Product Direction: How to build successful products at scale with Strategy, Roadmaps, and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) by Nacho Bassino

Product Direction: How to build successful products at scale with Strategy, Roadmaps, and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) by Nacho Bassino

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 4/19/2021 - 4/26/2021!

How do you identify, select and define the right Product Strategy? How do you connect it to execution and align the entire company towards the same goals?

Making great products is hard. Interdisciplinary teams must discover and deliver the right solutions to delight customers while creating a sustainable business model. But that is not enough to succeed. Product Leaders must play a critical role: they must identify the problems and opportunities most crucial to delight customers while creating a sustainable business.

They must also align teams toward them. But how?

 How do you come up with the right insights and select the most promising opportunities?

 How does a successful product strategy look? Who has to define it?

 How do you focus product teams and the entire organization in the same direction?

Product Direction is a practical approach to solve these problems, based on artifacts, tools, and best practices, to define, link, and communicate your product strategy, strategic roadmap, and objectives.

These tools will help you:

❏ Multiply your results, with increased team alignment and autonomy.

❏ Align everyone on the right opportunities, and ignore other distractions.

❏ Grow in your strategic skills to grow in your career.

Nacho Bassino has been leading product teams for over ten years in different companies and industries. He also is a speaker, teacher and coach, working with organizations in different countries to help product teams and product leaders improve their practices and skills to achieve greater impact. During the last decade he has created, tested, and consolidated the methods explained in Product Direction with dozens of product teams.

Business Breakthrough: Your Creative Value Blueprint to Get Paid What You're Worth by Gail Doby

Business Breakthrough: Your Creative Value Blueprint to Get Paid What You're Worth book promotion sites Gail Doby

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/19/2021 - 4/23/2021!

If you’re an Interior designer or creative entrepreneur, you’ll discover how to achieve your business dream more easily if you apply the straightforward recommendations from this book.

You’ll find easy exercises to help you decide on your bigger vision, the strategy to get there, and use the practical suggestions to help you earn more money with less stress.

When you grow your skills daily, anticipate and prevent common mistakes, and get advice from someone who has walked the path before you, you’ll arrive at your desired destination faster and more easily.

The Guide to Passive Income: How Affluent Investors Build Generational Wealth by Andrew Lanoie

The Guide to Passive Income: How Affluent Investors Build Generational Wealth book promotion sites Andrew Lanoie

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/19/2021 - 4/23/2021!

In an unprecedented time in the world, millions of people are realizing they can no longer count on just their 9-5 job or one stream of income. These pages contain the exact strategies Andrew Lanoie used to retire from the rat race in his 30’s. And he will teach you 11 of the best income-generating assets available today. What Andrew is talking about is truly passive income. The kind you can quite literally make in your sleep. The kind that trickles into your account each month or each quarter regardless of whether or not you even get out of bed. It’s only by generating this kind of income that you can achieve the type of financial freedom and wealth to enjoy life on your terms. With enough passive income, you can stop living a life of worry and start living one filled with abundance, confidence, and tranquility.

Escape to Osprey Cove by Luisa Marietta Gold

Escape to Osprey Cove - Cozy Mystery / Romantic Suspense by Luisa Marietta Gold

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/18/2021 - 4/19/2021!

What Doug finds in the secret compartment of his new red Corvette will forever change both his and Catherine’s life.  Doug and Catherine come from two different worlds.  Catherine’s world is one of privilege and wealth.  Doug grew up dirt poor and full of envy of others who had the things that he wanted but could not have.  His goal was to one day have all the things he coveted.  Their worlds collide when Catherine, VP of a large New York City marketing firm, hires Doug.  As soon as Doug learns of Catherine’s wealth, he sees Catherine as his ticket to all the things he covets. After a whirlwind courtship, they are married. 

Poor boy meets rich girl should have resulted in happily ever after — not exactly.  Doug quickly learns he also covets independence.  Events begin to unfold in each of their lives.  For Doug, it is his mysterious discovery in the secret compartment of the Corvette.  For Catherine, it is a business meeting with Alex Droxell at the Osprey Cove Lodge.  When Catherine enters the beautiful and serene lodge, it’s as though she is entering another place and time. The lodge is an escape from the nightmare she is living back home.

Authors Note:  The Osprey Cove Lodge series is uniquely written, spanning seven geographic locations from the scenic Canadian region of the Rideau lakes to the beautiful shores of the Caribbean.  An interesting web of mystery develops as the characters' lives intertwine.  The setting for The Osprey Cove Lodge series was born from my love of the beauty of this region in Canada.  The description of the lodge is so beautiful and inviting that you will want to pack your bags and head there. The series is written in a continuing fashion; please be sure to read the books in the order written.

The Invitation: A Journey into Mankind's Future by Michael Mckinney

The Invitation A Journey into Mankind's Future book promotion sites Michael Mckinney

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/17/2021 - 4/19/2021!

This book is a cautionary tale about the dangers of rapid global warming as told and shown by an extraterrestrial being. It also represents the most likely scenario of "first contact" with an alien civilization. It can also be aptly described as a political thriller. in that two of its central characters are the President and First lady of the United States.

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

The life of a Nihili Gamer is one of slavery and death. The Empire, controlled by the hated First Citizens, keeps an iron foot on the neck of all it's inhabitants and uses the gladiatorial-like Games as a opiate to keep the population under control.

Tsaurine, the greatest Gamer in history, raises his daughter, Mharc to help lead the coming revolution. Together with other Gamers, the incredible trainer Macelt, and sympathetic First Citizens, Mharc eventually leads the revolt to take back the stars and freedom for all. The first in a series!

The Raven's Call - A contemporary suspense romance by Rose Walken

The Raven's Call - A contemporary suspense romance book promotion sites Rose Walken

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/16/2020 - 4/19/2020!

As a CIA officer, he's had his pick of dazzling international beauties for the past two decades. Not one of them holds a candle to the love-wary woman that walks into his office while he's on a covert assignment. To complete a high-stakes personal mission, he must gain this single mother's trust in record time. But as his past closes in and throws them directly into the path of danger, will he be able to keep it?

