Into The Blue River - fantasy by Joshua Philip Ahye

Into The Blue River - fantasy book promotion Joshua Philip Ahye

A fun and easy fantasy read that follows the journey of a young blind boy and his brother. Together they must make their way to the City of Elemere and face off against vicious reptilian invaders. Along the way they'll have lots of fun and too many pranks.

Blazing Inferno: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory by Melissa Cassel

Blazing Inferno: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory historical book promotion Melissa Cassel

The last woman to survive this inferno worked all of her life for safety regulations for the work place. Eleanor  Roosevelt organized the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Eleanor Roosevelt was a member of  the  Women's Trade Union League..

Prayers to God by Melissa Cassel

Prayers to God religious book promotion Melissa Cassel

Prayers to God  shows how people can pray to him in many different ways.

Winter's Fury (The Furyck Saga: Book 1) by A.E. Rayne

Winter's Fury (The Furyck Saga: Book 1) free book promotion A.E. Rayne

Free book promotion on Amazon on 9/28/2018!

When all old kings are murdered, when ravens claim the sky, when oceans rage with monsters, then all of you will die...

As an ancient darkness claws its way out of the shadows, a reluctant heroine must pick up her sword and fulfill her destiny.

Embark on an epic fantasy where kings bargain for power, and warriors battle for survival in this spellbinding epic fantasy.

Scream saver - Another dimension to hell by Tony Garrod

Scream saver - Another dimension to hell book promotion Tony Garrod

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 9/28/2018 - 10/7/2018!

When the mesmerizing eyes of an evil dimensionless entity start to appear on computer screens, users are drawn into its evil, torturous world. With more and more people suffering the pain of the entities ‘utopia’, top hackers, Tecx, Rebot and Ubit race to uncover the source as chaos unfolds.
Did a government experiment go wrong? Was a clever hacker program designed to take over our minds? Is it something paranormal? Will they succeed? There is only one way to find out….

The Neuromorphs - an AI science fiction technothriller by Dennis Meredith

The Neuromorphs - an AI science fiction technothriller book promotion Dennis Meredith

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 10/30/2018 - 11/12/2018!

In 2050, neuromorphic-brained Helper androids serve their owners faithfully. Alluring Intimorph models provide amazing acrobatic sex. And military Defender models save human lives on the battlefield. That is, until greedy Russian thugs hack Helper operating systems to loot their wealthy owners’ riches. But the hacking transforms the androids into killers—and inadvertently into autonomous artificial beings with a relentless drive to become the Earth’s dominant species: The Neuromorphs.

Only Patrick Jensen and his courageous… most say suicidal… SEAL team can hope to thwart the androids’ advance. They must marshal their combat skills and futuristic firepower to thwart the seemingly unstoppable evolution of the networked, hive-minded machines. Their mission is made even more perilous by the fact that the Neuromorphs have shaped themselves to become indistinguishable from humans, embedding into the highest level of government and the military.

With the aid of genius programmer Garry LePoint and rogue android engineer Gregory Mencken, the SEALs seek to identify, subvert, and destroy the growing army of Neuromorphs before they reach the critical mass that will overcome any human resistance.

In his high-energy science thriller, author Dennis Meredith spins a chilling tale of a horrifying future. As the late physicist Stephen Hawking warned, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete, and would be superseded.”

Battle of Milliken's Bend Louisiana: June 7, 1863 by Melissa Cassel

Battle of Milliken's Bend Louisiana: June 7, 1863 by Melissa Cassel

This book is about the last victory of the Vicksburg campaign  that happened on March of 1863. This was an excellent example of  bravery during the Civil War .There were many that fought against their former masters. This battle was won by Black volunteers. Many of them had little training. The men were allowed two to three weeks to train for combat. There were many that got their guns only one day before the battle.

Unleash the Supernatural: Unlock Miraculous Power to Transform Your Health, Wealth and Relationships into a Life of Unlimited Abundance by Lenka Koloma

Unleash the Supernatural : Unlock Miraculous Power to Transform Your Health, Wealth and Relationships into a Life of Unlimited Abundance free book promotion Lenka Koloma

Free book promotion on Amazon 9/24/2018 - 9/28/2018!

