Sorcerers' Dynasty by Stephen Perkins

Sorcerers' Dynasty by Stephen Perkins

An epic struggle to claim eternity.
Since time immemorial the world has been a theater of illusion...
Ruled by a Sorcerers' Dynasty. 

Beyond the arctic wall of ice lies a new and unknown world. One man plans to sacrifice the known world and everything in it to gain immortality in paradise. The world is filled with lies and liars and America's most controversial alternative media journalist Dan Sheraton wants to find out why. Strange things have been seen out in the New Mexico desert, and when an even stranger phone call leads him on a dangerous adventure to a mysterious destination, Sheraton discovers earth shattering epiphanies. When an insidious plot hatched by a shadowy global corporation threatens the survival of mankind the most unlikely hero emerges.

Cluster Faux - a psychological thriller with an ending that will knock your socks off by Dan Long

Cluster Faux - a psychological thriller with an ending that will knock your socks off by Dan Long

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 12/29/2017 - 1/2/2018!

Dropped on his head the day he was born, Karl Devers enters the world damaged. Smart but troubled, he lives his life—and chooses his destiny—based on tainted memory clusters.

Detective Jimmy Rossiter has made a name for himself as a hot-shot investigator at the New Jersey Bureau of Criminal Investigations, closing every case he’s ever been assigned…until now.

Less than a year from retirement, Conrad Hunt is a mild mannered, middle-aged New Jersey State Trooper with nothing to prove to anyone. When a routine traffic stop sets Karl squarely in Connie’s path, every instinct Connie possesses will be tested.

Is Karl the intelligent and affable young man Connie perceives him to be? Or is he someone far, far darker?

In Cluster Faux, three worlds collide, catapulting the seasoned cop and the no-holds-barred detective into an intricate game of cat and mouse with a killer. It’s a psychological thriller where ultimately, Connie’s reputation, Rossiter’s unblemished record, and Karl’s freedom rest on one question.
How far will three man go to save themselves?

The Steel Road - fantasy by Edie James

The Steel Road - fantasy by Edie James

This book is free on Amazon 12/29/2017 - 1/2/2018!

Sundered for a reason, the world is two-sided. But mankind defied the sanctions, conjuring a passage from the Old World through the equatorial ring of flames and inhabiting the elven hemisphere. As this invasive species disseminates, conflict ensues, centuries pass, and an industrial revolution begins.

Now, reparations must be made.

A human-elf hybrid is murdered to spark a cleansing fire but is denied passage to the heavens. Instead, Dreyah is reborn headstrong and impetuous but more so than any other teenager, is uncertain about her place in the world. Seeking revenge for her murder, Dreyah traverses Udia, a realm that was devastated by an old war between her two peoples, and the circumstances highlight her greatest dilemma; she must choose a side in the coming days.

Years ago, Cambria’s king gave Kennason to a foreign prince as a gesture of peace between their two realms. But after the death of her second husband and a marriage of mutual distaste, Kennason abandons the Andanes and returns to her homeland where magic is not tolerated but steam and pistons charm the masses. Reunited with family and in the solace of an emerging romance, she grasps contentment, but when she is abducted by renegade wizards, painful family secrets reveal there was more to Kennason’s banishment than a simple gift.

When Old World monsters begin menacing Cambria, this exiled queen and murdered teen find their parallel tracks are bound together by history, prejudice, betrayal, and blood as they race to uncover old truths in the first installment of The Ardent Halo story.

Another Summer - contemporary romance by Sue Lilley

Another Summer - contemporary romance by Sue Lilley

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/27/2017 - 1/2/2018!

Evie is staring into an empty future. Joe is the only man she ever loved. But he cheated and broke her heart.

Enter rocker Jake, hot and tempting, to sweep her off her feet. Why shouldn’t she grasp her own happy ending?

Is Joe too late to persuade Evie he loves her? Does he even deserve another chance? Old hurts are deep and forgiveness seems out of the question.

Don’t miss this award-winning romance – a sizzling second-chances page-turner that’s sure to melt your heart.

Christmas Treasures - A Fun Cozy Satire with Southern Christmas Recipes by Riley Blake

Christmas Treasures - A Fun Cozy Satire with Southern Christmas Recipes by Riley Blake

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $1.99) 12/19/2017 - 12/31/2017!

Includes Heavenly Southern Christmas Day Recipes!

Mary Louise, Pearl, and Opal host a Christmas Open House. No one anticipates a problem until someone mentions hostess gifts and the holiday spirit diminishes. Hours later, a new resident is dead and most tenants are suspects. As a heavy snowstorm bears down on East Tennessee, the community’s retirees brace for a long and fearsome winter’s night.

Series Reading Order:

Vintage Whispers (2016)

Bygone Days (2017)

Christmas Treasures (2017)

Peek Inside the Series (Clip from Bygone Days):

The Convenient Escape - a Thriller by Robert Downs

The Convenient Escape - a Thriller by Robert Downs

This book is free on Amazon 12/28/2017!

To Veronica Baird, escaping from an underground dungeon and racing through the woods, is anything but convenient. Pete Nealey still has flashbacks to Iraq and, with the bottle as his eternal companion, tends to fall off of barstools. But unless Veronica can learn to trust Pete, the slipshod relationship, and her freedom, won’t last…

Breaking Point - Contemporary Romance by J.B.Baker

Breaking Point - Contemporary Romance by J.B.Baker

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/18/2017 - 1/1/2018!

Breaking Point is about a Billionaire investor (Sean) and a female communications executive (Rachel)

Sean -Alpha-male businessman. Body of a God, tall, dark-haired, green eyes, strong physique, chiselled features and super wealthy.

Rachel - Blonde and blue-eyed. Tall, curvy – sort of a super-model type but is not aware of her good looks and does not play on them. She wants to make her way as a businesswoman – very determined and never opens up to men easily.

They have known each other for years as she used to work for him in London until they had a sexual relationship that ended badly with him dumping her. 

She ended up founding her own communications firm in New York, but it is running into trouble because her biggest client was taken over and the bigger firm has an in-house communications department - the firm is owned by the Sean and she has to go to him in order to save the firm. Sean wants her back and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Breaking point is full of steamy romance and in addition the story also comes with a behind the scenes inside story. Billionaire, second chance romance and it will have you at your breaking point. Don’t fight it! Come on in!