The Weaver's Legacy - A historical epic novel in the American West by Olive Collins

The Weaver's Legacy - A historical epic novel in the American West book promotion sites Olive Collins

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) on 4/16/2021!

No.1 BESTSELLING Novel - "A mesmerizing story documenting the pivotal events in the American West with vivid characters and a plot that kept me guessing until the last page” The Post.

1866: An infant girl disappears during the grasshopper invasion. 1937: As the dust clouds billow across the plains, her story is uncovered. 

Girl with the Rose Tattoo by Larry Weiss

Girl with the Rose Tattoo book promotion sites Larry Weiss

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $5.99) 4/16/2021 - 4/18/2021!

Being Rob Crawley’s old lady requires an inner strength that Tina Douglas lacks. 

The perfect, red Mary Magdalene rose inked on the nape of her neck becomes a touchstone in times of stress and anxiety, which are many. Tina views her future as bleak and dire and sees herself trapped “in a web of her own making.”

Rob, a full-patch member of the Cascade Warriors MC, dominates almost every aspect of her life, but he allows Tina one freedom, the opportunity to attend Valley Secondary School, and complete her high school education, which she believes will lead to a brighter future. By commencement day, Rob regrets his decision and takes Tina’s graduation as an affront. He perceives his image with fellow gang members tarnished and plots his revenge.

On the evening of the graduation dinner dance, Rob insists they leave the party early. He spirits Tina off to an isolated cabin in the hills at the south end of Stoney Lake. What transpires there sends her life into a tailspin until fate intervenes, and she crosses paths with Jenny Travis. Jenny becomes Tina’s protector, ally, mentor, and best friend, helping her face the unrelenting vengeance of Rob and his henchmen.

Rapier Wit - a copy mystery by Jennifer Oakley Denslow

Rapier Wit - a copy mystery book promotion sites Jennifer Oakley Denslow

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 4/16/2021 - 4/18/2021!

When an extra body turns up backstage, Quanah High School’s production of Romeo and Juliet is in trouble. Small-town high school teacher Regina Murphy has to stop directing and muster up her amateur sleuthing skills to find out who killed stern math teacher Robert Slayton, an ex-military man whose classroom demeanor has made him the center of conflicts with students, parents, and other faculty. Against the advice of Sheriff Mac Snyder, Reggie balances her day job initiating students into the mysteries of the dangling participle, explaining why stage right is the audience’s left, and confronting plagiarists to protect her students and make sure the curtain goes up on time.

The Mass of Men - an engrossing novel by Rachel K. Wentz

The Mass of Men - an engrossing novel book promotion sites Rachel K. Wentz

They huddle in a darkened doorway, swallowing their fear and awaiting the signal. The fire starts small, building rapidly as it draws breath, consuming everything in its path. Only then can they enter - on hands and knees - to battle the most elemental of forces. This is how firefighters are made.

For the cadets of Class #64, their training ushers them into a new world, one in which their very survival depends on strength, courage, and determination. They will be relentlessly tested. Some will succeed, some will be broken, and the bonds they form will surpass any they have known before.

For Samantha, the lone female in the group; for Ty, a fellow cadet; and for Commander Daniels, who oversees their training, these bonds are intensified and defined by the rank structure in which they move.

Throughout the course of their training, the cadets will not only be transformed mentally and physically, they will evolve emotionally. They will combat their weaknesses, confront their fears, and break through barriers.

And for Sam, Ty, and Daniels, their lives will be changed forever.

Jesus' Silent Years: Foundations by Vance Shepperson

Jesus' Silent Years: Foundations book promotion sites Vance Shepperson

Foundations, volume one, gives you a unique picture of Jesus, the teenager. He figures out how to leave home, make friends, manage moods, and deal with complex identity issues. He learns how to cope with the murder of his father. He falls in love, learning how to risk loving a beautiful woman from another culture and yet stay loyal to his felt destiny or calling.

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

When Carter and Seacrest trade the Boston PD for NYC's FBI, they face their toughest case with a series of thrill killings. But are the murders merely violence-fueled as the director suggests?

As Carter digs deeper, he uncovers a conspiracy in play that will change him and Seacrest forever and introduce him to his 'Moriarty'.

A Summer of Discreet Indiscretions - erotica by A. Harrington

A Summer of Discreet Indiscretions - erotica book promotion sites A. Harrington

The vintage erotica with a wink continues in book 2 of The Discreet Indiscretions series.  We find the recent school graduates off for a summer of more worldly and erotic adventures that go far beyond what they experienced at school. Our young women are about to find out just how well they learned their lessons from Headmistress Whipping-Harder, the pleasures of being very naughty indeed, and maybe even finding their perfect matches. Enemies can make the hottest play partners and kitchens have some very surprising doings late at night. Upstairs and downstairs, the sexual antics heat up and shocking secrets are revealed about our stern, dominitrix of a Headmistress.

Murderous - a gripping new thriller by David Hickson

Murderous - a gripping new thriller book promotion sites David Hickson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 4/14/2021 - 4/18/2021!

Did you know that action thrillers, stories of an individual fighting against the corrupt machine of government and the wealthy, happen all over the world? Even at the southern tip of Africa! Reviewers of the first book in the Gabriel series of thrillers found it refreshing to read a story that was not set in a major US or European city. 

Murderous is set in Cape Town, South Africa … beautiful, but possibly dangerous, with corruption lurking just below the surface. It is the second book in the series of gripping action thrillers set in the turbulent political landscape of South Africa. Murderous has been described as “that rare bird, scarce in Africa as well as elsewhere, that is to say, it is a sequel that is better than the first in the series – and the first was very well done.” 

The Gabriel series tells the story of Ben Gabriel, an ex-special forces assassin who has been dishonorably discharged and finds himself spiralling into a life of crime. 

Murderous is a political thriller, but also the story of an individual fighting the machine of corrupt powerholders. And the story of a heist team hoping to pull off the heist of the decade. 