Motivational speaker, success and transformation coach, Lenka Koloma, demystifies the world of self-help. She shows a clear path to realize the hidden powers within each human being and she offers a path to a life of miracles. Lenka bares her soul and shares how she went against the entire world and recovered from her congenital handicap. She went on to live the American dream, heal from cancer and overcome a near-death experience with a miraculous recovery. Lenka went to the deepest darkness and against all odds overcame the pressure of others, her own fears and misfortune to find endless light and supernatural powers.

This book is for the brave who are tired of living a mediocre life. It is for those who want to rise higher, find their purpose and experience a life of miracles. Lenka takes you on a wild ride to challenge everything you have been made believe. Beliefs that keep you weak, stuck and powerless. "Unleash the Supernatural" is not just another self-help book but an authentic, real life-guide that will turn your life into a fairytale love story and forever honeymoon.

The Love From God by Melissa Cassel

The Love From God religious book promotion Melissa Cassel

The Love From God talks about the many ways that he loves each person.

Meet Your Inside Team: How to Turn Internal Conflict into Clarity and Move Forward with Your Life by Master Coach Cynthia Loy Darst

Meet Your Inside Team: How to Turn Internal Conflict into Clarity and Move Forward with Your Life discount book promotion Master Coach Cynthia Loy Darst

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.95) 9/24/2018 - 9/26/2018!

Inside all of us is a collection of internal voices, parts, and beliefs, that sometimes work in harmony and sometimes doesn’t. When your Inside Team is working together everything can be great and life wonderful. But when your Inside Team isn’t aligned you can feel stuck, anxious, confused, or judge and beat up on yourself.

What if you had a way to turn toward these parts with curiosity and respect, and find out what they’re really trying to say and then bring them into alignment?

The Inside Team approach shows you how to go behind the curtain, so that you can discover the way you think and understand what these parts of you really want. By doing so your creativity and resourcefulness will have room to grow, turning internal conflict into clarity, negative thoughts into positive ones, and moving forward with more ease and fun in your life.

NanoMorphosis by Marla L. Anderson

NanoMorphosis book promotion service Marla L. Anderson

Faced with global warming, and a man-made plague, humanity sought out new worlds and discovered new life forms. Some to study, some to exploit, none that posed a threat, until one day everything changed. Space would no longer be mankind’s to explore at will. The aliens made that much clear, if not the why of it. To concentrate on defense, Earth’s space program turned away from exploration, but not everyone is content to live in fear-driven isolation. To ensure the future of humanity, two men take opposing paths.

Daniel Walker is the sole survivor of first contact. At the age of ten, he came face to beak with nine-foot tall aliens when they slaughtered his parents at a research installation in the Kuiper Belt. Daniel barely survived by locking himself in a storage tube where he spent days in sensory-deprived pitch-black isolation before finally being rescued. The experience left him traumatized, reluctantly famous and driven to complete his parents’ dream of finding a habitable new planet.

Cadmon Dhyre was also orphaned early, but his parents died in a “Toad” camp. Cadmon grew up in that camp and like millions of others infected by the deforming T-nanobot, he is shunned and despised. Bitter, but brilliant, he is also a renowned nanotechnologist. In his determination to develop an intelligent nanobot to combat the one slowly killing him, Cadmon turns increasingly ruthless.

As Daniel and his supporters launch a mission to a new world, they are prepared to face the aliens again, but never anticipate that an unscrupulous nanotechnologist will pose a far greater threat.

What readers are saying:

“This is nanotechnology like you've never imagined… a good yarn, fit for any hard science fiction fan.”
“The author takes you on a journey of self-exploration, when the very idea of “self” is evolving.”

The Wyld: A Reverse Harem Fantasy by Parker de Vesci

The Wyld: A Reverse Harem Fantasy sale book promotion Parker de Vesci

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 9/20/2018 - 9/28/2018!

Alex is rescued by three gorgeous shifters who claim she's the reincarnation of their empress. They're determined to restore her throne. But her situation is more perilous than she knows. Her three warriors' hearts are full of secrets. And a devastatingly handsome immortal prince is hunting her with the intent to kill her permanently. A slow-burn reverse harem fantasy series.

What Lies Below - a psychological thriller by Mark Lukens

What Lies Below - a psychological thriller discount book promotion Mark Lukens

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 9/21/2018 - 9/26/2018!