Legends of Windemere: Warlord of the Forgotten Age - the epic conclusion to the fantasy adventure series by Charles E. Yallowitz

Legends of Windemere: Warlord of the Forgotten Age - the epic conclusion to the fantasy adventure series by Charles E. Yallowitz

Luke Callindor, Nyx, and their friends have celebrated victories and nursed the wounds of defeat many times in their adventures. Now, the destined champions of Windemere have their final battle on the horizon. Even knowing at least one of them will not live to see the end, they will start the dangerous journey to Shayd and finally face Baron Kernaghan the Warlord of the Forgotten Age. Are the champions fated to win or will they be the first corpses their enemy buries beneath his new kingdom?

The 15th and final installment of ‘Legends of Windemere’ is about closure, finding the strength to carry on, and not pulling any punches.  One of my favorite parts of this book is that the champions and Baron Kernaghan get to interact.  Previously, he has been sealed away in his prison and could only work through his agents or the occasional spying spell.  With this meeting, the readers get much more insight into this villain and find out why he has been feared this whole time.  So, I do look at this book as being a showcase for the main villain, especially since the heroes are still considered the underdogs. While they are powerful, the Baron used to be a god and has been increasing his power over centuries instead of a few years. Add in that the champions have been told that at least one of them will die and some of them are going into battle with a little doubt.  That gets even worse when the final secrets of the champion prophecy are revealed, which means the heroes will suffer until the very end.

Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening - a page-turning thriller by John Wayne Falbey

Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening - a page-turning thriller by John Wayne

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 12/20/2017 - 1/6/2018!

Before its collapse, the USSR created an apparatus of moles and agents and used them to infiltrate and gain control of unions, academia, entertainment, and the news media. By succeeding to the USSR’s efforts, a group of international financiers (the Alliance for Global Unity or AGU) gained control of one of America’s two political parties. Their goal is to destroy the West, principally America, and create a one-world government in which they control all things financial.

They now control Congress and the White House, with the Supreme Court basically divided. AGU’s handpicked president is up for reelection, but he has become dazzled by his own “rock star” status, and no longer follows orders. The control group determines that he must be assassinated so a new, more compliant candidate can be elected. The killing is to take place as the president delivers a Labor Day speech on the steps of the Capitol Building, but it must look as if the opposition party has done it.

In keeping with today’s polarized environment, a group of patriots from the military, intelligence, and industrial communities (the Society of Adam Smith or SAS) has formed in opposition to AGU. Two decades earlier, its leaders were part of a government team that trained a group of unique individuals code-named the Sleeping Dogs to become the deadliest hunter-killer black ops team ever. They were used on the most clandestine missions to neutralize America’s most dangerous enemies. In an effort to stop AGU’s assassination plans, SAS has reunited the Dogs.

Not only must the Dogs survive treachery and plot twists to foil the assassination attempt, they also must cripple AGU by bringing down the billionaire arbitrager who distributes funds in support of their sinister plans.

Dream of darkness by H.M.Gooden

Dream of darkness by H.M.Gooden

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/26/2017 - 1/26/2018!

Cat and her sister are not happy with their recent move to a new town, but are attempting to make the best of things when their world gets turned upside down.

After a car accident winds Cat in hospital, she begins to see people in a new and strange way.

Including the cute guy in her older sister’s class. Unfortunately, it’s not a good way.
In order to save their new town, the girls will have to  join with a new friend to defeat a guy everyone wishes they could be.

The question is; are they up for the challenge?

Vardin Homecoming: A Small Town Mystery by Maggie Spence

Vardin Homecoming: A Small Town Mystery by Maggie Spence

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/26/2017 - 1/1/2018!

In high school, six best friends happen upon a dead body in the old Butler building. They weren't supposed to be there so they never tell authorities what they knew.

Eight years later, the young adults come back to their home town and reunite. Some want to come clean. Others want to keep the secret.

Portrait of Death - A thriller by Greg Ryan

Portrait of Death - A thriller by Greg Ryan

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/25/2017 - 1/1/2018!

A female serial killer is so obsessed with art that she finds her ultimate purpose in the desire to paint portraits of her victims in the midst of their death. That's the challenge facing brilliant but flawed detective Nathan Pearson who finds the case hits remarkably too close to home.

Former Chicago detective Nathan Pearson just wants to move on with his life and leave the police life behind him. But with serial killer Mona Pruitt, also his ex-girlfriend, being locked up in a mental hospital for painting a portrait of a dead male at the center of Millennium Park, is going to force him back into the life he swore he left behind. When FBI agent Melissa Thornton shows up at his home to recruit him, he’s going to have to fight his distaste for law enforcement and saving lives.

Soon Nathan finds himself on someone’s hit list. But he’s not the only target. Mona is too, and Nathan quickly learns nothing is as it seems. One thing is clear: Nathan has to visit Mona, she is still obsessed with him, and she may be the only one who truly knows what is going on. Now, as the death toll starts to rise and time running out, somebody close to Nathan or Mona is on the line, Nathan knows his only chance is to keep visiting Mona. But Mona will prove how horrifying and unpredictable she can be while locked up.

This all leads to a twisted and shocking turn of events that will make Mona Pruitt the next deadly famous artist.

The Perfect Business: Master the 9 Systems to Get Control, Work Less, and Double Your Profit by John Sheridan

The Perfect Business: Master the 9 Systems to Get Control, Work Less, and Double Your Profit by John Sheridan

This book is free on Amazon 12/26/2017 - 12/30/2017!

Owning a small business is tough. A growing company challenges the entrepreneur with ever more complexity, massive amounts of work and starts to consume every waking moment of their time. Yet, the blind pursuit of growth often leads not to more profit, but only aggravation and overwhelm.

At a certain point in their journey, all business owners reach a point where they can no longer keep up with the increasing workload and complexity that comes with more sales and they find themselves stuck.

Overcoming that challenge is what makes the difference between a lifetime of frustration and the lifestyle of freedom the entrepreneur wants. But the answer isn’t just more hard work. That was needed to past the survival stage, but it's not enough to get to the next level.

The way to break free and regain control is to put in place the essential systems that any business must have in order to break through the constraints of owner dependence. 

The Perfect Business explains the framework that simplifies the complex task of systemizing your business so it can operate with predictability, double its profit and free up the owner to focus on growth.