At the beginning of Murderous a massacre in a small country church threatens to tip South Africa into civil war. The Department of State Security turn to ex SAS soldier Ben Gabriel to discover the truth: was it genocide, or murder? 

But Gabriel might not be the perfect man for the job because he has a few problems of his own, not least of which is the fact that he is on the run as a suspect in the biggest gold heist in living memory! 

If you like the works of John le Carre, Len Deighton and Mark Dawson, stories of the underdog who questions authority, and the daring capers of those who break the law to find the truth, then you’ll love this breathtakingly fresh thriller from David Hickson.

The Darkest Gift by Len Handeland

The Darkest Gift book promotion sites Len Handeland

A dynamic, enthralling tale of love, jealousy, rage, and the Supernatural!

When a self-loathing Gay man—Jack, meets elegant yet incredibly mysterious Laurent Richelieu, he thinks his stroke of bad luck with men and women has come to an end. Or is it the beginning of a nightmare?

As the two begin their courtship—Jack encounters horrifying experiences involving paranormal experiences, vampirism, and possible reincarnation, making him question his sanity. The more time Jack spends with his mysterious European love interest, the more revealed about the dark secret awaiting Jack. Are they destined to be together? —does Laurent honestly care for Jack? Or is there a much more sinister plot involved? Can the help of a self-described Voodoo High Priestess named “Queen Raphaella” alter Jack’s predestined future, or is his fate already sealed?

Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery and Faith by Jacki Edry

Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery and Faith book promotion sites Jacki Edry

This book is on sale on Amazon for $3.99 (regularly $9.99) 4/12/2021 - 4/18/2021!

Moving Forward enables you to step into the shoes of someone who has endured the types of sensory irregularities common in people with neurodiversity ‒ including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome, Auditory Processing Disorder, and more, and to gain understanding as to how to cope with these challenges and to compensate for them.

Moving Forward will take you on a rare journey between the worlds of autism, neurodiversity, brain surgery recovery, and faith. Along the way you will have an opportunity gain understanding about how sensory and neurological processing affect functioning and thought, through the eyes of a professional, parent, and woman who has experienced them firsthand.

Moving forward will enlighten parents, professionals, and family members to better understand and assist the neurodiverse people whom they work with and love.

Prepare Now for a Challenging Job Market in the Future by Dan Vale

Prepare Now for a Challenging Job Market in the Future by Dan Vale book promotion

Are you worried about Artificial Intelligence, economic recessions and depressions, jobs outsourcing, our national debt, and the decreasing number of full time jobs?  If not, you should be, and you should take action. This book will reveal how you can meet these challenges and even thrive in the coming job market. You will learn how to make the choices that will allow you to save enough money to survive for six months without a paycheck. You will learn how to develop critical, "soft skills," job survival skills, and job search skills. You will learn how to acquire the computer skills that will help you to survive in the increasingly automated work environments. If you have always wanted to own and operate your own business, you will learn how to do that. You will learn how to stay mentally and physically healthy in the competitive job markets of the future. This book contains many links to internet web sites that will help you to reach any of the goals above. If some of these goals are not of interest to you, then just ignore the links to further information. Regarding this book, i have the following qualifications:

I have a PhD in Counselor Education. I have worked for over 30 years in university and government settings. I have been a career counselor, a director of a career counseling center, a graduate school instructor, and a career consultant. Two of the professional articles that I published as a career consultant are at these web sites:

As the Career Examiner for the Examiner Online Newspaper, from 2009 to 2017, I published 270 career related articles. I had multiple endorsements and subscribers, and in April 2016 alone, I had over 19,000 page reads.

These are the web sites where I have published my more recent articles:


God has blessed me with the time and money I need in retirement to continue helping people, now by my writing, with their careers. My purpose in writing this book was not to make a lot of money, but to continue helping people with their careers. Thus, my price is $0.99. I hope that you read it and thrive in the challenging job market of the future.

Dungeon Crafting Series Books 1-3 - LitRPG/Dungeon Core by Jonathan Brooks

Dungeon Crafting Series Books 1-3 - LitRPG/Dungeon Core book promotion sites Jonathan Brooks

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/11/2021 - 4/13/2021!

What happens when a knowledgeable crafter becomes a Dungeon Core?

Reborn as a tiny Dungeon Core, Sandra had to learn about the purpose behind dungeons and Cores from an assigned dungeon helper. Through some unique circumstances based on her previous life, she also discovered that she had much more freedom than most other Dungeon Cores throughout the world.

Despite these advantages, Sandra didn’t care about any of them; all she cared about was that she could finally do some crafting.

Contains the first three books in the Dungeon Crafting series!

The Crafter’s Dungeon

The Crafter’s Defense

The Crafter’s Dilemma

These Dungeon Core stories contain LitRPG/GameLit elements such as statistics, leveling, and a heavy crafting emphasis. No profanity and no harems.

Kingdom of the Star Queen - An Anunnaki inspired YA Dystopian Romance by S. L. Harpel

Kingdom of the Star Queen - An Anunnaki inspired YA Dystopian Romance book promotion sites S. L. Harpel

The Ancient Alien theory isn't just for nerds in foiled hats anymore! 

In Kingdom of the Star Queen, the first book in the Anunnaki Alien Saga, you'll find yourself immersed in a world in our not to distant future ruled by the alien race that many believed created us, ancient civilization, and the basis of all mythology and religion.

In this sweet young adult romance, Chieko must navigate a world she doesn't belong in. Does she follow her father's path, completely devoted to the vampire race that created us for their own immortal purposes; or does she side with the charismatic Sky and his rebel group determined to kick the blood-suckers out once and for all?

Perhaps she will carve out a path all of her own...

But when the alien-vampire Queen Ishtar announces the commencement of the Dark Princess Trials, all bets are off! Chi can't worry about taking sides anymore. Right now her sole focus is just not getting killed!

KotSQ is the Twilight meets Hunger Games NEW RELEASE you don't want to miss! 

Roads to Meaning and Resilience: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer by Morhaf Al Achkar

Roads to Meaning and Resilience: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer book

Free on Amazon!

