The Hated — Book 3. of the Detective Jericho series by Walter Marks

The Hated — Book 3. of the Detective Jericho series free book promotion Walter Marks

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/28/2019 - 3/4/2019!

Detective Jericho transfers from NYPD homicide in violent East Harlem to peaceful East Hampton. But it's not all that peaceful. In "The Hated" a dead body discovered in a lifeguard chair, leads Jericho into a hidden world of organized hate groups. Mayhem and murder ensue. This is a short but compelling mystery book.

Story-Flash: Step-by-Step Technology of Plot Development - non-fiction book by Alexander Astremsky

Story-Flash: Step-by-Step Technology of Plot Development - non-fiction book promotion service Alexander Astremsky

Would you like to know how to write stories? How to write a screenplay? How to write a book? Story-Flash is a screenwriting book that will show you how to write well, how to write faster and easier.

The plot development technology consists of four main stages:

1. STORY Development. In this step the story itself is created: its main events, characters and conflicts.
2. Creating the Story STRUCTURE. Here all the essential details and events are carefully worked out, the sequence of events is determined.
3. CHARACTER Development (goals, motivation, strengths and weaknesses, etc.).
4. ENHANCEMENT of the Story - increasing the degree of tension in order to "glue" the reader to the book or viewer to the screen.

These four stages form a SYSTEM that allows you to develop the story, characters and plot lines.

The Art & Architecture of the Byzantine Empire by Kennon Ward

The Art & Architecture of the Byzantine Empire free book promotion Kennon Ward

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/25/2019 - 3/1/2019!

This is a study of the art and architecture of the Byzantine Empire and an exploration of how it still influences our notions of beauty and the design of modern buildings.

The Case for Freedom (The Freedom Driven Life Series) by Tim Marshall

The Case for Freedom (The Freedom Driven Life Series) free book promotion Tim Marshall

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/25/2019 - 3/1/2019!

The Case for Freedom, the first book in the The Freedom Driven Life series, is an investigation into the reality of Freedom and how it has been either embraced or rejected (mostly rejected) throughout human history. Simply put, there is no Freedom to embrace if there are multiple diverse definitions, and especially if Freedom is whatever you want it to be.

Why is “Freedom” capitalized? Because the concept is more important than most of us realize.

The more I learn about Freedom and experience being Free, I gain a deeper understanding that Freedom is a nourishment, a life-sustaining force within me and for the world at large. Once you have tasted Freedom, can you be content with anything less? When true Freedom is the force that drives your life, it cannot be replaced. Once removed, life ceases to have real purpose.

Due to the absolute reality and supreme majesty of Freedom, I believe that an understanding of what Freedom is and where it originates from should be the core responsibility of every individual throughout the world. How to live in Freedom should be the primary focus of all parents raising their children; Freedom should be the constant theme of all teachers instructing their students; Freedom should be every individual’s number-one personal goal.

As you will see in The Case for Freedom, for individuals and whole nations worldwide the solution to overcoming mankind’s problems is the proactive embracing of Freedom.

Game Set Match - A Professional Matchmaker's Advice On How To Win At The Game of Love - self help by Julia McCurley

Game Set Match - A  Professional Matchmaker's Advice On How To Win At The Game of Love - self help by Julia McCurley

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 2/13/2019 - 3/31/2019!

A collection of dating and relationship advice from one of only 14 Master Executive Certified Matchmakers, Julia McCurley. Julia explores everything from dating do's and don'ts to the challenges of online dating to the myth of sexual empowerment to keeping your relationship alive by "dating your mate". Based on a decade of professional experience with over 500 clients, thousands of dates, hundreds of budding relationships and a lifetime of personal experience, Julia's advice is refreshingly direct, funny and to the point. Read it cover to cover or pull it out like a reference book when you encounter a specific situation where you need guidance. Whether you are new to dating, re-entering the dating world after a failed relationship, or are in a committed relationship looking to keep that "spark", Game Set Match should be required reading!

A Gentler Path - spirituality by D. Scott Sonnenburg

A Gentler Path - spirituality free book promotion service D. Scott Sonnenburg

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/22/2019 - 2/23/2019!

A Gentler Path is the story of one man’s journey from the depths of chronic pain and depression to a place of peace and contentment. The author, a self-described “rational atheist” encountered something in 2007 that changed everything about the way he thought about life and himself. Part autobiography, part philosophical treatise, it is a story of the joy of rediscovering the beauty of life, and the beauty that lies within us all.