The Alice Network - a heart-rending historical novel by Kate Quinn

The Alice Network - a heart-rending historical novel by Kate Quinn

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 12/25/2017 - 12/26/2017!

An enthralling dual narrative of brave women in wartime! The story of a World War I ring of female spies entwines with an American college student's post-World War II search for her missing cousin. Action-packed, heart-breaking, and funny, "The Alice Network" is a Reese Witherspoon pick for her online book club.

Music to My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes - A Hollywood Memoir by Artie Kane

Music to My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes - A Hollywood Memoir by Artie Kane

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 12/12/2017 - 2/10/2018!

Artie Kane who conducted scores for over 60 motion pictures, wrote music for over 250 television shows ("Wonder Woman," "Vegas," "Loveboat," "Hotel," "Dynasty," "Matlock," "Question of Guilt," "Man Against the Mob") and seven motion pictures, such as "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," "Eyes of Laura Mars," "Night of the Juggler," and "Wrong Is Right" working with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, John Williams, and Quincy Jones recounts his life in Hollywood and New York with eight marriages and a career spanning over eight decades.

Mary And The Scary Cloud - Children's ebook by Gilly Mor

Mary And The Scary Cloud - Children's ebook by Gilly Mor

A smart and sweet book (chocolate balls recipe inside) about overcoming fears and fulfilling dreams (symbolized by chocolate). Mary fears a dark cloud on the way to the chocolate hill. The kids mock her, so she turns to the animals for advice, each one of them suggests its own unique tactic to deal with fear. Enjoyable for children and inspiring for adults. Engaging rhymes and captivating real hand-made illustrations. Full and short versions are available.

New Alcatraz: Dark Time by Grant Pies

New Alcatraz: Dark Time by Grant Pies

This book is free on Amazon 12/20/2017 - 12/22/2017!

Time Travel, Murder Mystery, Prison Break. This is the first book in the exciting New Alcatraz Trilogy.

In the year 2070, once time travel is perfected, the oppressive government has created a penal colony thousands of years in the future, called New Alcatraz. Powell, a failing attorney, is accused of the gruesome murder and dissection of a federal agent, and he is sent to the future wasteland prison, expected to die in a matter of days. But once there, Powell encounters another prisoner, who he knows from his past and claims he can break them out of the future prison.

Now hopeful to survive, Powell sets out to travel back to his present time and discover who framed him for murder. But to do so, Powell must unravel the mysteries that surround this particular crime, while also confronting the mysteries of his past.

Night Moves! The Science Of Making Him Fall In Love With You by Gregg Michaelsen

Night Moves! The Science Of Making Him Fall In Love With You by Gregg Michaelsen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/17/2017 - 12/26/2017!

Did you know that red lipstick will attract more men then what you wear? Did you know that if you maintain eye contact with a man for several seconds, phenylethylamine or PEA is released, inducing the feeling of love?

You see there are tactics, steeped in science, that a woman can execute to lure a man into falling for her. I call these tactics, Night Moves!

This book isn’t about how to force someone to fall in love with you and I don’t plan to teach you that. What I’m here for is to give you every advantage in helping the process along and very few women know it.

The truth is that there are a lot of things happening in your body when you first see someone new – things you are completely unaware of. For example, when a woman spots an attractive man for the first time, her pupils dilate. Who knew, right? Now, let’s be clear, I am not a proponent of love at first sight, not at all. In fact, quite the opposite, however, I do believe you can draw someone in or push them away more easily than you think. The facts don’t lie, so why not give yourself every advantage you can, including science!?

The Wild Road To Key West - high adventure at its best by Michael Reisig

The Wild Road To Key West - high adventure at its best by Michael Reisig

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 12/18/2017 - 12/20/2017!

In the eighth book of Michael Reisig's best-selling "Road To Key West" series, the excitement grabs the reader from the first page.

With a slew of new characters, both good and bad, The Hole In The Coral Wall Gang finds themselves  wrapped in a wild adventure – from South Florida to South America.

Never a dull moment... Diamonds and emeralds, a lost city infused by a treasure and an ancient race, a secret cave with a timeless message, ruthless bandits, jungle Indians, and nefarious cowboys are all part of this non-stop roller coaster ride.

Then there's the gang’s new guide, Arturio – a Venezuelan outback opportunist who has a mild obsession with Russian Roulette... And Passi, the lustful jungle witch who just can’t make up her mind...

Interesting characters, a dynamic plot with twists and turns, boats, planes, underground caverns, and winding jungle rivers, and did I mention the gold?

Buckle up for The Road....

Leftover Girl - young adult by C.C. Bolick

Leftover Girl - young adult by C.C. Bolick

This book is free on Amazon 12/18/2017 - 12/19/2017!

When Jes's dad gives her twenty minutes to pack, she expects a late-night move to another backwoods town she's never heard of. She doesn't expect to wake up in her mom's hometown, not after her parents have crisscrossed the country in an effort to keep people from finding out who she is. This move will be permanent if Jes can keep the secret of her adoption.

Keeping secrets in her mom's hometown won't be easy. For the first time, Jes has real friends who want to know about her past. She begins to fall for the football star and the ultimate lie - that her life could be normal.

Normal except for the strange guy who follows her around. Despite how he acts like a stalker at times, something about him seems familiar and she's determined to learn his secrets. As she's drawn into his mission to find a missing girl, nightmares begin of her running away as a child, which leave Jes to question the story of her adoption. What really happened the night she appeared on that dark highway?

As Jes will learn, truth comes at a cost. But is it worth giving up everyone she loves?

If you enjoy a mystery with romance, high school drama, and a sci-fi twist, this series might be for you.

A Tangled Web - a YA coming of age novella by M L Sparrow

A Tangled Web - a YA coming of age novella by M L Sparrow

“Taiyo comes of age in a fiercely strong and fabulous fashion.” – Readers’ Favorite Review

“Sparrow's story brings the devastation of that tsunami event home in a way that newspaper accounts could never do.” – Readers’ Favorite Review

"A beautifully written offbeat romance for discerning readers of all ages, A Tangled Web proves a gem of a novel from Sparrow and is recommended without reservation." - BookViral Review


Set in Japan in 2011, Taiyo is a normal high-school girl, who partakes in club activities and is in love with her best friends, twin brothers Ryuu and Kairi. However, when disasters strikes in the form of a devastating earthquake and tsunami her whole world is turned upside down...