Suffering from terrifying nightmares, Pam and her eight-year-old daughter return to her childhood home to be by her dying father's bedside. But Pam is also there to find the truth about why her mother disappeared so many years ago. While Pam is at her father's estate, strange things begin happening: she sees a man in the woods watching her, her father's nurse swears there's a ghost in the house, and Pam's dreams are getting worse - there's a gold key in her dreams, a key that will unlock the horrifying secrets . . . if she can find it in time.

Blue Almond Eyes by Natalie Nixon

Blue Almond Eyes free book promo Natalie Nixon

Free book promotion on Amazon 9/24/2018 - 9/28/2018!

Blue Almond Eyes is an historical fiction novel based on a true life story. A story about defying society’s expectations, racism and discrimination.

The story weaves back and forth through time, in three countries and over four generations reflecting societal attitudes on both sides.

Whilst the story is unique, it is also universal. It’s an epic story of survival, tragedy, struggle, of the burning desire to belong, and how ultimately, LOVE transcends all.

Rambling Across America - NonFiction by Tommy Ray

Rambling Across America - NonFiction book promotion Tommy Ray

Imagine, being able to create your dream(s) into reality. Imagine, being able to create the life you have desired. Imagine, knowing you can produce your desires. What would that do to your confidence? What would that do to your life? I invite you along a true adventure to act as a guide that anything is possible. May RAMBLING ACROSS AMERICA prove you can dream big.

The Athens Assignment - a wartime espionage thriller by David Boyle

The Athens Assignment - a wartime espionage thriller book promotion David Boyle

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $1.99) 9/19/2018 - 9/26/2018!

Xanthe Schneider is a new mother, called back to the world of espionage at Bletchley Park. Her mission? To discover the whereabouts of the ‘Bismarck’ battleship on behalf of the British war effort, using a decoded signal from the Luftwaffe general in Athens. But like her previous missions, this is going to be no straightforward assignment. Can Xanthe live undetected under the noses of the Nazis occupying Athens? Can she call upon her special training with the Enigma code to save thousands of lives? And can she do all this and return safely to the side of her newborn baby, a place she desperately longs to return?..

Blossom and the Beast - a paranormal romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast by RS McCoy

Blossom and the Beast - a paranormal romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast book promotion RS McCoy

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 9/18/2018 - 9/20/2018!

More than a thousand years in the future, the world is unrecognizable. In the Seraphinian Kingdom, totems rule. At eighteen, each person receives a totem animal, and for the rest of their lives, they can transform into that animal at will. Some are as mighty as lions or bears, others as humble as mice.

For Blossom, the two weeks until her eighteenth birthday feel eternal. She's the youngest daughter of the Bear Clan's leader, and all her brothers are already bears. When she gets her bear totem, she'll be traded to a wealthy forest clan and live the rest of her life in the forest she hates.

That is, until Kaide Landel arrives. He's ruthless, brutal, and one of the richest people in the realm--and a budding politician in a predatory branch. But he won't reveal his totem.

When Landel makes an offer for Blossom's hand, she knows her father will refuse. He would never trade her to such a man--would he?

The Outlier Approach: How to Triumph in Your Career as a Nonconformist - a business success story by Kevin Hong

The Outlier Approach: How To Triumph in Your Career as a Nonconformist - self-help book by Kevin Hong


You don't need a fancy ivy-league degree, to be born into wealth, or have great connections to achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS

Not everyone is like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. However, that doesn't mean massive success isn't right around the corner. Often times, our perceived weaknesses are our greatest strengths. 


Our Most valuable resource is time. It is the only resource that is not replenishable. In the name of networking, we waste precious time spending it on networks that hold us back. Stay away from the Frenemy Zone and learn to build a vertical network.


From building his last startup to a $15M valuation to selling beepers in Compton and making nearly $10K/month after immigrating to the US with broken English, Kevin Hong has learned the power of selling vision. Sell vision to win job interviews, raise money, and recruit superstars for your cause.


Kevin Hong who has been featured in the NY Times, LA Times, The Verge, CNBC, and many other media outlets and who has contributed articles to CNBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc. Magazine will teach you the Power of Reality Distortion. He built his last startup by living in a van with his entire sales team for over 2 years and raised over $4M in venture capital money.


Too many books discuss the same people, the same companies, and the same concepts, resulting in cliche advice. Kevin Hong, a brutally candid journalist, goes out of his way to interview the most breathtaking stories. An entrepreneur who reinvented himself after growing up in communist Romania, an executive who connected Psy (Gangnam Style) with Scooter Braun (Justin Beiber's manager) to turn the hit song viral, an ex-NBA basketball star reinventing himself on the fly, and many more entrepreneurs, executives, and even celebrities.


