero

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 8/5/2018 - 8/7/2018!

An  Healing inner journey to the darkest part of our minds, where with the light of forgiveness and understanding we delete the word guilt from the rhythm of our hearts. It’s a guide to awaken the hidden Light Warrior in  our souls.

The Shadow files: Limited edition - supernatural suspense by Monica Corwin, Carlyle Labuschagne, Kristin Ping

The Shadow files: Limited edition - supernatural suspense by Monica Corwin, Carlyle Labuschagne, Kristin Ping

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 8/2/2018 - 8/12/2018!

Magic, treachery, and corruption await in these cloak and dagger thrills.

23 Paranormal Cases. 23 Records on File. 23 Supernatural Suspense mysteries for you to solve!

This limited edition boxed set collections contains 23 files of mystery, mayhem, and paranormal danger from twenty-three bestselling, award-winning, and up-coming authors.

Join the dark side with vampires, cursed bootleggers, a wicked succubus, a demon prince, and the Devil's daughter herself.

Partner with private eyes with psychic third eyes, mages who resurrect rebel angels, and witches as they hunt down denizens of the dark.

Take a walk down a mysterious dark alley with a magician as you battle murderers, relic hunters, and Nazis.

And follow voodoo priestesses as they spy of nefarious secret societies and discover the literal heart of a serial killer in hopes to defeat the deadly creatures lurking in the shadows.

The Year of Four: A Phoebe Pope Novel #1 by Nya Jade

The Year of Four: A Phoebe Pope Novel #1 book promotion Nya Jade

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 7/30/2018 - 8/6/2018!

A movie star. A spy-in-training. An attraction they can’t allow—or resist. What will happen when shapeshifting assassins hunt her down for a power she shouldn’t have? Staying apart means survival. Staying together means certain death. Will Phoebe Pope follow her heart or her destiny?

A Bird in a Hurricane - a page turner legal thriller by Carlton Downey

A Bird in a Hurricane - a page turner legal thriller by Carlton Downey

In rural Louisiana, prisoners are worth less than $25 a day to Sheriffs who have built economies around mass and lengthy incarcerations. When Paul Theriot returns to the swamps of Louisiana to reconcile with his dying father, he takes Kenny Cooper's appeal to pass the time. Playing by his own rules and not caring about the collateral damage he leaves in his wake, Paul will do everything he can to get Kenny out of jail and to shed light on a corrupt, unjust system.  

Dread Harvester - a horror novella by Michael Molisani

Dread Harvester - a horror novella by Michael Molisani

Set in the universe of the Collapse and occurring parallel to the events of break-out horror hit “The Bruja,” “Dread Harvester” is a novella by Michael Molisani.

Conjuring and cunning exist side by side in a dangerous, lascivious, new reality that is whispering its seductions to some whilst rending others apart. Aubriana Harvester hears that whisper all too well. Driven by hate and wonder, she was left for dead, in a coma at the end of the world her only choice is to refuse death.

The Ordinary life by Mario Kiefer

The Ordinary life book promotion Mario Kiefer

When Lucia married the rancher’s son, she thought her life would be perfect. How was she to know otherwise?

When his mother took Julian away from his father, he felt unwanted and unloved; jealous of a younger brother who seemed to be the golden child. Until that day when the hidden hand that moved them on their journey was finally laid to bare.

As Mateo struggled to grow from boy to man, the challenges of his past always got in the way of his journey. If ever he was to traverse his future, he had to first learn to move beyond his past.

A memorable tale about complex yet lovable people, dealing with the best and the worst of what humanity has to face, “The Ordinary Life” spans multiple generations and recounts the stories of hard-working people overcoming the most difficult challenges that life has to offer.

What people are saying about this book:

“This book by Mario Kiefer is haunting, sad, and beautiful all at the same time . . . What a read!! Make sure you pick this book up and get to reading!!” - Brandi Perry

“There are very few books that come along that leave a lasting impression on you. "The Ordinary Life," by Mario Kiefer, is definitely not one to let escape you” - Heather Williams Harrell

“Mario Kiefer has truly accomplished a work of literary fiction that simultaneously lays bare the basest inner workings of the human mind while at the same time celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit. “ - CB

“The Ordinary Life” by Mario Kiefer had me hooked at page one. . .  The ending is perfect: unexpected but wonderful, creative and true to the story. This is an interesting study of the human condition, and how Mr. Kiefer encourages the reader to examine aspects of life they can identify with, have seen or judged in others or pondered over time. The writing style . . . shows a truth about life that Mr. Kiefer knows and poignantly tells us. I think it is well worth the read.”  - Liz

Dopamine Diary - a novel by Kathy Yakal

Dopamine Diary - a novel by Kathy Yakal

Why did Lisa Lamsen fly to Pittsburgh on a Friday in February 1987, only to turn around and fly back home to North Carolina? Somewhere over Virginia, the psychosis she’d been experiencing for several days suddenly subsided. Able to think clearly again, she knew she’d been expected to check into a psychiatric hospital that morning instead of flying off to visit a man she barely knew.

What caused her to become psychotic at age 30? Attraction (the man in Pennsylvania)? Guilt (she’d left her husband six months earlier)? Genes (it ran in the family)? Manipulative friends (Gabe and Colby, who’d been playing friendly mind games with her before they turned ugly)?

Lisa spends time on two locked wards at Shelter Hills Hospital in Greensboro, NC. One seems more like a camp for sad adults; it's populated by patients who are struggling with relationship issues and disorders like depression and anxiety. Lisa figures only one person there is sicker than she is, a young man who takes four small cups of pills every day and still think the pool balls are talking to him.

The other is the chronic ward, where most patients stay in their rooms. The ones she meets there are the severely mentally ill. Lisa hopes she's not seeing her future in them.

Misdiagnosed and overmedicated, Lisa eventually leaves the hospital and goes off her meds. She spends time in an alcohol rehab facility because her uncle thinks she’s  a “dry drunk”. She meets a television producer, a doctor, a model, and many other colorful characters there, and learns that alcohol is not her problem. The dopamine in her brain is.

Much of Dopamine Diary is set in the workplace and among Lisa’s other friends, as she tries desperately to be who she was again before her brain chemistry took a detour.

Dopamine Diary is a novel about mental illness, friendship, and love.