Finalist in the 2017 Readers' Favorite Awards, The Next Generation Indie Book Awards and The Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards, A Tangled Web is a diverse and unique tale of growing up, young love and the devastation of natural disasters.

Only £1.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Not An Accident - mystery by Tampa Tyson

Not An Accident - mystery by Tampa Tyson


10-year-old Gabby Myers used to be an avid skier.   But when the day of her final ski tournament arrives, Gabby finds herself waking up in the hospital instead of her own bed,  with a broken wrist and little memory of how she’d gotten there.   Even worse, none of those around her know what happened nor how long she’s going to be in a cast for.

Unable to ski because of her broken wrist, Gabby finds her life growing more boring and tedious by the second.  That is, until her old assistant ski coach, Kayla Phipps, shows up in her room. With her new friend's assistance, Gabby discovers a new passion for living, that is, as long as nobody discovers what she’s doing.

Henrietta Jones: An outrageous Lady by CST Harding

Henrietta Jones: An outrageous Lady by CST Harding

This book is free on Amazon 12/12/2017 - 12/16/2017!

Henrietta Jones known as  “Harry’ is outrageous and scheming, and charms everyone she meets, as she turns the world all around into chaos in 1870s Paris.

She becomes a successful criminal,  and runs away to Paris, with Joules chasing to try and protect her.

After running amok in London and Paris,  she plans a festival to save the Moulin de La Galette from development, and gets into continuous terrible trouble. Along the way she gives Paris back its smile, saves Europe from global conflict, and buys the Suez Canal.

She confronts the devious Fuickwit, the underhand Ministre, an assassin known as the Cockroach, and the President of France.  She infuriates Disraeli, advises Renoir and Zola, and inspires Charles Worth, the founder of Haute Couture.

But somehow she changes the world for the better. Everyone is thoroughly managed, with help from the long-suffering Joules, the wicked sexy, pixie-like Apoline, and the man-hating Headmistress Miss Mactavish.

Harry could almost fall in love with stupid Joules if he wasn’t so slow. Finally she is forced to kidnap him. …

The book is filled in with unusual characters.  Jowle and Finke desperately want to give up blackmail and torture to sell flowers on the Rue Rivoli. Miss Mactavish runs a school teaching girls “life skills” to win against nature’s second sex. Apoline, impossible sexy  falls in love with Lord Hawkhurst who wants to put her in prison, but would die for her,  And the Ministre is trying to destroy Montmartre for the good of France not caring if it hurts a few peasants. 

Bodies pile up around the Moulin de la Galette as Harry and Apoline are mistaken for crime lords. Criminals converge on the Moulin and everything gets out of hand.

Henrietta Jones appears to know everything and manages everyone, and in spite of the mayhem, sorts everything out.  The moulin finally becomes the ultimate romantic setting, as a statistically unlikely number of babies are conceived.

Harry, Apoline  and Anastasia Isidore Mactavish all eventually discover their destiny.

But nobody emerges unscathed from Henrietta Jones.

THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTMAS 2 (7 New Christian Mystery/Suspense Novellas)

THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTMAS 2 (7 New Christian Mystery/Suspense Novellas)

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 11/27/2017 - 12/22/2017!

Seven romantic suspense novellas from today's bestselling Christian authors! Enjoy your holiday season with these thrilling, sizzling suspense novels today.

Light Without Shadow: The Sound of Your Silence Holds All of the Answers by Salvatore Balletto

Light Without Shadow: The Sound of Your Silence Holds All of the Answers by Salvatore Balletto

This book is free on Amazon 12/11/2017 - 12/15/2017!

Man's pathway to greater harmony starts within himself. The movement of harmonious energy in the world is from inside out not outside in. Yet so many of us try to find truth, harmony, prosperity, and love by grasping outside of ourselves and trying to bring those kind circumstances to us. Instead if we reach a new level of understanding and acceptance of ourselves and manifest this awareness in a positive way to all living things around us we will then know the pathway of Light Without Shadow.

SAGA: The Brave - Episode one of the epic adventure By D.Clarke

SAGA: The Brave - Episode one of the epic adventure By D.Clarke

In the world of SAGA, we are met with many stories; one in particular involving a young man. Son of a nobleman, and a man  unsure of his place in the Kingdom of Silverone, that is until a certain series of events forces him on a journey for which he is unprepared. Follow this man as he comes to terms with a certain inevitability and, finds within himself a virtue admired and praised by all. Part I of The Brave series.

Florida Heat - an organization crime story by Geoffrey Moehl II

Florida Heat - an organization crime story by Geoffrey Moehl II

This book is free on Amazon!

Families are like thoroughbred racehorses. Both depend on a coherent link to the past to know their bloodlines.

Myths speak of the power of the sword of Damocles. The foolish remain unaware of the danger of the blade suspended overhead by a single horsehair. In its modern form as a thoroughbred racehorse, Damocles has authority over family empires.

Find out how Larry's obsession of owning Damocles becomes complicated when the mafia gets involved.

The Successful Millennial: Tips for Navigating the Corporate Jungle by Emily Nightingale

The Successful Millennial: Tips for Navigating the Corporate Jungle by Emily Nightingale

Calling all millennials! It may be up to you to bridge that generation gap in business! Company leaders are so different from each other that some insight into those differences can keep you from becoming frustrated and leaving. The grass isn't always greener somewhere else. This book provides 100+ tips to help you determine your definition for success and navigate the corporate jungle.

The Joy Of Imperfection - a thought-provoking self-help guide by Damon Zahariades

The Joy Of Imperfection - a thought-provoking self-help guide by Damon Zahariades

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 12/6/2017 - 12/19/2017!

What if you could silence your inner critic, eliminate your fear of failure, and enjoy new levels of confidence and inspiration? How might that improve your life?

The Joy Of Imperfection is a step-by-step guide that'll show you how to finally overcome your perfectionism and become the best version of yourself!

Amazon bestselling author, Damon Zahariades, offers a complete plan for curbing your perfectionistic tendencies and living without fear of others' criticism and disapproval.

Jack Frost: A Holiday Romance by Angela Blake

Jack Frost: A Holiday Romance by Angela Blake

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 12/8/2017 - 12/12/2017!

Jack Frost is a second chance Christmas romance with loads of heat, guaranteed HEA and absolutely no cliffhangers! Includes extra steamy holiday bonus content for your reading pleasure!