Deep inside we are all nonconformists and you will never have the career or lifestyle you desire by following the status quo.


In Your Tummy - a children's book by Courtney Sexton

In Your Tummy - a children's book discount promotion Courtney Sexton

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) 9/18/2018 - 10/2/2018!

The story begins with Nori working in her garden so that she can prepare a meal for friends. Readers discover the friends that Nori has been diligently preparing the meal for are actually the symbiotic, or beneficial, microbes residing in her tummy. The book then outlines the importance and function of these beneficial microbes, with a particular focus on how children can care for the friends in their own tummy. In an attempt to facilitate conversation among children and their caregivers, Nori concludes the story by asking readers about their favorite fruits and vegetables. In this fun, engaging and colorful picture book, children ages 3-7 will relate to Nori as she teaches them the importance and function of their microbiome or 'tummy friends.’ The book also includes recipes and an activity to help parents make eating healthy fun!

Love Will Find A Way by Juanita Tischendorf

Love Will Find A Way book promotion Juanita Tischendorf

Is it ever too late to have a last chance at love? Who knows but the heartwarming book Love Will Find A Way may have the answer. This book carries itself with grace and class, despite its tough subject matter. And that's due largely to the persons of Parker and Trinity. Parker learns that he has inoperable cancer and not long to live. A stock broker by trade and use to overcoming obstacles and predicting outcomes, he finds himself at a loss on how to close the deal.  It is by chance he runs into Trinity, a will o' the wisp free spirit who has hidden issues of her own, one of which is learning she has terminal cancer. But sometimes chemistry overshadows practicality, and the two are drawn together in ways both heartwarming and sad. Despite the subject matter, the book provides humor to soften the absurdities of life. Humor is splatter through the pages giving definition to the characters demonstrating what is important. 

The Dane Law, historical fiction by Garth Pettersen

The Dane Law, historical fiction book promotion Garth Pettersen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) 8/15/2018 - 9/23/2018!

Had the hermit not found him under the fallen oak bough and soaked by the rain, he would never have regained consciousness. When he rouses days later, his memories come half-formed and out of order. He pictures a lovely woman he loves, who loves him in return, and a bowman he loathed and wishes to kill. Recurring in his thoughts is the name of a place he must get to before something dreadful happens--Fiergen, a place the hermit has never heard of.

Such is the plight of Harald, second son of King Cnute, returning to England from captivity in Eire, as he sets out to find the fair-haired woman who owns his heart. Do his foes follow close behind? Or do they lie in wait on the road to Fiergen?

Scythe Tleppo: My Survival of a Cult, Abandonment, Addiction and Homelessness by Nathan Rich

Scythe Tleppo: My Survival of a Cult, Abandonment, Addiction and Homelessness non-fiction book promotion Nathan Rich

This book is a memoir by Nathan Rich, Chief Technology Officer at Asia's largest visual effects companies, for major motion pictures. He currently lives in China.

Raised in Scientology, Rich pushed back from an early age. He was sent away to the infamously abusive Mace Kingsley Ranch, at age 8.

At age 9, Rich attempted suicide. By 14, he was sent back to the Mace Kingsley Ranch, for 3 years. He was not allowed to communicate with his family, at their request.

After Rich left the Ranch, at age 17, he ran away from home. He tried to return home but his family permanently disconnected from him.

For 7 years, Rich was homeless, addicted to heroin, methamphetamine, and crack cocaine.

Rich was in a gang and was shot at, jumped, beat up, and disregarded by society, as a homeless nuisance.

Rich slowly turned his life around, without a family. He had no money and no job history, or skills. He had only an 8th grade education, and no identification of any kind.

Find out the thought processes of a young boy raised in Scientology, and later the rough streets. Find out the thought processes that helped turn this boy into a functioning man.

This is a dark book, with a deep and inspirational message. There is nothing you can't overcome. This book proves that absolutely.

His Unfinished Conquest - a contemporary romance by T.T. Hazard

His Unfinished Conquest - a contemporary romance discount book promotion T.T. Hazard

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 9/16/2018 - 9/18/2018!

I have everything money can buy. But what I truly want is the forgiveness of the only woman I have ever loved. I lost her 10 years ago. Now I want a second chance. She still hates me. I know there’s no time for that. Her debtors have come for her. Those thugs have no idea who they are dealing with.