This book offers insights for all of us, healthy or not, who seek to better understand ourselves. 

This is an intimate and challenging read, especially if you have personal experience with the pain of terminal cancer, but it is also essential. 

Self-Publishing Review

The author's nonjudgmental stance allows this book to be read by people with differing stances on many topics without feeling criticized. 

The Journal of Family Medicine

Lucky King: A dark, psychological suspense novel by Bruce Griffin Henderson

Lucky King: A dark, psychological suspense novel book promotion sites Bruce Griffin Henderson

What if the predictions in fortune cookies came true?

It’s autumn in 2002 and the US is reeling in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack.

Jack DuVal, a conservative talk radio host, capitalizes on the nation’s terror to stoke war fever on the airwaves while negotiating a new, multi-million dollar contract. 

But then DuVal receives a fortune declaring, YOU WILL LOSE WHAT YOU TREASURE MOST, which sets in motion a series of events that tie his fate and that of six other people together in strange, inexplicable, and catastrophically fatal ways.

And little do they know, in a dank alleyway in New York City’s Chinatown, there’s man toiling away at an ancient typewriter. 

He’s an ageless soul of unknown origin, spending his days writing fortunes for a wholesale fortune cookie company. 

They call him Lucky King, and the fortunes that he writes come true....fortunes that condemn people who commit one of the seven deadly sins.

Shallcross: Animal Slippers - metaphysical fiction by Charles Porter

Shallcross: Animal Slippers (The Hearing Voices Series) by Charles Porter

"An unforgettable tale with rich and moving connections, poetic storytelling, and an inimitable style."

-- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

From the cloud lands of South Florida – from the novels, Shallcross, and Flame Vine comes another story in the life of Aubrey Shallcross. What happens when nature turns into super nature? In this eco-warrior tale, two bull alligators, The Dragon and Two-toed Tom, are formidable living vessels inhabited by the ghosts of Jules Verne and the famous Seminole, Osceola.

They are discovered on a remote creek by Aubrey, someone medicine would call schizophrenic. Aubrey can see and hear the spirits that captain the huge reptiles and together they form an alliance. Vern and Osceola collaborate with a Seminole medicine man, Billie Monday and his soldier, Freddie Tommie to stop runaway development, and the giant gators are soon sent to destroy certain building projects with toxic trails. Aubrey joins them in creating chaos and misery when the bulldozers come to fill the wetlands and level the woods.

One Last Try - a clean romance by Michelle Alstead

One Last Try - a clean romance book promotion sites Michelle Alstead

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 4/8/2021 - 4/12/2021!

He was the handsome actor she had admired from his movies. She was the doctor too smart for him. The sadness in her eyes scares him, but he needs her help now more than ever. When tragedy brings them together, a love they never expected blossoms. Will it last forever? Or does fate have other plans? 

Don’t Fence Me In: Russian infiltration of US thriller by Heath Daniels

Don’t Fence Me In: Russian infiltration of US thriller book promotion sites Heath Daniels

The year is 2018 and the United States is in the depths of civil unrest. Conflict rages across the land in innumerable forms. There are the frequent bombings of civil centers, lengthy and dangerous government shutdowns, and mass illegal immigrant abuse along the Mexican-American border.

Behind the cacophony of chaos, a sinister secret group orchestrates acts of terrorism in a concerted effort to collapse the United States from within.

At the epicenter of the conflict, where the Texas, New Mexico, and Mexican borders meet, key civil servants of the United States are called to maintain order and justice even as the system of checks and balances threatens to collapse around them.

A Muslim-American U.S. Deputy Attorney General by the name of Yusef Shaito is suddenly thrust into a position of leadership. Shaito’s job proves to be exceptionally challenging due to the intense scrutiny of the media and the general public, who are judging implications behind every prosecution and sentencing.

Issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, and citizenship are called into question and many of the protagonists must confront and carefully handle these aspects of their personal identity in the midst of the political turmoil that grips the country.

The United States judicial system, media, and general fabric of society are all closely examined throughout this melodrama that mixes fact and fiction in a fictional context.

Readers are treated to family dynamics, romance, civil brutality, and intricate details of the disturbing realities that exist in the modern political climate of the U.S. The story is written with such in-depth familiarity with the southwestern U.S. culture and landscape that readers may find it difficult to believe that this is, in fact, mostly a work of fiction.

Sinful Love - Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places by Richard Schreiber

Sinful Love - Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places book promotion sites Richard Schreiber

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 4/7/2021 - 4/13/2021!

It is 1980s New York City, just after the famed market crash. The city is gripped in high crime, rampant drugs, dark days in the Big Apple. Our story takes place in one of the most powerful drug criminal enterprises. Our heroes meet fall in love with bullets and violence all around them. He has sold his soul to his drug kingpin friend for the almighty dollar, she comes from a strict family where the Almighty rules. Can she turn him back to his decent, heart-centered core that he has parked for so long? Is he salvageable? Will he succumb to his heart and this shockingly beautiful desirable woman of color? He a German American, blue eyed alpha male. Their passion for each other is electric. But then they realize the only way to have the life they want together is to escape from this violence-ridden, drug infested world of Caligula. But nobody can escape from the crime family alive. How will they do it? Read on!

One Fine Mess - laugh-out-loud crime by Mark Petersen

One Fine Mess - a dark crime comedy book promotion Mark Petersen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 04/08/2021 - 04/17/2021!
All Jules Nichols wants is a quiet family life, which she and her lover Wesley can have as soon as they off her abusive hubby, Eddie. But once he's dead, bad guys start coming out of the woodwork, the staties are suspicious, Wesley's freaking, and all Jules's careful plans are going wrong. Who would have thought it'd be so hard to get away with one little murder?

Slow Brewing Tea - Christian Fiction by Randy Loubier

Slow Brewing Tea - Christian Fiction book promotion sites Randy Loubier

“This book breaks all the molds! In my humble opinion this book will go down as one of the most epic Christian novels of the century.” —A.S., NetGalley

This novel is a quest through the deep valleys and high peaks of a land you have never seen.  It is a tea steeped in lingered love, with a rich flavor you have never tasted.  

