Tales From Ara: Into the Unknown - a romantic fantasy by Isabella and Irena de Wardin

Tales From Ara: Into the Unknown - a romantic fantasy by Isabella and Irena de Wardin

Single and hopelessly romantic, Harlette is your everyday girl who dreams only of two things: falling in love and finding her place in the world.

Her relatively uneventful life takes an unexpected turn when she is transported into another world, Ara, without so much as an explanation or even a decent pair of trousers.
Wearing nothing but underwear and stilettos, she finds herself in Nimrod’s forest, just to be captured by the elven king Karayan and his guard. Nimrod is Ara’s strongest kingdom, and Karayan is the most powerful of elves.

Despite developing a keen interest in her, humans are a rare sighting in Ara and usually a bad omen; this makes Karayan suspicious of Harlette and even, disagreeable...

Thrown into the middle of a rising interdimensional war, marked as a trespasser and with no way of returning home, Harlette is dragged into a series of adventures and soon finds out that this fairy tale – no matter how cruel or beautiful – is no longer the fruit of her imagination. Love is not as easy as it is in romance novels and she will need to harden her heart and mind if she wishes to survive the upcoming whirlwind of events that will befall her.

Will Harlette discover the purpose behind her sudden arrival in Ara, and will she be strong enough to face the challenges thrown at her?

Secrets Girls Keep - a legal thriller by John Ellsworth

Secrets Girls Keep - a legal thriller by John Ellsworth

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/20/2017 - 3/26/2017!

Michael Gresham is a criminal attorney whose priest has fathered a son. The boy is now seventeen, acting-out, and arrested for first-degree murder. The priest asks Michael to take his son into his home so he can be released on bail. Michael and his wife agree and the boy, with his snake and mice, moves in.

One young client who looks more guilty with each new death...

The new house guest gets questioned by the police for yet a second murder. Michael Gresham and his wife become uneasy and, when the young man begins acting out, they finally move him out. The snake and mice move out with him.

If you love a page-turning thriller with mystery, clandestine plotting and a dash of romance, pick up Secrets Girls Keep today.

Apprentice - a time travel adventure by Michael Robinson

Apprentice - a time travel adventure by Michael Robinson

April is an unusually bright university student studying physics. But a holiday goes awry when the plane she's on is attacked by unknown assailants using advanced technology. She survives only thanks to the help of the man that was seated next to her, named Mark, who reveals himself to be a time traveler. He's there to stop an enemy from the future that are attempting to wipe out humanity before it can threaten them.

They discover that the FBI has been infiltrated, and enlist the help of an agent and his team to discover where the threat lies and, ultimately, stop it.

The story takes us all across the galaxy and millions of years into the future as April and Mark confront a threat more familiar and dangerous than they had expected, enlist the help of an old friend, and utilise advanced, ingenious technologies to aid them.

It also reveals disagreements in the main characters as to how time travel should be used, as well as other advanced and potentially dangerous technologies, in an invisible war waged throughout time.

Life Sliding - a compelling young adult by S. L. Mauldin

Life Sliding - a compelling young adult by S. L. Mauldin

Life Sliding centers around an affluent teenager, who discovers the  harsh realities of life.  Following a turbulent summer as counselors at a camp for children with special needs, three young adults return to high school with a plan to shake up the social hierarchy.

Will they be able to survive the fallout of a plan they set in motion? A film for everyone, even those beyond those tender, but sometimes dangerous adolescent years.

Devi's Bliss: a story of Noelle by Mika Lane

Devi's Bliss: a story of Noelle by Mika Lane

Free 3/21/2017 - 3/22/2017!

What happens when you combine sensual massage, hot men, and the beautiful women who oblige them? A secret spa where anything can, and does, happen.

Noelle services sinfully irresistible alpha heroes with money, bravado, and power. But she’s just as strong, knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Join her as she navigates the erotically charged lifestyle of a Devi’s Bliss girl; their stories will make your head spin.

Millie's Angel - a family saga of magical realism by Kim Petersen

Millie's Angel - a family saga of magical realism by Kim Petersen

Empowering, liberating and completely captivating, this novel will capture your heart and leave you feeling inspired ...

Millie's Angel is an inspirational novel that tells the story of Millie and a family that is both cursed and blessed.

When Millie discovers her mother has abandoned her in disturbing circumstances, she is left to care for her kid brother while struggling with the presence of a father that is as incomprehensible as it is threatening.