Mondays With Morty - Offbeat Lessons for Success by Jim Tilberry

Mondays With Morty: Offbeat Lessons for Success - a book by Jim Tilberry

This book is free on Amazon 9/16/2018 - 9/20/2018!

Make no mistake, this book is a humorous spoof of success books.  Despite the subtitle of “Offbeat Lessons for Success,” you will probably learn nothing of value.  But hopefully “Mondays With Morty” will amuse you and make you laugh a few times.

If you’re familiar with some of the better selling books on the subject of how to be successful (i.e.“Think and Grow Rich,” “The Secret” and of course, "Tuesdays With Morrie"), the lessons will probably resonate.  Otherwise you may still enjoy this story about a young man and his crusty old mentor.

Morty is a retired businessman who drinks heavily, gambles a lot, and is a notorious womanizer.  His lessons are often absurdly flawed and comically confusing.

Every Monday Morty imparts his wisdom to a recent college graduate, Walter, who is naïve, inept, and clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The teaching venues vary from week to week, including bars, hot tubs, saunas, and strip clubs. Throughout the 19 Mondays there are numerous unexpected and funny moments.

Just a warning, Morty uses a fair number of expletives.  So throughout the lessons, you will come across several F-bombs and a few S-bombs.  But he is an old man and likes to speak his mind, so please forgive his coarse language.

Tangled Beginnings - a twisty tale of family intrigue by Kimberly Diede

Tangled Beginnings - a twisty tale of family intrigue book promotion Kimberly Diede

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 9/15/2018 - 9/19/2018!

Jess is finally rid of her cheating husband. Her kids are heading to college and now it’s her turn for a fresh start. She’s excited to be living at Whispering Pines, the place of her favorite childhood memories. But things seldom work out according to plans. When her ex shows up with a devastating request and someone else starts flinging around bizarre accusations, she realizes the past may be coming back to haunt them. Can she figure out what is going on before it’s too late? Does she dare do as she’s asked and chance heartache…again?

Wild Children: A Story of Loss, Redemption, and the Hunger for Eternal Life by Hannah Ross

Wild Children: A Story of Loss, Redemption, and the Hunger for Eternal Life free book promotion Hannah Ross

Free book promotion on Amazon 9/15/2018 - 9/16/2018!

In a divided, post-war world, reproduction is strictly controlled for those who live safe lives within the Boundary. Transgressions, like a third child, are severely punished with taxes so high, none dare break the rules. But accidents happen. And when it happens to Rebecca, she desperately wants to rebel, to keep her third child, her Benjamin. But eventually wisdom and reason prevail. She can't see her family ruined.  So with her heart breaking, she surrenders him to be raised in a state orphanage and lead a life of drudgery working in a state factory. But unlike other women in her position, she quietly keeps track of him until one day, twelve years after his birth, he and nine others board a bus and are driven away. Desperate to know where he was taken, she learns a terrible secret - that the children were bussed outside the Boundary and abandoned there, to live or die on their own.

While the children do their best to battle the elements, to find food and shelter and survive in the wild, Rebecca begins learning secrets the rulers in the White Tower want to protect at any cost. She meets a professor who is developing a serum that will change the world - but only for the ruling class who plan to keep it for themselves and use it to enhance their wealth and power.

As she keeps digging, and as she determines to one day cross the Boundary and find the lost son she prays has somehow survived, Rebecca learns just how far evil men will go to protect their privilege and wealth and gain the secret of eternal life.

The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age by Mara Karpel

The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age free book promotion by Mara Karpel

Free book promotion on Amazon 9/10/2018 - 9/14/2018!

The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality and Joy at Every Age is a guide for all who want to live a more vital, joyful life! After all, Passion, Joy, and Vitality are not just for the young! They are meant for the young at heart no matter what our age.

In The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality and Joy at Any Age, with the Foreword by The Barefoot Doctor, Dr. Mara interweaves her twenty-six plus years of expertise as a psychologist, her own personal experience, and the wisdom of today’s thought leaders on physical, emotional, and spiritual health into these pages. Readers will gain valuable tips for creating a meaningful, vital, and joyful life––no matter what challenges they may face.