Quests take time, and they change us.  We may return home geographically, but never the same person.  If you resolve to join Isaiah on his quest, his thoughts, frustrations, defeats, and victories will become yours.  

You may choose to leave the quest early or discard the tea before it’s ready, but you will always wonder why… why judging a man before walking a thousand miles with him tastes weak, under brewed, immature…and why those who finish the journey report such gracious glories!

May your thousand miles finish sweetly with the untold joy of conquering a summit and celebrating with a cup of fully matured, slow brewing tea!

Insightful, moving, and at times deeply profound, this book will have you turning each page in anticipation. It’s the introspective reader’s dream–a spiritual journey woven beautifully through a love story. A book that will cause you to think on what it means to love and be loved.” Nancy H.

Isaiah set off on a ten-day motorcycle adventure in northern, rural Japan. His quest, at the age of twenty, was to photograph the quiet mysterious culture, meet a Japanese woman and find The Tao (the way). He took stunning photographs, fell deeply in love with an extraordinary Japanese woman and found an old man willing to teach him the way, the truth and the narrow gate. Over the next forty years Isaiah’s life tumbles through lessons of pain and redemption, loss and victory in search of a path of unconditional love and faith.

Be transformed by a journey into traditional Japan, a mystical land of tea ceremonies, Japanese gardens, rich culture and unexpected spiritual revelations.

Slow Brewing Tea is an epic spiritual adventure and a touching love story that will compel you to look deeper at your relationships with your God, your spouse and the path beneath your feet.

For four hundred years, the Oda clan kept a secret. In 1593, Oda Nobumasa, the son of infamous Oda Nobunaga, converted to Christianity and to avoid persecution was sent away to the remote mountains of northern Honshu to live as a hermit. For the remainder of his life he studied the mysteries of Jesus and came to a shocking conclusion: Jesus’ teachings are a perfect fit into Japan’s traditions of the Samurai, Wa, the tea ceremony, gardens and nearly every aspect of Japanese culture. Obedient to a dream from God, Oda Nobumasa hid his discoveries in his tea room scrolls, to remain a family secret, until... 

Join Isaiah on this quest; finish, and you will see life, love and spirituality in a radically new way.

“Our western world has been thirsting for a vision that can adequately blend Christianity with the depths of Asian culture and philosophy; this slowly brewed tea will satisfy.” —B.S., Amazon

“Best novel I have read in a long time."" —J., Amazon

“WOW is an understatement... from beginning to the end, this book will move you!!!... the BEST novel I have ever read.” —PLS, Amazon

“If I could recommend one book this year, it would be this. I couldn’t stop reading. I feel so full of hope after reading this book.” —L., Amazon, India

“This is a beautiful story... overall sense is peace, spirituality and inner strength and faith. A very enlightening read whether you are Christian or not.” —C.N., BookBub

“It’s hard to describe this novel. This is the new The Shack, but I think more biblically sound.” —G.B., Amazon India

“Moving story of redemption and love filled with romance and adventure. Yes, it moved me to tears.” —A.M., Amazon

“A great read! It’s deep. Rich with great teaching that every Christian needs. Highly recommend.” —Z.H., Amazon

“Incredible story! The reviews are right. You need to read this book!” —T., Amazon India

“FIVE STARS ISN’T ENOUGH. The writing is excellent. For a first novel, this author shows talent rarely seen…ingenious weaving of biblical truths. [Regarding] The Shack references... I agree with the connection people are seeing … but I believe Slow Brewing Tea is better written and with more solid biblical content, making the tea room a better place to learn about Jesus than the shack. I cannot overstate how much the world needs this novel right now.” —D.D, NetGalley

“Liquid wisdom, this novel is to be sipped and savored.” —B.S., Betareader

Sweet Escape - a whirlwind paranormal romance by Betty Petite

Sweet Escape - a whirlwind paranormal romance book promotion sites Betty Petite

One day, while trying to escape his enslavement, half-prince David fell into another dimensional world, and was rescued by Brigitte. Being free and alive would be great if he wasn’t wanted. Worse, his rescuer Brigitte had no idea about magic or the existence of a different dimension. Falling in love really didn’t help his case of confusion. Soon, danger caught up to them, one could never run away forever. Could they make it out in one piece?

Sweet Escape is a paranormal romance for people who love chance meetings, danger around every corner and loving someone in the face of adversity.

The Night before the Morning After - An Unexpected, Thought-Provoking Gen Z Memoir by Scott Newman

The Night before the Morning After - An Unexpected, Thought-Provoking Gen Z Memoir book promotion by Scott Newman

The Night before the Morning After is a rock and roll diary of Newman’s wild life and times. Beginning in Antibes, the story brings readers to New York, New Jersey, D.C., Paris, and Jordan. Between outrageous travel stories, improbable encounters, and scandalous romantic entanglements, Newman offers a behind-the-scenes expose and critique of life at an elite boarding school and at Princeton. It’s Salinger meets Easton Ellis meets Bukowski, written by and for the iPhone generation. It is at once a portrait, critique, and celebration of the American experience in the 21st century.

Last Chance To Save American Democracy - new political science title by Haven McVarish

Last Chance to Save American Democracy: Republicans Will Permanently Take Power in the 2022–2024 Elections Unless Democrats Follow This Plan by Haven

In Last Chance to Save American Democracy, political strategist Haven Scott McVarish takes us through the intentional dismantling of democracy begun by Republican party funders after Obama's landslide in 2008. These funders and their willing Republican servants weaponized unlimited dark money, extreme gerrymandering, voter suppression and diversionary propaganda to make it impossible for Democrats to effectively govern or win a majority. Only Trump’s massive unpopularity allowed Democrats to barely win the trifecta in the 2020 elections.