Millie grows up relying on her own strength and finds support in the bonds of love and friendship; and a boy who has smitten her heart. But as she faces the challenges of everyday life, Millie develops a connection with an angelic presence that will play a wonderful role in the life of her family.

Just when Millie believes she has overcome the worst of the dark secrets that had ripped her family apart, she faces yet another challenge - when her mother reappears ten years later.
Can Millie learn to forgive her mother for abandoning her?

Just imagine a heartwarming, spiritually rich story that will inspire you to believe in hope when things go wrong. Then just imagine, Millie's Angel - a story where you will find something of yourself.

My Landlord Helper: Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments, Achieving Explosive Growth and Saving Money by Linda Liberatore

My Landlord Helper: Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments, Achieving Explosive Growth and Saving Money by Linda Liberatore

Free 3/20/2017 - 3/24/2017!

In "My Landlord Helper: Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments, Achieving Explosive Growth and Saving Money" you'll quickly learn how to:

- Grow your portfolio 4x in less than three years
- Implement successful strategies for managing your real estate investments
- Increase your quality of life by streamlining processes that free up time
- Overcome hurdles that hinder growth

Through effective technology, smarter staffing, managed communication, and continued learning, all of this is possible. Its time to finally make your dreams come true and turn your passion into profit!

Murder on the Lake, Mystery - British Detective, by Bruce Beckham

Murder on the Lake, Mystery - British Detective, by Bruce Beckham

Free 3/19/2017!

Meet maverick British detective DI Skelgill - he's been described as "mad, bad and just a little bit cozy"!

Set in England's rugged and beautiful Lake District, Inspector Skelgill investigates a series of suspicious deaths amongst a group of London's elite literati, stranded in a country mansion upon a remote island.

Marooned himself, Skelgill senses the atmosphere is thick with jealousy and revenge - and it seems even he is not immune from falling prey to the killer.

Comparisons have been drawn to Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' - download a FREE copy and decide if the plot is equally fiendish!

Morning Makeover - a how-to guide for creating quality morning rituals by Damon Zahariades

Morning Makeover - a how-to guide for creating quality morning rituals by Damon Zahariades

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/18/2017 - 3/23/2017!

Imagine waking up excited to start your day.

Imagine feeling relaxed and confident regardless of the challenges you're likely to face.

Imagine getting more done than you ever thought possible, and doing your best work in the process!

What if you could experience these and other benefits by adopting a simple morning routine? How would that change your life?

MORNING MAKEOVER takes you, step by step, through a simple system for creating morning rituals that lead to daily success! Learn how high-achievers get so much done while managing their stress levels and balancing the lives. Here's the world's worst-kept secret to finally taking control of your mornings and enjoying more personal and professional success each day!

DOG INSPIRED LESSONS - a compilation of heart-warming life lessons by Joyce Kostakis

Dog Inspired Lessons - Heart-warming insights on forgiveness, letting to and loving unconditionally by Joyce Kostakis

Dog guided lessons is a compilation of short stories that illustrate dogs are more than just pets; they are more than just companions, they can be our teachers. Enjoy heart-warming photos of Max and Cooper that inspired lessons on life, being present, loving unconditionally, and the power of forgiving and letting go.

I made a decision to apply the lessons learned while watching Cooper and Max interact on a day to day basis. The result was positive. I feel emulating them as taught me how to be a better person. It has taught me to be a better friend, coworker, sister, wife, and a pet owner. I decided to write this book to share my insights as well as provide a few photos to give you a smile in the process.

The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm - Full Color Illustrated Middle Grade Fantasy Chapter Book by Sybrina Durant

The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm - Full Color Illustrated Middle Grade Fantasy Chapter Book by Sybrina Durant

Long ago, a little foal was born into a tribe of magical metal horned unicorns. But his horn was not metal and he didn't have any magical powers.  Everyone had thought that he was born to save the tribe from the evil sorcerer, Magh.  But how could that be?  Everyone knew "no metal, means no magic!"

Yet, the Moon-Star Numen prophesized that the blue unicorn would be the one to save the tribe and bring the survivors back home to Unimaise. The others don't have much faith in Blue but as he grows he develops an adventurous spirit and good old common sense.  After one final message from the Numen, he leaves the safety of the Halstable to take on the challenge alone.

He is soon joined by his mentor Gaiso, the Stag and his friend, Girasol the Firebird. Together, the companions save a Humongous Elutron from the Bugans and they rescue Gwyn the Pendragon from Yegwa, an evil spirit.