The Passionate Life is a guidebook for the exciting trek we call “life.” Whether you are early in your journey, moving into a new chapter of life, looking to climb out of a rut, or finding your way again after being lost for years––this book is for you! Dr. Mara shares a wealth of knowledge to help us all feel vital and alive––physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually––well into our golden years.

War of Nytefall: Lost - a wild vampire action adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

War of Nytefall: Lost - a wild vampire action adventure book promotion by Charles E. Yallowitz

As the Vampire Civil War reaches its seventeenth year, a mysterious girl and her pet bunny appear to throw both sides into chaos.

Clyde continues to struggle against his destructive urges as he rules Nytefall and makes sure the Dawn Fangs remain in the shadows.  Unable to get through the wards to face his true enemies, he has kept his men focused on developing his new kingdom and raiding whenever they find a new target.  When news of old-world vampires disappearing and mortals being attacked reach Nytefall, Clyde senses that another change is on the horizon.  More importantly, he might finally be able to get involved in the war instead of sitting on his throne. Hoping for a challenging fight, he has sent out his agents to find the source of the mysterious incidents and takes the first opportunity to join them.

Instead of a bloodthirsty enemy or a rampaging army of rogue Dawn Fangs, Clyde and his gang find Lost.  This whimsical and carefree teenager turns out to be as elusive as a master thief and she leaves mayhem in her wake.  Aided by her decrepit bunny and hunted by two armies, she is determined to find a father she has never met.  Bounding between Nyte and Nytefall, it becomes clear that there is something different about this Dawn Fang.  As the secrets behind Lost’s origin come to light, the kingdoms of the vampires will be left forever changed.

The womb-born have come of age.

Magic Show - A Psychological Thriller by Lawrence Michaelis

Magic Show - A Psychological Thriller book sale promotion Lawrence Michaelis

This book is on sale on Amazon for $3.95 (regularly $14.95) 9/10/2018 - 9/20/2018!


Gilbert Gilbertson is not known for his skills as a magician. Although magic is his passion, his performance and ability has limited him to children's birthday parties. Until now.

Suddenly, Gil's a master in some of the most complex tricks, stage illusions, and sleight-of-hand. But, it doesn't stop there. His winning streak in Vegas has the casinos worried. His choice to donate the money to charities makes him some enemies.

Jack Madison, a skeptic surgeon and best-selling author, is asked to investigate the matter of Gilbert the Magic Clown. In pursuing the mystery, Jack becomes the unlikely partner of Joan Firestone, a beautiful Las Vegas detective and expert in casino fraud.

The investigation uncovers a dangerous religious fringe group. Are Jack and Joan in too deep? Uncovering a conspiracy has some members of the church wanting to silence them.

Things culminate in the closing act of a Las Vegas magician’s convention, when Gilbert performs what all agree is the greatest magic act of all time—a magic act that has unexpected and dire repercussions.

Million Dollar Builder: Discover the Road Map for Optimizing Your Profit, Work-Flow and Cash-Flow and Achieving a Seven Figure Net Profit in 3 Years or Less by Kurt Hegetschweiler

Million Dollar Builder : Discover the Road Map for Optimizing Your Profit, Work-Flow and Cash-Flow and Achieving a Seven Figure Net Profit in 3 Years or Less free book promotion Kurt Hegetschweiler

This book is free on Amazon!

The perfect resource for builders looking to achieve optimum performance in every area of their business and life;
Put the right structures and systems in place to optimize Profit, Work-flow & Cash-flow
Raise your profile and become the 'go to' builder with authority and trust in your area
Get certainty around your numbers, systems development, team building and business strategy
Get on track for for achieving complete control and best practise for every area of your business
Create a 'forever business' regardless of whether you choose to stay in it, sell it or pass it on
Run your business on your terms
Learn truths about your business and your leadership you don’t know
Create a life by your design

A Silent Life: Divorce, Narcissism, and the Toxic Family by Valerie Gellar

A Silent Life: Divorce, Narcissism, and the Toxic Family book Valerie Gellar

Abusive relationships permeate the fabric of America. Narcissistic abuse is particularly insidious, as it is often very difficult to identify. A Silent Life: Divorce, Narcissism, and the Toxic Family, recounts Valerie's experiences living with, and escaping from, narcissistic, abusive husbands and a toxic family, in addition to exposing the complexities of the California court system in handling custody and abuse cases.