In this masterful and compelling political analysis, McVarish unveils a set of 12 comprehensive solutions for our besieged democracy along with an organizing plan to get these solutions into law. McVarish shows Democrats exactly how they must fix the filibuster, reform the Supreme Court, revise the Electoral College and Congress to provide fair representation, and equalize voters’ influence through campaign finance reform, to name a few, all without needing constitutional amendments.

THE PLAN: After Police Reform that will GUARANTEE Social Justice and Progress for the Black Community by Reco McCambry

THE PLAN: After Police Reform that will GUARANTEE Social Justice and Progress for the Black Community book promotion by Reco McCambry

2020 has been a year like no other. It has brought us unparalleled danger, as well as unparalleled opportunity for real change.

With the uprising triggered by George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers still going strong, there have been many heartening changes to local municipal laws around the country. But we all know it's not nearly enough. To produce real justice for the Black community, we must have equal economic power and equal access to education - and those are goals that seem lightyears away.

Although police reform is a very hot topic and deserves national attention, there are other subjects we must not ignore while we have the national and even global stage. If these matters are not addressed, social justice and progress, in totality, will never be reached!

Fortunately, Reco McDaniel McCambry has a plan. As one of the top entrepreneurs and financial educators in America, he's spent his professional life helping Black families to initiate a foundation for generational wealth and motivating Black entrepreneurs to realize seemingly impossible goals.

Now, McCambry brings his financial and motivational skills to the cause of racial justice. THE PLAN contained within these pages includes a blueprint that anyone can take to forward economic equality, fairer legislation, and transformational change for our black communities nationwide; even across the world.

Thrive State - Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance by Dr. Kien Vuu

Thrive State - Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance book promotion sites Dr. Kien Vuu

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.97) 4/6/2021 - 4/8/2021!

Dr. V envisions a world where humans embrace a standard of health that enables us to be happier, live longer and more fully, and contribute our gifts to humanity with joy and intention. Thrive State is the blueprint for you to move towards that vision. By time you finish this book, you will be armed with a wealth of new practical knowledge about your own health and wellness, a roadmap for greater well-being, and a more optimistic outlook on our human potential.

A Byte-Sized Friend (Hacker #1) - A middle-reader adventure in virtual reality by J. R. Rada

A Byte-Sized Friend (Hacker #1) - A middle-reader adventure in virtual reality book promotion sites J. R. Rada

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 4/6/2021 - 4/12/2021!

After a car accident, 13-year-old Chris Alten is left paralyzed and without a father. He pulls away from family and friends as he sinks into despair. Then he meets a new, mysterious friend. This friend has no name and seems to know everything about Chris. Chris's friend expands his world through the use of virtual reality. Chris begins to open up again. He makes another new friend named Ashlyn Jacobsen, a cheerleader who is anxious to prove she has more than just a surface beauty.

Chris and Ashlyn discover that Chris’s mysterious friend is a AI program created by his father. Since Bryan Alten’s death, the program has grown beyond its programming. 

Now the people who killed Bryan Alten, hoping to stop his research, are coming for the AI program, which Chris names Harvey. Having learned the value of friendship, Chris and Ashlyn must now come to Harvey’s aid.

Cyberjutsu - non-fiction security by Ben McCarty

Cyberjutsu - non-fiction security book promotion sites Ben McCarty

Cyberjutsu is a revolutionary approach to information assurance that turns the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of ancient ninjas into a practical cybersecurity field guide. Author Ben McCarty, while not a ninja himself, is a former NSA developer and the U.S. Army’s first cyber warfare specialist. He spent years analyzing formerly classified Japanese scrolls, finding dozens of applicable insights on defensive and offensive security, and direct parallels with modern infosec concepts. His research reveals how the training methodologies of Japan’s most notorious covert agents – the original Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) – can be adapted into highly effective practices for countering information warfare, deceptive infiltration, espionage, zero-day attacks, and more.

The Unstoppable Christian Business: 7 Steps to Your 7 Figure with Purpose, Passion, and Profit by Ronald Eccles

The Unstoppable Christian Business: 7 Steps to Your 7 Figure with Purpose, Passion, and Profit book promotion sites Ronald Eccles

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/5/2021 - 4/9/2021!

How to build a highly profitable, kingdom centered business. The 7 Step System provides the necessary ingredients to building the business of your dreams. This book will give you the Fire, the Framework, and the Fuel to allow your business to Go Vertical!

All The Pretty Pieces - a psychological thriller by T.C. Barnes

All The Pretty Pieces - a psychological thriller book promotion by T.C. Barnes

A Kirkus Recommended Read! 

Just a woman, her dog, and a serial killer...

After barely surviving a vicious attack by a sadistic serial killer, FBI Profiler Kayleen Archer runs back home again, to the North Carolina mountain town where she grew up, and the one place where she thought she'd never return.

With nothing and no one left to help her heal, she retreats to a gray world of depression and fear, with only her beloved hound and a bottomless bottle of vodka to keep the lonely nights at bay.

But when a young girl is abducted from a local beauty pageant, Kayleen is asked to help by the local Sheriff, Caleb Stone; her first love, and the one man she had hoped to never face again.

All too quickly, she finds herself drawn right back, into the heart of darkness again. 

The Loser - a dark high school romance by Thom Young

Can you find love when you're your own worst enemy? Peyton, the school rebel, has a major problem.  His crush doesn't know he exists. Amber Wilson, is the one he desires.  In high school teenage romance is fleeting, Peyton Pieters finds himself faced with an immense task, getting Amber to notice him. Peyton skips graduation to find her but she may foil his plans.

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy! by EPM Mavericks

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy! book promotion by EPM Mavericks

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/2/2021 - 4/3/2021!