Meanwhile, the rest of Blue's tribe learn that all horns will be required to meet horn tip to horn tip in order for Blue to receive the Numen's magic. They race toward Muzika Wood in a desperate bid to reach him before the Moon-Star arrives. In their travels, they barely escape Magh's city of Kudos with their lives. One unicorn is nearly gummed to death by a Blind Blober in the Caulis Caverns. With misadventures all around, will destiny prevail?

Extropia: Mind Game - Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy by Robin Bootle

Extropia: Mind Game - Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy by Robin Bootle

This is one for those who loved The Hunger Games, or the Maze Runner series. Extropia: Mind Game is a science-fiction novel that iterates on some of the classic themes of the genre – virtual reality and artificial intelligence – and combines them with the gameplay rules and scenarios of chart topping games such as SkyRim. “What really excited me,” explains Robin, “was to take an everyday gamer, place him in what he thinks is an everyday game, but then to spin the game on its head: to make it visually real and physically dangerous, but more importantly, to take a look at what happens when the intelligence and emotions of the game characters become increasingly advanced, to the point of being indecipherable from those of a human. The hero’s darkest moments occur as he realises that the characters in the game are genuinely suffering; a suffering inflicted on them by his father, the game’s creator.”

“Talk of computer games shouldn’t put anyone off, however,” adds Robin. “The game is set in a world like Middle Earth, and the familiar themes and fast-paced nature of the story should appeal to a broad audience.” Comparable to the work of Suzanne Collins and James Dashner, Extropia: Mind Game combines elements of science-fiction and fantasy to create a virtual dystopian reality.

Pockets of Darkness - a dark urban fantasy by Jean Rabe

Pockets of Darkness - a dark urban fantasy by Jean Rabe

Bridget O'Shea isn't hero material. She's a thief...a really good thief...and a smuggler. But when she steals the wrong artifact and calls forth a demon.

She’s drawn to very old and interesting things because of her gift of psychometry. Bridget is the “real deal,” able to hold an object and delve into its past. She can look out through an ancient Egyptian shabti and see the carver, hear everything going on around him—and clearly understand the long-dead language. She can touch a baseball hit by Cool Papa Bell and watch him round third base and head for home, cheered on by a crowd on a bright summer afternoon. Bridget can “live” history.

Her addiction to ancient pieces lures her to steal an object from a Manhattan apartment, and thereby acquire the demon. The demon has its own agenda—and if she doesn't cooperate the people close to her will die.

But if she goes along with the malevolent thing, a lot more people could stop breathing.

The face she presented to the world...that of an honest and successful businesswoman dealing in antiques, is ripped away.

She has to lose everything, perhaps even herself. Maybe she has to become a hero.

The Kaleidoscope - romantic suspense by B K Nault

The Kaleidoscope - a suspense and thriller by B K Nault

$0.99 (regularly $5.99) 3/17/2017 - 3/19/2017!

When a mysterious homeless man insists Harold take a beautiful, handcrafted kaleidoscope, his black-and-white world  quickly spins into Technicolor chaos. Along with a perky breast cancer survivor named Pepper, and Rhashan, a colorful Rastafarian co-worker, Harold's journey becomes a high octane chase to save the 'scope from falling into the wrong hands.

From IndyTale Magazine, Five stars and crowned heart award. Sarah E Bradley reviewer: “A rare combination of philosophical, mystery and thriller, with “The Kaleidoscope” author B.K. Nault has created some of the best character growth this reader has seen in a long time…The mystery that unravels around the Kaleidoscope is well written and unravels in a way that leaves the reader both thinking and guessing. The bit of romance Harold finds as well, will make the reader smile and cheer at the end. “The Kaleidoscope” should be on every reader’s must-read list!”

The Evelyn Project - a Thriller by Kfir Luzzatto

The Evelyn Project - a Religious Mystery by Kfir Luzzatto

$1.99 on Amazon 3/17/2017 - 3/20/2017!

Evelyn’s father did everything that was in his power to save his dying daughter, black magic included. But when a century later his plea for help gets into the wrong hands, all hell breaks loose.

Caught in the slippery battlefield between the Vatican and a cult that wants to change the past, a young Italian professor and a beautiful French aspiring actress are too busy running away from murder and conspiracy to let physical attraction develop into love.

And it doesn’t help that Her Majesty's Secret Service decides to take an interest in what everybody else is doing and to pull some strings of its own. Quite the contrary, in fact . . .