Forevermore by Cristiane Serruya

Forevermore by Cristiane Serruya

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 12/7/2017 - 12/9/2017!

Billionaire widower Aleksander Maximilian's daughter, Olivia, is dying of brain cancer. To grant his beloved daughter her wish to spend her last Christmas in Lake Tahoe, he gathers a palliative care team. But he didn't count on having on it, the woman he had kissed the night before...

The Healer and the Warrior - fantasy romance by Bekah Clark

The Healer and the Warrior - fantasy romance by Bekah Clark

Despite her kindness, Zianya's powers make her a lonely outcast in her village.  When a sexy stranger requires her aid, she wakes to find he kidnapped her.  The ensuing journey is filled with danger and romance as Zianya comes to learn what it means to be respected and loved.

The Life Group, a gripping thriller by Maura Jortner

The Life Group, a gripping thriller by Maura Jortner

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 12/7/2017 - 12/11/2017!

One missing girl. One radical church. One day.

Seventeen-year-old Rachel is refusing to give up the search for Leah, her older sister who's been missing for the past two weeks. Leah was last seen using a different name in a radical church, a place she's never mentioned before. Positive clues lie in that church, Rachel returns determined today, Saturday March 14, will be the day she finds Leah. Maybe she will, or maybe today Rachel's life will change forever.

An award-shortlisted YA thriller with an ending that you will never see coming! For fans of GONE GIRL, THE LIFE GROUP is terrifyingly raw and real.

Legends of Avalon: Atlantis - a wondrous epic fantasy by Estarosa Evans

Legends of Avalon: Atlantis - a wondrous epic fantasy by Estarosa Evans

A hundred thousand years ago the ‘Ancients’ came to the land of Avalon where they started life and built civilizations. The five city-states that they first built became the five Big Nations: Atlantis, Alfheim, Escanor, Camelot and Nysia. These Big Nations then became the catalyst trough which other nations rose and civilization spread. The Ancients gave the races of Avalon knowledge, science, technology and most valuable of all the power to manipulate Aura, the life-force of Avalon. For a long time, Avalon prospered in what would later be known as the Age of the Ancients.

This golden age came to an end when demons appeared on Avalon in what would be known as the First Blight. Evil and vile, the demons destroyed what the Ancients built. Wherever they went, they brought death and destruction. In order to protect the ‘Children of Light’ as the Ancients called the races of Avalon, they battled against and defeated the demons. What remained of the demon hordes were exiled to Tartarus, a punishing and forsaken world. The Ancients then built an impenetrable barrier around Tartarus to ensure that no demon can cross over into Avalon.

After restoring peace to Avalon, the Ancients departed but not before imparting their most valuable gift – the Academies – for the Ancients knew that the demons would one day return to Avalon. The five Academies, built in the five Big Nations became the centers for training Heroes, the guardian of Avalon.

Much of history following the departure of the Ancients was lost to time and the wars between the people of Avalon that followed, and the Age of the Ancients was but a fairy tale sung in lullabies. Even the Second Blight that almost destroyed Avalon was lost to history which was why the people of Avalon were unprepared for the Third Blight when it came.
It took the combined powers of all the nations of Avalon and the five Academies to fight against the demon hordes led by the Shadow Wraith but it was not until the Shadow Wraith was defeated in the Battle of Escanor did the Third Blight finally come to an end. The Hero who defeated the Shadow Wraith and ended the Third Blight – Hero ‘Ray’ Raiton Etheria became known as the legendary hero who saved the world.

Now three years after the Battle of Escanor, Avalon was once again at peace. However, Ray is suddenly plagued by dark dreams that remind him of the war. After he is sent on a secret mission to rescue Princess ‘Elle’ Elizabeth Marion de Lyon of Lyonesse, Ray discovers that the demon threat is not yet over and that something worse than a Blight might be coming.

The Academies and the governments of the world however refuse to believe that the peace they now have could be coming to an end and that they would need to face the horrors of war again. Thus, in order to free Lyonesse from its demon overlords and prevent a calamity that could destroy all of Avalon, Ray and Elle and their band of Heroes must travel through the wondrous world of Avalon and the other worlds around it to find the Pillars of Hope which are their only hope of defeating the demons.

Master Your Disaster: Your readiness, response and recovery guide by Leann Hackman-Carty

Master Your Disaster: Your readiness, response and recovery guide by Leann Hackman-Carty

Are you prepared?

Natural disasters are happening everywhere. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and man-made perils have left communities anxious and confused about their own emergency preparedness.

In this unique guide, preparedness and recovery expert Leann Hackman-Carty shows you how to prepare your family, business, and community for a number of devastating scenarios. Gleaned from years of experience with disaster recovery organizations, her specialized insight will help you understand the different levels of disaster preparation and recovery.

Hackman-Carty discusses how to

•        understand the types and phases of a disaster,
•        identify available resources at your home or office,
•        assemble a basic disaster supply kit and emergency vehicle kit,
•        know when to activate your plan and evacuate,
•        keep your family and employees safe,
•        develop a business continuity plan,
•        create a disaster recovery plan  for your community,
•        effectively communicate with other businesses and organizations,
•        use local, regional, and federal programs as resources,
•        foster community economic resilience, and
•        stop a natural disaster from catching you off guard.

No one knows what tomorrow holds, but Hackman-Carty’s advice can help you prepare for the worst. Master Your Disaster gives you the confidence to act calmly and efficiently when the time comes. Your new foundation in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery will make the chaos more controllable—and survivable.

Raptured by Dezne Fraser

Raptured by Dezne Fraser

She quickly pays the taxi driver 25 dollars for her hastily trip to college. Being caught up with the captivation and love of Christ and your fellowmen while being overwhelmed by life's circumstances as we learn life's valuable lessons and dealing with the ecstasies, the passions, and desires of our human nature or carnal flesh.

In Raptured, author Dezne Fraser explains that we all have many experiences in life that we pass through and overcome- those experiences include redemption, temptation, the life of college, spirituality, trust, broken rules, friendships, self-discovery, and love. This is not just a story. It is the life of a young woman starting a new life.

How to Make a Baby: a novel by Sadie Sumner

How to Make a Baby: a novel by Sadie Sumner

This book is free on Amazon 11/30/2017 - 12/5/2017!