Book Trailer: 

♥I gave my son a paperback version of the book for his Birthday. He saw the video teaser for the book and loved the concept. He is an extremely intelligent teenager and is loving the book! He wants to be a Movie Director after college, so perhaps he does a Documentary or movie of your Book.♥

- Sanford Davidson, Sales Leader, OneStream Software

I, too, had an excruciating 2020. To begin with, including COVID taking my storyteller's (narrator) soul to heaven. I was trapped in a bottle beginning of the year, questioning my identity. But, I took that challenge as an opportunity by writing through my own metaphorical coke bottle. When the darkness rolled in, through thick and thin, an amazing community was there for me with helping hands. Within a few months, over 10K read the Gods Must Be Crazy in over a dozen countries, offering ~100 rave reviews (Amazon + GoodReads), and even achieved the #1 bestseller rank in many Amazon categories! Above all, I donate the royalty from this book for a greater purpose to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of Charity).

As a token of gratitude, I would like to give away a New Year GIFT. 

Trump's LAST presidential Proclamation:

♥♥♥This book will blow away your preconceptions of the almighty American Empire and its Enterprises. I guarantee it!♥♥♥

This book takes its title from the 1980 comedy film “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” in which an empty Coca-Cola bottle is dropped from a plane onto a community of African bushmen. The bottle is thought to be a gift from the Gods, but after it incites bitter fighting amongst the villagers, the tribal leader decides to return it to the Gods, embarking upon a journey to the end of the world. Through my own metaphorical coke bottle, I visualize the dawn of a daunting new Empire.  This book serves as both a testament to the past glories of the current American Empire and a guidebook to restoring Capitalism and Enterprise – before it is too late.

Arya Dharma - The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

Arya Dharma - The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

A publication on the Arya Dharma (Noble Dharma) - A better way by a unique combination of our heritage, spirituality and current affairs by going back to the future.

Bharata(India) has the greatest history, heritage and culture ever possessed by any civilization in the history of the Universe.

It is a real shame of what we have become today because we blindly try to ape and emulate the fraud FUKUS (France, UK, USA) systems of "casino capitalism" and "paid democracy" which are totally unsuitable not only to us, but to any country on this planet, and especially harmful to Nature, the supreme embodiment of Brahman (God).

It really makes you wonder about the state of this world, when the lungs of this world, the priceless Amazon rain forest is valued at $20 million, and the Amazon online shopping website is valued at almost a trillion dollars.

It really makes you wonder about the state of this world, when the top 1% possesses more than 47% percent of the global wealth, while the bottom half still worries about scrounging for their next meal.

If Bharat and this world must have any hope of restoring its past glory, it must abandon the fraud FUKUS systems which place only money and self-interest as their guiding principle, over Dharma and SEVA (Selfless Sacrifice), which were our eternal guiding principles that were laid down ever since Ram Rajya.

Dharma and SEVA were the guiding principles of the Golden Era of Bharat, when we surpassed even the Roman, Greek and Persian empires and even made a world conqueror like Alexander retreat in fearful haste without even daring to fight us.

If the principles mentioned in this publication are adopted in the world, it would surely lead to a Utopian Society where there is no king, religion, greed and selfishness and all the subjects would be governing themselves following the highest order of Dharma called Arya Dharma (The Noble Dharma).

Reviews of the book:  

Dr Mandira Adhikari Dubey
The book is a labour of extensive research, knowledge and logic. One would really gain a lot after reading this book.

Joe Britto
Dear Dhyan, Been through your amazing work. Congratulations is a small word. It’s something out of the ordinary.

Sarath Babu
There were lots to learn from this wonderful book.

Dr.Manoj Dubey
I am usually a reader of fiction and self help books but this one is of the most meaningful reads of my life. If you love your country and make some difference to the world, then you should definitely try reading this.

More reviews:

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

I have been in the field of investing ever since I was a young teen during the mania of the early 1990s.  I have had huge successes and even bigger failures.

I made enough money before I was 30 (2004), that ordinary people would not have made in a lifetime.

If I had just done my first investment as a young teen in life, in the mania of the early 1990s, based on logic, patience and reason, and more importantly on a trusted friend’s advice instead of a crooked broker’s stock tip, in MRF, and not on emotion and mania, and no other investment, I would have had more than Rs 590 crores (79 million dollars) by June 2020.

If I just stopped investing at 30 (2004), taken all my winnings and only bought Apple, I would have had almost than 27 million dollars (Rs 202 crores) by June 2020.

But my short-term emotional thinking, arrogance, and greed in investing, and ignoring and mocking the principles of capital allocation and risk management blew away all those earnings.

Now I have a vision of at least 10 years.  For stocks that I missed out like what I mentioned above, I have a vision of 25 years.

The world’s greatest investors were successful only because of logic, reason, patience, and discipline.
Since 2018, I changed my whole strategy and reviewed my life’s experience since I started actively investing as a young teen in the early 1990s.

This change in strategy and more importantly the disciplining and strengthening of my mind due to consistent practice of ध्यान Dhyana since 2015, has made me a very mentally strong and disciplined individual and now I would like to believe I am beyond ignorance, fear, hope and greed while investing and I hope at most things that life throws at me.

I thought I should share my life's learning over the last 26 years in the art and science of investing.

I hope it prevents others from making the mistakes I made until 2018, and straightaway skip all my mistakes and go on to the success I am having since 2019.

I have returned more than 70% on my investments from late 2018 to date and more than 100% on my investments from late 2019 to date when markets the world over have negative returns.

The purpose of this publication is to enable you to manage money wisely and earn a consistent regular income. This publication will enable you to achieve financial freedom.

Jack Gilmour: Wish Lawyer, an urban fantasy noir adventure by Ed Ryder

Jack Gilmour: Wish Lawyer, an urban fantasy noir adventure book promotion sites Ed Ryder

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/30/2021 - 4/1/2021!

Don't be careful what you wish for, be certain!

Jack Gilmour works hard as Las Vegas’ first and only demonic contract lawyer, protecting people against themselves on wishes that seem too good to be true. But his mission to protect a client’s misplaced lust has put him on a collision course with a dangerous and seductive figure from his past. Struggling to save his client, Jack makes a deal to investigate a conspiracy in the corridors of hellish power.

As the clock ticks down and the strands of mystery begin to connect, Jack gets in way over his head with the human and demonic underworlds in a battle for dominion over the city. With his assistant missing, and only his wits and a gambling wizard for help, can Jack save the day and both worlds? 