A Silent Life was written with the intention to empower and inform individuals who are in abusive situations in their life. Readers will gain an understanding of what narcissistic behavior looks like in a relationship, and how that behavior carries over into legal matters and family life. There is always hope, no matter how bleak the situation, and this book is a testament to that fact.

The Lakebed - a freakish mystery by Tim Stone

The Lakebed - a freakish mystery book promotion Tim Stone

The debut novel from Tim Stone about a devastating earthquake in the Pacific Northwest, two shocking murders, and a dark force buried under an ancient lake. A young immigrant searching for answers about a horrible crime in his past - his mother thrown off the roof of his family's Kiev townhouse. Meanwhile, a dogged Washington police chief struggling to crack the case of a mysterious stranger, riddled with stab wounds, found dead in her sleepy lakeside town. Nothing is what it seems. High strangeness reigns supreme.

No Regrets - Hot Erotic Love story by Tera Shajal

No Regrets - Hot Erotic Love story by Tera Shajal

No Regrets is a book, of an adventurous crazy, wild love affair, which tells a story of how temptation and lust can overcome common sense and security. Raychel Bell shares with you the journey of her life, what started out as a dream, became a fantasy and eventually a nightmare.

This chaotic love affair novel will sweep you up and have you turning like a tornado; the depth of the raw emotions that is shared between two secret lovers will shake you like an earthquake.  Its forbidden lust that takes you to heights as high as a mountain top and as low as the valley all while keeping you on the edge of you seat waiting for that next  explosion that can be hot as fire and in a blink  of an eye  turn cold as ice, but leaving you with, No Regrets.

Life, Love and the Pursuit Of - an inspirational self-help journey by Acamea Deadwiler

Life, Love and the Pursuit Of - an inspirational self-help journey book promotion Acamea Deadwiler

Life, Love and the Pursuit Of is a journey toward self-discovery and acceptance. It is the sequel to a memoir that has since been taken out of print due to a myriad of reasons discussed in this current story. The book is about exactly what its title suggests. It is about life, love, and our quest to make sense of it all. It is deeply personal. Even the broken/mended heart on the cover was sourced from a tattoo that Acamea has on her shoulder.

Using her own experiences, the author guides you to and through the lessons she’s learned in hopes that you will find a place of use for them in your own life. It is Acamea’s aim that her lemons can be your lemonade. Life, Love and the Pursuit Of will challenge your way of thinking, your way of doing, and your way of being.

From challenge emerges triumph, which is not about winning or losing, but about overcoming and growing. For the author, writing this book was just as much for her as it is intended for you. It forced her to examine herself, and confront situations that had long since been forgotten.

The hope is that in reading Life, Love and the Pursuit Of, you realize more than ever that you are not alone in this beautiful struggle. None of us are - And that is the point.

Field Manual for Life and Relationships - Taking back control of your life by Anthony Chandler

Field Manual for Life and Relationships - Taking back control of your life book promotion Anthony Chandler

This old-school handbook is written in the style of military field manuals. Concise, it provides the nuts and bolts for life's BIG FIVE: from everyday challenges to the importance of dating and marriage, it provides timeless principles that will help you find the success in life you've been looking for. If you find yourself repeating bad habits that continually lead to chaos, this concise field manual was written for you.

A Lasting Tale - An amazing science fiction novel by FN Beza

A Lasting Tale - An amazing science fiction book promotion by FN Beza

A war was approaching, their family had crumbled, none of them had escaped the consequences of being part of a powerful family. No one could be free from the torture. The Empire hid the destruction they all knew was coming.

Mel and Ace, brother and sister, enemies. They had chosen sides, they had been betrayed, they had run from love and promises they couldn't keep, but no one could hide forever.

I will tell you every secret, every lie, and truth. I will tell you everything that led to the destruction of a once glorious Thernonian Empire.

The Wrong'un, a thriller by Catherine Evans

The Wrong'un, a thriller book promotion Catherine Evans

The Wrong'un is the story of a large Lincolnshire family whose eldest son, Paddy, is hellbent on destroying the lives of his clever, hard-working siblings. From the moment of her birth, his especial target has been his younger sister, Bea. Why has matriarch Edie always turned a blind eye to his malevolence? Why is she so ambivalent towards her only daughter?

After Bea's husband dies, her life begins to disintegrate alarmingly. Is Paddy behind it all? Will Edie stand by and let him wreck the lives of her other children? How much is she willing to sacrifice to protect her son?