Avantae: Rise of Rouhn (The Avantae Series) - a thrilling fantasy by Joel M. Kelly

Avantae: Rise of Rouhn (The Avantae Series) - a thrilling fantasy book promotion Joel M. Kelly

One of our reviewers said it best: "(Joel M. Kelly) is revolutionizing sci-fi in a manner that would make Tolkien look down from the heavens and smile. Y'all give him a read, rekindle that spark of a book you can't put down and remember why you used to love reading!"-J. Mclean

Humankind was on the edge of barbarism, and in an attempt to save humanity, gods and goddesses in an act of desperation sought to do the impossible in an alliance of necessity. Now, ages later, follow the journey of the brave young man Devin, and his best friend, John, as they run for their lives in an attempt to overcome impossible odds all in an effort to survive and to know what it means to be an Avantae. Join our hero as he makes new friends along the way. Discover dangerous and mysterious villains. Be prepared to follow the twists and turns; to witness adventure, strange magic, heartbreak, life and death, epic battles, and god versus god. Delight in the mysteries, and know that nothing is as it seems.

Avantae – Rise of Rouhn is the first book of a trilogy that is fast-paced with a complex storyline, and one that you will want to read twice.

Halorum - an invigorating fantasy adventure by Serdar Aydemir

Halorum - an invigorating fantasy adventure sale book promotion Serdar Aydemir

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $2.99) 2/21/2019 - 2/28/2019!

What if you lived in a fantasy world where the reach of the Underworld possessed those whom lost their faith in the gods? Now what if you were in a harem of all-deadly females raised to seek and destroy these possessed? Or a legendary hero known as the Dragon Knight whose deeds of courage and valor were passed down in tales?

Through the years the realm of man contested their faith with one another, segmenting the once whole kingdom, and failed to foresee the Underworld ever growing. As the holy kingdom undertakes the task to withdraw the darkness from their realm, there rises another malice in the distant lands once held in the Light. King Tarkin will seek the aid of his old friend to vanquish this evil while the incredibly skilled Paulira of the Reaper Knights is sent on a quest to seek a legend.

Praise the Halorum Knights for if you lose your faith in the Light, shadow and decay shall forever take you!

720 Heartbeats - a gripping novel by Jaka Tomc

720 Heartbeats - a gripping novel discount book promotion Jaka Tomc

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 2/18/2019 - 2/22/2019!

What if your future would no longer be a mystery to you? What would you do?

Detective Rok Kopitar's life is turned upside down. His worldview and his common sense are being defied by an adversary who seems to know everything about him.

From the moment he discovers an obscure icon on his desktop, everyday life seems to unravel. Everything he holds dear appears to slip through his fingers and is about to disappear from his life. Unless he manages to make the right defining decisions while working on a challenging drug trafficking case from this point forward. Is knowledge true power?

This gripping novel simultaneously plays with your imagination, the fringes of theoretical physics and philosophy. You will be devouring every word, absorbing page by page, positioned on the edge of your seat. Buckle up!

Disempowered No More: A Spiritual Journey to Discovering Purpose, Power, & Passion After Divorce by Simone Allison

Disempowered No More : A Spiritual Journey to Discovering Purpose, Power, & Passion After Divorce free book promotion Simone Allison

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/18/2019 - 2/22/2019!

In the book Disempowered No More: A Spiritual Journey to Discovering Power, Passion, & Purpose After Divorce, the author engages with the reader in an intimate chronicling of Divinely chartered events, following the simultaneous diagnosis, year long battle, and passing of her father as well as the fragmentation of a 17-year long co-dependent & narcissistic marriage. She shares her journey, rife with pain, anger, and disappointment following her tumultuous separation, which led to a search for compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. It is a story of an unexpected but highly anticipated and yearned for spiritual awakening. It demonstrates the untapped strength within us all and how relationship with Our Creator, our team of angels, and our own sheer will to overcome the obstacles we face, can inevitably lead to a life path that is transformative, passion-filled, and purpose driven.

Prosperous Christian: 10 Commandments of Godly Prosperity by Edward C. Hill

Prosperous Christian: 10 Commandments of Godly Prosperity free book promotion Edward C. Hill

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/18/2019 - 2/22/2019!