An almost romantic novel about marriage, motherhood and making babies the modern way. Monica turns 40 and is hit with a severe case of mommy ache. She turns to deception, buys an egg, and hires Kavitha, a reluctant surrogate in India. In the spirit of Big Little Lies and Eat Pray Love, How to Make a Baby is a family satire of romance, making babies and the complexities of motherhood.

God Has Purposed Your Child: 21st Century Guidance For Discovering Your Child's Purpose by Patricia Stanek

God Has Purposed Your Child : 21st Century Guidance For Discovering Your Child's Purpose by Patricia Stanek

This book is free on Amazon 12/4/2017 - 12/8/2017!

God has given our children so many gifts. Children are a heritage of the Lord. His desire is that our children know what their gifts are and use them to fulfill His Plan and Purpose in their lives. The 21st Century has a multitude of opportunities just waiting to be discovered by this generation. This book is a tool for parents to use with their children to learn about what God has for them and what God has done for them.

Christmas in The Sisters: A Holiday Mystery Novel by Becki Willis

Christmas in The Sisters: A Holiday Mystery Novel by Becki Willis

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 11/28/2017 - 12/4/2017!

Madison Reynolds can hardly wait for Christmas this year. After a challenging twelve months, she and her teenage twins deserve some holiday cheer. They’re making plans for new traditions and new beginnings here in The Sisters. Visions of the perfect Christmas dance in their heads.

The tinsel begins to tangle when thieves target the towns and steal gifts from beneath people’s trees. Meaner than the Grinch himself, the thieves sink low enough to steal from the Angel Tree. Madison is more than happy to pitch in with Police Chief Brash deCordova to solve the rash of 'Christmas Crimes' and bring joy back to the season.

Brash had plans of his own for the perfect holiday surprise. He never dreamed he, of all people, would fall victim to the thieves! Can he get the package back in time to give Maddy the Christmas she deserves?

Ready or not, Christmas is on its way, and time is running out to create the holiday of their dreams. Who has time for being kidnapped by men in Santa suits and bad beards? This is one Christmas that no one in The Sisters will ever forget!

Part of the award-winning The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, named Best Mystery Series of 2016 and Best Mystery Series of 2017 by the Association of Texas Authors.

Deprived - Two nassive Pacific Plate subductions, three eruptions devastate the earth by flood and ash, by Clark James

Deprived - Two nassive Pacific Plate subductions, three eruptions devastate the earth by flood and ash, by Clark James

The entire Pacific Rim is flooded by 30-40 m tsunamis, when the Tonga and Kermadec tectonic plates collapse, while 3 volcanoes belch ash, darkening the skies. In Brisbane, largely destroyed by the floods, Nina and Amy inspire their refugee camp. As the temperature plunges in the Yorkshire Dales intrepid Heather survives attempts on her life: by nature and by her miserly landlady. On the French Riviera piano teacher/waitress Michelle also survives the blizzards that engulf Europe. A story of death,despair and courage.

The Doctor's Saving Grace - historical romance by Natasha Lockhart

The Doctor's Saving Grace - historical romance by Natasha Lockhart

This book is free on Amazon 12/1/2017 - 12/5/2017!

Lady Amelia Huddleston finds herself in a precarious situation when she discovers she is pregnant and unmarried.  Knowing full well good society will shun her when indiscretion becomes public knowledge, she journeys with her brother's family to celebrate Christmas in the English countryside.  While in Knightfordshire, Lady Amelia meets three unmarried peers, but only one of them makes her heart flutter. 

Dr. Andrew Montgomery has dedicated his life to caring for the poor in East London.  Despite his accomplishments, he longs for the warmth and love that only a family can give. When he crosses paths with a beautiful lady at a ball, he never imagines how quickly Fate will guide him into a marriage of convenience.  Will this marriage of convenience lead to lasting love or lasting heartache?

The Tennis Schema, tennis fundamentals, forehand, and one-handed backhand by Andreas Meyer

The Tennis Schema, tennis fundamentals, forehand, and one-handed backhand by Andreas Meyer

This book is on sale on Amazon for $4.99 (regularly $9.80) 12/1/2017 - 12/4/2017!

The Tennis Schema clarifies how the tennis forehand and one-handed backhand work. It gives you the necessary information and instructions to play consistently well, to find control. Finally, you will understand what the pros do differently. With some effort and commitment, it will help you improve your tennis and take it to the next level. The Tennis Schema is especially useful for adult players. Its approach is not only comprehensible but practicable, as you need not spend your life on the court doing drills. It explains the fundamentals of tennis in a way that makes them replicable as (slow motion) videos never are.

Most importantly, it is a schema, which makes it applicable to all strokes. You need not first learn many details for the forehand and then just as many different details for the backhand. Instead, you will realize that principles are at work and you will see how the same principles apply to different strokes, including the one-handed backhand. That is the beauty of this approach. It gives you insights into tennis beyond what seemed possible. The Tennis Schema gives you a view from above on tennis technique, as it will let you understand stroke production, even if you only watch tennis or comment on tennis.

I am quite aware that I use terms you haven't heard of, as I invented them. Terms like forearm angles. Without understanding forearm angles in tennis, you can never grasp tennis. Then, the part of your wrist in any tennis-stroke will remain a mystery to you. These concepts I explain in much detail in my book. You have to be open for something new to welcome my writing on tennis as it leads you out of general tennis jargon. You will enter a new conceptual world in tennis. One that holds on the court. This could never come about just by filming the strokes, then showing them in super slow-motion, and talking a little. Writing, in contrast, can be very stringent; at least it is with the earnest writer.

Where writing is demanding, reading is educating, and watching videos is distracting.

If you believe in books and if you want to learn and understand tennis, then this one is for you. The world nowadays is mostly interested in TV, videos and games, as it seems. For that reason, I try to address some people who appreciate books, especially those books that have evolved over a long time. My book is a work coming from the heart, which you will be able to sense. Certainly, it is no mechanical production to make fast money in some niche of the book market. That I could never do anyway, as writing for me is inside out. Often, I surprise myself.

This book does just one thing: it gives you the truth on tennis in a way that holds. Most videos and classes are so much more expensive and, often, lead you astray. The Tennis schema is a lifetime's work.

The first page inside the book explains the cover design to you. Before you judge and believe it does not mean anything, wait, read and experiment. The cover design is not random but hints at a secret to build your stroke correctly.

Billionaire Baby Maker: A Billionaire's Baby Romance by Lia Lee

Billionaire Baby Maker: A Billionaire's Baby Romance by Lia Lee

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 11/30/2017 - 12/8/2017!