Full of action and danger, Jack Gilmour: Wish Lawyer is a movie-length, urban fantasy adventure with a twist of noir. If you're a fan of Buffy, Angel, or the Dresden Files, then you've come to the right place!

The Dividing - A YA dystopian fantasy by Devin Downing

The Dividing - A YA dystopian fantasy book promotion sites Devin Downing

Free book promotion on Amazon 4/1/2021 - 4/4/2021!

Hunger Games meets Throne of Glass.

Adamic is the language of the Gods. When spoken, it has the power to create worlds, to raise the dead, to make man as God. Fortunately, no one has spoken it in thousands of years. The only remnants are the written spells.

The people of Cavernum depend on these spells. They’re etched into the city walls, fending off the feeders—deadly creatures with a thirst for human blood. Yet for the lower class, Cavernum isn’t much safer. Children starve, and illness runs rampant. Only the elite have access to magic, and status must be earned. One's class is determined by a single competition: The Dividing. Those who excel join the guild of their choice. The rest are sent to the fields, condemned to a life of slave-labor.

Princess Roselyn Malik has trained her entire life for The Dividing. She’s guaranteed a spot in the royal orchestra, but equalist rebels threaten her throne. To secure her crown, Rose must acquire the power and prestige associated with the guard. Only guardsmen have access to the amulets—powerful weapons that grant dominion over the elements.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Matt will do anything to help his terminally-ill adoptive mother. For now, that means poaching to pay the bills. Until one day, Matt is attacked by a feeder and plunged into the world of Cavernum. There too, Matt is drawn to the guard, in search of a magic strong enough to save his mother.

But danger lurks beyond the walls, and Cavernum won’t be safe for long.

Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star - Religion & Spirituality / Romance by Evangeline Kelly

Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star - Religion & Spirituality / Romance book promotion sites Evangeline Kelly

Competing for a date with a handsome billionaire goes against everything she believes in, but she has no choice.

Five years ago, when Karlie Spencer found out her parents died in a plane crash, she quit college and rushed home to care for her two siblings. They became her priority, leaving no time for a relationship.

After losing her job, she auditions for a dating reality show and saw it only as a means of income until she found other work. She didn't count on falling for the billionaire bachelor, but when she looked beyond his arrogant demeanor, she saw a lonely man, hiding from pain.

A horrible accident haunted Drake Arnold, making him look to the show as a distraction from thoughts that plagued him. He had no intention of getting into a real relationship with anyone, but then he met Karlie. It wasn’t until his feelings ran deep that he suddenly realized...she might not be able to accept his past.

Can he push through the pain to find a future with Karlie? Or will they both walk away at the end, knowing it was never meant to go anywhere?

Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry by Michael Chang

Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry by Michael Chang

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/29/2021 - 4/2/2021!

Written by a video game marketer and consultant who had worked in both AAA game development and indie game studios for over a decade.

Come experience the thrills and the ups and downs of this incredible industry - with an emphasis on first-hand accounts of what IT'S REALLY LIKE to develop, launch, and publish video games.

Hear first-hand accounts and WORDS OF WISDOM - about how THEY got their starts in the video game industry - from celebrated experts who have worked on such iconic games like Pac-Man, Ultima, RuneScape, Dark Age of Camelot, Candy Crush Saga, DungeonKeeper, Dragon Age, Star Wars the Old Republic, ABC Mouse, Halo, Pieces of Flair, Real Racing, FIFA Ultimate Team, and many more.

Together with a framework that allows a young gamer to look inside one's self; explore one's unique set of strengths, weaknesses, talents, and values; decide if this industry is right for one's self, how to stand out, and how to get started...

This book seeks to delight, educate, and inspire the readers by answering three sets of questions:

1. WHAT IS IT REALLY LIKE to create and publish games?

2. Does THE INDUSTRY OFFER VIABLE OPPORTUNITIES for young people? What about teens who are not STEM-inclined or artistic?

3. SHOULD EDUCATORS AND PARENTS FOSTER, CULTIVATE, OR CURE such “dreamers”? And if the former, How?

F*** The Black Dog: The Gruelling Journey Back from the Darkest Recesses of Depression and the Coaching System It Generated, So Others May Follow by Neil Geddes

F*** The Black Dog: The Gruelling Journey Back from the Darkest Recesses of Depression and the Coaching System It Generated, So Others May Follow

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/29/2021 - 4/2/2021!

"Coach" Neil Geddes brings decades of personal experience as well as research to the table.

F... the Black Dog communicates hard-won insights from rock-bottom experiences in a direct, no-nonsense voice that will resonate with the reader.

Personal experiences are related vividly in a visceral manner that will help readers connect therapeutic tools to their own lives.

This is a book about adjustments to perception, philosophy, and routine that can be highly effective supplements to therapy in combatting depression. It is aimed squarely at men and women who have had enough of depression ruling their lives and are ready to take on the hard work of managing their mental health.

It will help empower readers to take the necessary steps to treat and manage their depression, especially knowing that others have been where they are, and made it through the darkness...

Cyclops Conspiracy: An Adam Weldon Thriller by William McGinnis

Cyclops Conspiracy: An Adam Weldon Thriller book promotion sites William McGinnis

“McGinnis pioneered whitewater rafting in he boldly sails into epic saltwater fiction!” — Lee Foster, Travels in the American Imagination & Northern California Travel

Nuclear bombs are being smuggled in suitcases by Islamist terrorists on under-the-radar sailboats through the Greek Islands on their way to multiple key targets in Europe and America. 

Can ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon and his girlfriend, an FBI sharpshooter, join forces with a mesmerizing Interpol drone expert to stop the planned destruction?

Set in the Greek Islands and Washington DC, this taut thriller delivers twists and surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last page.

Adam Weldon is a slam dunk for lovers of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Ian Fleming's James Bond, and Mark Greaney's the Grey Man.

Be sure to get Gold Bay - An Adam Weldon Thriller if it’s not already on your shelf and follow author William McGinnis on Amazon to be notified of the next installment. 

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