This masterful book was written especially for those Christian entrepreneurs, professionals and consultants who are looking for a life that is more abundant, which God promises in John 10:10. It is filled with hundreds of scriptures that give concrete, definitive, Godly instruction on how to be more prosperous in all categories of life; physical, mental spiritual, professional, social, familial and financial.

“Prosperous Christian” takes you on a deep dive into the ten commandments that are essential to have true Godly abundance and prosperity. In addition, it gives supporting teachings on our competition, conflicting scriptures, and even the dangers of financial prosperity.

You’ll learn the truth about:

• God’s definition of prosperity
• Does God want His children to be prosperous?
• How to unlock the truths in the Bible
• How to pray effectively
• The most dynamic and powerful law of God
• How God works in the workplace
• What God says about the rich
• And more!

Each of the ten commandments is illustrated by remarkable real-life stories, thought-provoking questions, and strategic real-world action steps you can implement right now.

Jalapeno Cupcake Wench (The Amazing Gracie Trilogy, Book 1) by Carol Kilgore

Jalapeno Cupcake Wench (The Amazing Gracie Trilogy, Book 1) book promotion sale Carol Kilgore

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 2/11/2019 - 2/17/2019!

As the youngest of five children, Gracie Hofner never has trouble standing up for herself or anyone else. Not as a kid, not when she was a detective with the San Antonio Police Department, and not now, as an agent for a global law enforcement consulting firm.

She didn’t want this assignment at a San Antonio bakery to watch and report when a unique delivery arrives, but she knew it was important. One bite of the bakery’s dark chocolate jalapeno cupcake sets her taste buds on fire, but the heat that radiates from her belly at her first sight of the man behind the bakery counter has nothing to do with fiery peppers.

One look at the smiling hunk with flour down the front of his apron opens the possibility that this assignment may not be as bland as she'd thought. It may even be fun--until she walks out of the door at the end of the workday and begins her real job of searching for a missing little girl who's the target of an unknown killer.

As the waiting continues and the search moves forward, Gracie experiences periods of strong intuitiveness that go far beyond the hunches she's had in the past. She fears she has a brain tumor or some other malady. Or maybe she’s bumped her head one too many times. Whatever it is, she wishes it would stop. It’s about the only thing that’s ever frightened her. Except spiders. They definitely freak her out.

Jalapeno Cupcake Wench is the first book in The Amazing Gracie Trilogy, a story so big, it takes three books to tell it. The second book, Bluebonnet Ballerina, is available at regular pricing. The third book will be released in March.

Reviewers say, "Gracie really is amazing..." "Great main character and a fast-paced story..." "A delightful start to a new trilogy..." and more.

Try it and find out for yourself.

Becoming Carlotta - a biographical novel by Brenda Murphy

Becoming Carlotta - a biographical novel free book promotion Brenda Murphy

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/11/2019 - 2/13/2019!

Hazel Tharsing was born in California in 1888. Intensely shy, she learned to meet the world as the glamorous actress Carlotta Monterey, by far the greatest acting role of her twenty-year career. Counted among the most beautiful women in America, she married a British aristocrat in London, then the twenty-year-old son of her mother’s lover in San Francisco, then a famous artist in New York, and finally America’s greatest playwright, Eugene O’Neill, in Paris.  This novel about her life is an imagined narrative built on a base of facts with the goal of understanding Hazel Tharsing and what it meant for her to live her fascinating life as Carlotta Monterey. It takes us to the cities and the back country of the Old West, to Edwardian London and an English country-house life reminiscent of Downton Abbey’s, to the Broadway theater in its golden age and the tough reality of the actor’s life on the road, and to bohemian Greenwich Village and Manhattan’s arty Smart Set in the 1920s.  Through it all, Carlotta is an outsized presence, inventing endless new faces to meet the challenges that life throws her way and turning from every defeat and disillusionment to look ahead with newfound energy and determination.

Fever Rising - a dystopian action adventure by KM Riley

Fever Rising - a dystopian action adventure book promotion services KM Riley

Kaden Valens' world is kill or be killed. Such is the life of a Challenger, the property of a Citizen. Fight or die. When Kaden is ordered to face his sole family member, his sister Nix, he chooses a different battle—one against the Federacy that owns him.

Rebel Cassidy Havok is the Federacy's worst nightmare. Her only goal is to bring down the government, doing whatever it takes to eradicate the slave-based society. When Kaden defies the Federacy publicly, she hopes to make an ally out of him, turning the tide in the resistance’s favor.