She needed the money, and I needed a baby…

I was a billionaire looking for a surrogate.
Scarlett was jobless and struggling with debt.
It seemed like a win-win...

Until the setback.
We already knew each other – had done for years.

She was my daughter’s best friend, and about the last person I’d expected to reply to my advertisement.

But the moment I saw Scarlett again, I knew, surrogate or not, I would have her.
Those slender curves, dark hair, and tempting eyes… little Scarlett was all grown up.

And, yes, I became one very bad daddy.

Despite my desire, I couldn’t forget about my daughter, Lilly.
If Lilly ever found out… I’m not sure she’d ever speak to me again.

I’m tossing the dice here, and I have no idea how the cubes will fall.

What I do know is that this baby… or three… is happening.
No matter the fallout.

Note: Billionaire Baby Maker is 30k of sizzling passion and features one 30k bonus romance novella!

Who Stole My Spandex?: Life in the Hot Flash Lane - Non-Fiction / Humor by Marcia Kester Doyle

Who Stole My Spandex?: Life in the Hot Flash Lane - Non-Fiction / Humor by Marcia Kester Doyle

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 11/27/2017 - 12/4/2017!

Blogger Marcia Kester Doyle tells it like it is and nothing is off limits. Who Stole My Spandex? is a witty selection of stories from Doyle’s madcap world of menopausal pitfalls, wardrobe malfunctions, and a family full of pranksters.

This clever compilation includes laugh-out-loud pieces like "Queen of Klutz," "One Size Fits None," and "Hands off my Egg Roll!" From couples' colonoscopies to nightmare holidays to disappearing spandex, no topic—no matter how crazy or unimaginable—is too taboo. With a heavy dose of self-deprecating humor, and a dash of sentiment, this marvelous collection of anecdotes will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt the call of nature at exactly the wrong time.

Welcome to the nuthouse that Marcia Kester Doyle calls home.

Larceny For Beginners - an action comedy by Alexey Konnov

Larceny For Beginners - an action comedy by Alexey Konnov

Let me show you the action comedy screenplay... wait a second, don’t leave. I guess, now you’re thinking something like “Oh, it’s a screenplay, not a novel to read or a movie to watch”, but let’s not be hasty and let me answer some of the questions you might have.

Q: Why the book? Can it be as interesting as a movie?

A: Yes, because people invented reading long before they invented movies, and there are a lot of motion pictures based on books, watching which people say “The book is better”.

Q: So why the screenplay then? Why not a novel, poem or something like that?

A: The truth is I wanted to create a book, which feels like a movie. By reading a novel you imagine the pictures of described events happening, keeping these images in front of your eyes. The format of the screenplay is the perfect one to help you feel the action.

So, let’s begin the story about a meek chemistry professor, who goes on the run with his ex-girlfriend, a DEA agent, after a notorious mobster targets them for the theft of $10-million from a drug deal gone sour.

Roy Blabs, a young chemistry professor, is puzzling over a formula when a chain reaction accidentally starts. Racks of laboratory glassware fall into Roy’s lunch. When he tosses it into a trash bin, he makes a discovery: The noodles can be sculpted into any shape imaginable.

The same day Roy runs into his ex-girlfriend Jane Haggard, as she is fleeing from two hulking brutes. After a brief struggle, she manages to escape.

Jane reveals to Roy she’s a professional thief now. She stole $10-million from Lelio, a ruthless mobster, in a drug deal gone awry. Then the adventure really begins...

Jesus at Walmart...a reed shaking in the wind - a page turning suspense by Rick Leland

Jesus at Walmart...a reed shaking in the wind - a page turning suspense by Rick Leland

This book is free on Amazon 11/28/2017 - 12/2/2017!

Jesus at Walmart…a reed shaking in the wind, falls well outside of the box usually reserved for Christian fiction. The book is full-on suspense, with ongoing what’s-going-to-happen-next moments.

You will become a friend with the main character Malachi Marble. You will laugh with him, you will cry with him. And relate to his life-struggles.

Malachi is hapless, loving, confused, and amazingly gifted from God. Often all in the same chapter. He’s a constant searcher who is prone to being overly idealistic.

The book’s setting is the beach town of Manistee, Michigan on the mid-northern coast of Lake Michigan. A tourist destination. Some readers of Jesus at Walmart…a reed shaking in wind, have even traveled to Manistee after reading the book.

Malachi the associate pastor at St. Amos church has his faith tested to the brink. Asking the question, “Can I trust God?” Travel the journey with him as he pursues his answer at a favorite shopping destination-Walmart.

Freeing Jasper - A military Romance by Riley Edwards

Freeing Jasper - A military Romance by Riley Edwards

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $1.99) 11/29/2017 - 12/6/2017!

If you've read the yumminess that is FREE, you'll remember self-proclaimed man-whore super-sexy Jasper, a member of the 707 (seven oh seven) research and development group. A special top-secret four-man team of highly trained operators. He told us just a touch of his heart-breaking story.

In Freeing Jasper he'll fill in all the details of his story, and with Emily's help, he'll begin the journey of self-forgiveness. Emily Jenkins meets Jasper at a family barbeque at Lily and Lenox's house in the epilogue of FREE. Their story begins and almost ended there.

There is so much more to the black haired beauty Emily than a widowed single mom of an adorable six-year-old.

In Freeing Jasper we re-visit the team: Lenox, Clark, Levi, and the Commander as the track down old foes and meet new ones along the way.

Can Jasper let his past go, and keep Emily safe? Or will he walk away and let his team protect the only woman that has ever captured his heart?

Winter's Awakening - an enchanting paranormal romance journey by Alessandra Jay

Winter's Awakening - an enchanting paranormal romance journey by Alessandra Jay

Hello and welcome to the Caster world! An exciting new realm full of remarkable magic, forgotten prophecies, and boundless love.

Scarlet Winter is born into a gifted family of skilled demon hunters. All casters acquire their power by the age of 17. And with Scarlet's 18th birthday just a few weeks away, all hope is lost. To get away from that life, she joins the college campus of Syracuse University attempting to live a normal mortal life. But it only brings her closer to the world she was born into.