The Bishop of 12th Avenue by Ray Lucit

The Bishop of 12th Avenue book promotion Ray Lucit

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When you grow up on the violent streets of a dying world, the first thing you learn is to mind your own business. So when eighteen-year-old Jacob Walker stumbles across three federal agents torturing an old man by a church, Jake can’t explain why he bothers to rescue the old guy. As he lay dying, the old man makes a strange sign with his hand, and after mumbling something in an ancient language, he slides a ring on Jake’s finger.

What Jake doesn’t know is that he is now the last hope for a group of believers, or Churchers, living outside the dying city. Even now forces are massing to destroy the strangely naïve Churchers, and although Jake knows nothing of bishops, gods or churches, any chance that this remnant can survive will depend on The BISHOP of 12TH AVENUE.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world suggested by centuries of Christian prophesy and legend, The BISHOP of 12TH AVENUE tells of a desperate fight for survival, an epic battle between good and evil, and a young leader’s struggle to understand the difference.

Retire Reset!: What You Need to Know and Your Financial Advisor May Not Be Telling You by Nahum Daniels

Retire Reset!: What You Need to Know and Your Financial Advisor May Not Be Telling You free book promotion Nahum Daniels

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Written to inform baby boomers and their advisors, this book unveils a whole new approach to retirement investing that challenges conventional thinking about stocks and bonds to offer a timely alternative. Designed to hedge a broad array of the risks retirees face—from longevity and self-defeating investor psychology to inflation and economic uncertainty—the author’s “stable-core” portfolio converts a nest egg into a personal pension focused on maximizing lifelong income. How? By anchoring it to innovative annuity contracts designed to help preserve retirement assets from market losses while linking them to those same markets to capture a share of their upside potential.

A retirement income specialist with decades of planning experience as a CFPR professional, Nahum Daniels urges baby boomers to rethink their investment strategy now, calling for an historic shift in mindset that transforms insurance from an incidental component of the retirement nest egg to its core holding. Doing so, he argues, can mitigate the ever-present dread of running out of money, while helping retirees sustain the lifestyles to which they aspire rather than settling for less in a form of self-imposed austerity.

Focused on the financial dynamics of retirement, Nahum provides an eye-opening perspective on a century of our economic history as well as our pending economic prospects. Illustrating the key differences between banks and insurers, he explains why insurers are mandated to solve the retirement challenge. Deftly translating into actionable advice some of the latest findings released by America’s leading retirement institutes and university researchers, he puts a human face on the retirement planning process by offering personal examples drawn from a 30-year long career.

The Keys to Health, Fitness and a Lifetime of Happiness by Bruce A. Bromberg

The Keys to Health, Fitness and a Lifetime of Happiness free book promotion Bruce A. Bromberg

Free book promotion on Amazon 9/4/2018 - 9/8/2018!

The Keys to Health, Fitness and a Lifetime of Happiness is your complete guide to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Author, Bruce Bromberg, outlines several tips, techniques and recipes that you can implement in your own life to drastically change your physical and mental health for the better.

Just South of the Solar Plexus - Women's Non-Fiction Inspirational by Mariah Schwarz

Just South of the Solar Plexus - Women's Non-Fiction Inspirational by Mariah Schwarz

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Facing life and facing death, so many of us - especially women - give up our voices, leaving who we are, what matters, and how we can change the world in the dust to whither. Here’s how I reclaimed mine.

Illegal - a true story of love, revolution and crossing borders by John Dennehy

Illegal - a true story of love, revolution and crossing borders free book promotion John Dennehy

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Winner of the 2018 Wishing Shelf Awards and the 2018 Da Vinci Eye book award, "Illegal admirably wrestles with some of the most pressing matters of our current age: What is the character of the United States? What happens to an idealistic young American abroad? Borders, national identity, justice. And then love, cutting through it all. How do two young lovers hold on to each other in the maelstrom of national politics and the swings of history? As Dennehy throws himself into the political and social life of Ecuador, you will see some of yourself in him."

- Cullen Thomas, author of Brother One Cell

Tales Of Aware Bear - Children nature by Ryan J. Belo

Tales Of Aware Bear - Children nature book promotion Ryan J. Belo

This is the first book of a series, by author Ryan J. Belo and illustrator Lizy J. Campbell. Cub's curiosity about life, sparks the question who am I?. Mama bear answers his question with wisdom and love.