Cassidy helps Kaden escape the clutches of the Citizenry, and they flee to the Wilds, the world outside the Federacy’s reach. There they plan for the fight of a lifetime. Can they take on a nation, or is their cause a lost one?

Becoming a Sun: Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life by David Karchere

Becoming a Sun: Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life free book promotion David Karchere

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/11/2019 - 2/15/2019!

Becoming a Sun is a portrayal of the human journey. It shares essential emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom that assists a person on their path.

The radical premise of the book is that, on the inside, we are already a being of incredible love, wisdom and creativity. We are a sun on the inside. Our human journey is to become a sun on the outside -- a living embodiment of what is in the depth of our soul.

Wide Loads And Other Stories by Dan Henry

Wide Loads And Other Stories book promotion Dan Henry

These ten short stories are the end result of a long-running writers' group in San Francisco. They touch on issues of social class in America, sexuality, otherness and despair. Funny, haunting and intimate, they explore a rich spectrum of the human experience.

The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One) - A seagoing thriller by Elliott Baker

The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One) by Elliott Baker

Free book promotion on Amazon 2/6/2019 - 2/8/2019!

Escape to the 17th century and sail the gauntlet of pirates and slavers along the Barbary coast of Africa in this seagoing adventure. Board Now.

1671. Destiny is forced on René Gilbert when he awakens in chains aboard the slave ship Albion. Survival balances on the blade of a rapier.

A three-thousand-year-old hatred searches for René. Facing Dutch privateers, Barbary pirates, and the ocean’s fury, René must confront an unknown enemy who, if unchecked, will recreate a world of slaves drenched in blood.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Epic fun, and well-researched to boot!Enthralling! As a life-long reader, I've come to learn that some books require a bit of, shall we say, investment. Perhaps one must slog through a few dozen (or hundred!) pages of exposition before reaching compelling material, while other stories engage the reader from the first chapter on. The Sun God's Heir Trilogy proves exemplary of the latter, not just seizing attention, but grasping the reader by the lapels, looking him dead in the eye and growling, "Arrrgh! Are ya ready?? Good, hold tight, laddie..." while emanating the faintest aromas of salt water, aged leather and a dash of rum.
--Amazon Reader

Reaction Based Martial Arts for Life and Death Situations - Self-Defense by David Zoppi

Reaction Based Martial Arts for Life and Death Situations - Self-Defense book promotion David Zoppi

In a confrontation, street fight or other situation where you need to defend yourself, learning to react quickly without processing or thinking and doing so effectively is crucial. This is the rational for reaction based martial arts training. You don't always have time to consider which techniques may or may not be effective in a confrontation. In fact, very often the way and manner in which your opponent presents himself or herself to you and their energy or chi will dictate the manner in which you will respond. For example, if your opponent is much taller than you, then it may be difficult to strike targets that are out of range. However, you will learn about those targets that are reachable, or targets-of-opportunity.  In this book you will also learn about how to react utilizing pressure points and chi or internal energy.  This mind, body and spirit approach to reaction based martial arts training will help you to gain the knowledge needed to give yourself an advantage in critical situations and more.

Dead Rising, a fantasy by Debra Dunbar

Dead Rising, a fantasy book promotion service Debra Dunbar

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 2/6/2019 - 2/10/2019!

Solaria Ainsworth was born a Templar, but she refuses to take her Oath of Knighthood.

The Mistress of the local vampire family offers her a job—to research a magical symbol. It’s an easy task for a woman who has spent every moment of her life either in armor or with her nose in ancient manuscripts. The money’s good, and the seven day deadline should be no problem.

But when her research reveals a sordid connection between the vampires and a mass murder, Aria needs to decide who is in the right and worthy of her protection.

Make Me Tick - a fun mystery thriller by Nick Carr

Make Me Tick - a fun mystery thriller book promotion Nick Carr

Lighthearted, witty...a little sexy... thriller with moments of genuine suspense. Jim Kirby saves the life of a stranger, only to find he has walked into a whole lot of trouble...Hold on to your hats...

He burst into the room as she backed herself further into the corner, eyes wide with terror. He made to grab at her and suddenly she found her voice. Screaming and screaming she scratched and thumped at him trying to fight him off….a reflex kick made him back off and double over for a second…but no. Not a chance.

He had her!

From the author:

I originally planned to write a thriller but found myself dropping in funny lines from the start and in the end its more like a cross between the lady vanishes and his girl Friday! I couldn't keep the fun out of it but apparently readers still end up in suspense on the edge of their seats so maybe it's a thriller after all.