Experiencing love and magic first hand for the first time, Scarlet also encounters loss and heartbreak. Take this journey with Scarlet to understand her story from way before she was ever born. Fast forwarding to present-day and encountering the trials and tribulations she takes to succeed in her unplanned quest to save the caster world and herself along the way.

Join me in this adventure and experience the enchanting world of Eden where all Casters are welcome. Attend the exhilarating Caster Matches with me as we observe Scarlet compete in the two day event!

The Watchman's Grace - moving, multi-generational Historical Fiction Adventure by Craig Johnson

The Watchman's Grace - moving, multi-generational Historical Fiction Adventure by Craig Johnson

The Watchman's Grace is a story unlike any others.  Recently available to the reading public, the novel breaks new ground in historical fiction while immersing you in some of the most tumultuous periods of the 19th and 20th century. 

Starting in Africa with Prince Kigwa, we witness the pride of the Ehra community taken at his prime of life.  Following a harrowing overseas journey, his new land presents the most vicious challenges any human can endure.  Facing a precarious existence, every day could truly be his last.  There are absolutely no guarantees to survive another day.

Then, when all reasonable chances to survive are dashed, hope is offered for salvation.  He is given no assurances, just a slim chance for survival at the risk of paying the supreme cost.  Will he take it?  Or will being the past victim of wretched betrayal make Kigwa pass on his only hope to live?

The Watchman's Grace covers three continents in a fascinating sequence of events.  A bold cast of characters such as Kigwa bring a richness to the tale which only heightens your interest to turn another page.

Throughout the saga, readers will experience all ranges of emotions, from heartfelt joy to base anger.  The Watchman's Grace strives to bring an accurate historical context wherever possible, making it a refreshing educational experience as well.

Africa.  America.  Ireland.  The Watchman's Grace shows how we can be separated by geography, though connected as people through the most plausible of past circumstances and ancestry.

Please take this opportunity to travel a new literary path.  As one reader commented on an eBook site:
"I enjoyed the very eye opening convergence of these historical events that is rarely attempted and a treat for the history buffs among us all."- B.T., Boston, USA

Purchase.  Enjoy.  Spread the word.


Craig Johnson.

The Matriarch Matrix by Maxime Trencavel

The Matriarch Matrix by Maxime Trencavel

"Lyrical and Riveting" * "Most thought provoking"
"Suspenseful, mysterious tale" * "Complex and intriguing and will keep you guessing"

The Matriarch Matrix - an intricately woven, plot driven, speculative fiction epic chronicling the words of wisdom passed down from a matriarch in 9000 BCE to her genetic heirs in 2021. 

For twelve thousand years the legend has been passed down through their families. Now, as the world teeters on the precipice of war, two vastly different heirs to ancient lore, aided by a former priest, race to find an artifact to bring peace to the world, or face its ultimate destruction. Can a Kurdish freedom fighter and a California copyeditor defeat a dangerous oligarch and save the world?

By fate or destiny, Zara is thrown in with Peter Gollinger, a quirky Californian editor from the other side of the world. The other side of everything she believes. But he, too, is heeding the voices of his ancestors. Joined by a former priest, these three people—from worlds apart different religions and cultures—must find a way to work together to solve a twelve thousand-year-old mystery of the powerful object that spawned a faith. The world teeters on the precipice of war. The outcome depends on them. And one of them is lying…

The Matriarch Matrix is a rich and deeply layered epic story – a spiritual odyssey with a heartbeat of an action adventure. The complex, well researched, plot-driven style of Dan Brown combined with the spiritual reflectiveness of Mary Doria Russell.  It blends our past with a speculative future with a blend of the drama, the comedy, the romance, the tragedy of three protagonists with different cultures, traditions, and beliefs – a Sufi woman, a Jesuit priest, and an alien origin believing atheist. Their journeys separately and together will be a test of their respective faiths and their inner search for personal and family redemption.

One Shot - A Psychological Thriller by Brian Gates

One Shot - A Psychological Thriller by Brian Gates

“Man cannot see the future, but once in a blue moon, the future calls out to man.”

What would you do if you knew about future tragedies before they occurred? Would you stop it?

Jack Shot is bartender, content to do his job and focus on working up the courage to ask out his crush, Abby. Then one night a stranger walks in, turning Jack’s life upside down. After the chilling encounter, the riddles start appearing. Jack must decode them and stop the massacres, or risk condemning the lives of countless innocents.

Money Slay - a philosophical thriller by Mark N. Penn

Money Slay - a philosophical thriller by Mark N. Penn

The immersive heroic legend of Maxwell Johnston, who learns he can transform humanity with his dreams. Maxwell Johnston displays all the frailties that people exhibit through his high adventures of love, revenge, truth, and intoxication. A race towards fame, fortune, and world peace involves finding and nullifying Osuma, a terrorist organization leader. Maxwell Johnston finds out that his competition includes Douglas Miller, a bureaucratic special security officer, and Amethyst Felucca the lucky hedonist, who also want to take a ride in the “Money Slay.”

Superficially, “Money Slay” is a cheeky treasure about 280 pages of blood, sex, and rhetoric. Genuinely, it is dense philosophical piece set in an extraordinary journey to battle modern terrorism with the thrills of traditional thriller and the chills of a horror. Edutainment in its highest form,
“Money Slay” tests one to solidify one’s preconceived perceptions or make a change never previously considered. Must one abandon who one is, to become who one will be?

Playfully irreverent, “Money Slay” takes one on an exciting undulating ride that most novels evade provoking. It leads to deep introspection and surprising rewards for those who dare. A trip of discovery to be taken, an expedition for the initiated, treasures to be plundered. Paradoxically, what is observed is something else unexpected that is concealed with twists, misleading distractions, and questions to be answered.

Mark N. Penn’s latest penned thriller opens with Guy, a person who is not as he seems, who becomes invaluable in discovering the terrorist organization leader, Osuma. Maxwell Johnston, Douglas Miller, and Amethyst Felucca all have different reasons to go on their separate escapades, but it leads them all to the same place. Endure long enough, and we all come to the same conclusion; what we do with it, makes us who we are. Osuma may awaken, but he falls back asleep.
Maxwell Johnston, Douglas Miller, and Amethyst Felucca all awake with a brief, sudden realization, an insight that calls them to action. They put aside interferences and focus on their needs. Adjusting philosophical perspectives to achieve greatness in their mission, they conciliate to do what they must as opposed to what they have to in this black book of gritty, raw, bold, and unrestrained adventure.

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