Illicit: A Contemporary Romance Collection - over 20 sizzling stories by Calinda B

Illicit: A Contemporary Romance Collection - over 20 sizzling stories by Calinda B

Lose Yourself in the world of hot hookups, where the stories run from sexy to downright scandalous and the characters will leave you breathless.

In these pages, you'll find tantalizing romance, rekindled flames, and forbidden trysts. From confident military men and suave billionaires to bad boy players, hot alphas, and more, you're sure to find the illicit romance of your fantasies burning up these pages! These powerful, exciting men will keep you up all night and daydreaming all day!

Your favorite contemporary romance authors invite you to join them for twenty sizzling stories. Which of these scorching novels and novellas will have you hooked?

Don't delay your pleasure.One-click TODAY!

Including Stories from: New York Times bestselling author Calinda B; USA Today bestselling author Sylvie Stewart; USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Morris; Alexa Padgett; Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Jeana E. Mann; Piper Lawson; J. Saman; Colleen Charles; Casey Hagen; E.S. Carter; Rylee Swann; Emma Tharp; Liz Matis; Heather C. Myers; Jan O'Hara; Maggie Carpenter; Tara L. Ames; Shannyn Leah; Megyn Ward; Alyssa Drake & Bella Emy; S.R. Watson & Ryan Stacks; USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Avery; Kim Carmichael

The Flaw - a nail biting thriller by D.M. Rasey

The Flaw - a nail biting thriller book promotion D.M. Rasey

First off, I'm not a writer. I’m a storyteller. I don’t end my stories with: "And everyone lived happily ever after …" because I know better. I am a huge fan of irony. In my work, you see events play out in actuality—not in watered-down, sugar-coated, Disney tale versions of reality. I wrote this book to cover the massive amount of homicidal behavior that the human race has adopted throughout the past few years. Now, mind you this book is a work of fiction, however, almost every event listed has already taken place in real time.

I spent countless hours going over data to ensure accurate and detailed information. Utilizing the FBI, Nat-Geo, the U.S Dept.of Vital Statistics, and the C.D.C (Center for Disease Control) as well as consulting with Senior Virologist John Walsh and his entire staff, helped make my story groundbreaking and unlike any out there. Although there are no vampires, zombies or any other type of ravaging outbreaks, like rabies in this book, it will still scare the hell out of you.

If you're wondering if these character's stumbled onto something that could actually be happening? I suggest you just watch the news on any given day. You'll find your answer there.

Lost in the Woods - a steamy fantasy romance by Lorraine Margaret

Lost in the Woods - a steamy fantasy romance book promotion Lorraine Margaret

Mystical, sensual, passionate, intense... Their love is as magical as the woods it was born in, but can it survive in the real world?

Princess Lilliana is fighting for her freedom in a world governed by men and falling in love with its dominant, charismatic leader is not part of her plan...

When Princess Lilliana is abandoned by her cruel uncle in the perilous woods of Sapphira, she relishes the first moments of freedom in her restricted life and vows, if she survives, to never obey a man’s command again.

Lord Elijah finds a beautiful, naked woman dying in the woods. He is shocked to discover she is the princess of his deadliest enemies and stunned by the immediate onslaught of strange new feelings of love and tenderness when he looks into her eyes.

Lilliana and Elijah are thrust together in a desperate situation beyond their control – to ensure Lilliana’s safety they must promise themselves to each other and consummate their union in the woods that very night. Entranced by the tender, uninhibited passion of their lovemaking, they are propelled headlong into an intense, tempestuous relationship for which neither is prepared. All too soon, Lilliana realises she has fallen hopelessly in love with a dominant alpha male used to absolute obedience in all things...

Lilliana rebels against her powerful lover and his patriarchal world as together they embark on a passionate, sensual journey, fighting to retain the magic they found in the woods. Is Lilliana ready to embrace Elijah’s dark desires and domineering nature or will she begin a brave new life alone? And can Elijah accept his new-found vulnerability and learn to control his terrible fury before it destroys the woman he loves? Overwhelmed by the intensity of their love for each other, Lilliana and Elijah’s conflicting emotions spiral out of control, setting in motion a devastating chain of events that threaten to tear them apart forevermore..

Breathtakingly romantic and seductively sensual, discover the magical world of Lost in the Woods today!