Fields of Rust: Suns of the End - Volume One - a Science Fiction and Fantasy by Robert Gryn

Fields of Rust (Suns of the End) (Volume 1) - a Sci-Fi Fantasy by Robert Gryn

$4.99 on Amazon 3/16/2017-3/19/2017!

The universe grows cold. Only a few stars persist in dark matter wastelands. Among these last embers, the ashes of war smolder.

On the planet-sized Worldship, Nezantes, the loyal servant of King Darsen, seeks to restore the reign of his ruler. For this end he will do anything, even if it means igniting the last stars in a final war. Caught in the middle of this looming conflict are Solaz, a man losing his humanity, and Isolde, a woman who may have never been human.

Solaz and Isolde will pursue the duty-bound Nezantes past the ends of the world. Their desperate chase will take them among the broken and decrepit heavens. They will see what has become of the stubborn works of humanity and, if Nezantes has his way, they will witness another step towards the last breath of the cosmos.

Get Back Up: From The Streets to Microsoft Suites - an Inspiring Motivational Read by George A. Santino

Get Back Up: From The Streets to Microsoft Suites - an Inspiring Motivational Read by George A. Santino

$0.99 on Amazon 3/16/2017 - 3/20/2017!

An Inspiring and Often Humorous Rags-to-Riches Story

With rare humor and the instincts of a born storyteller, George A. Santino describes his rise from rags to riches through a series of adventures that begin in Philadelphia’s violent Tasker Street projects where he dodges his alcoholic father’s fits of temper, fishes for rats, and sells tomatoes from the back of a truck. His escapades continue as he opens a sports bar with no walls in North Tampa, curses out a drill sergeant in Fort Jackson, and battles a hiring manager to get a job in Menlo Park that he fully intends to turn down.

Santino’s adventures culminate when he enjoys a long, successful career with Microsoft, builds a family, loses (and regains) a small fortune along the way, and triumphs over a freak spinal injury that doctors predicted would prevent him from ever working again before his thirtieth birthday. Throughout, Santino shares his perspectives on business and mentorship and stresses, by example, his central lesson: No matter what life throws at you, get back up.

Are We There Yet - Children's Book by Adam James

Are We There Yet - Children's Book by Adam James

Free 3/16/2017!

Let us go on a journey

Across this great land.

Through history we’ll travel

In a world so grand.

Atop magical creatures,

On which we will ride.

They will teach us well,

For they are our guide.

And when we are done

Your next adventure starts.

You’ll dream of far off places,

That you now know by heart.

'Are We There Yet' is a magical journey around the world that teaches kids about history and geography. Beautiful full page illustrations, hand painted by Polina Whitetail, fill each page. Explore places like China, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia (Carthage), Italy, France, England, Ireland, the U.S. and Canada. Kids will love to learn while exploring our world on the backs of magical animals.

52 Ways to Sell More Books: Simple, Cost-Effective, and Powerful Strategies to get More Book Sales - a Business and How - To by Penny C. Sansevieri

52 Ways to Sell More Books: Simple, Cost-Effective, and Powerful Strategies to get More Book Sales - a Business and Marketing Book by Penny Sansevieri

Free on Amazon 03/16/2017 - 03/19/2017!

With almost 4,000 books published each day, how will yours get noticed?

If you’re ready to sell more books and you’d like to learn how to market your book for next to nothing, 52 Ways to Sell More Books is a must-read and will put you on the fast track to success.

Confused about your marketing choices? 52 Ways to Sell More Books will not only show you the best choices for your book but how to market your book without breaking the bank.

Packed with handy insights, insider tips, and marketing wisdom, 52 Ways to Sell More Books is a powerful guide that will not only show you how to save money, but also help you gain the exposure you need to rise above the noise.

52 Ways to Sell More Books is the only guide you'll need for ...

* Leveraging local media to ramp up your celebrity status and sell more books
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* Successful book signings
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* Publishing your book on Kindle and other eReaders -- hassle free

Poison My Pretty - a cozy mystery by Amity Allen

Poison My Pretty - a cozy mystery by Amity Allen

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/12/2017 - 3/18/2017!

When a pageant director face plants into her potato salad, former TV witch detective Poppy Parker vows to hunt down her killer only to discover the business of beauty can be deadly.

Purified - a dark and suspenseful thriller by Elizabeth S. Sullivan

Purified Kindle Edition by Elizabeth S. Sullivan

$2.99 on Amazon!

Purified, a novel by Elizabeth S. Sullivan, features a complex but brilliant female protagonist traversing a dark world to find the missing daughter of a ruthless power player. This suspenseful novel evokes the atmosphere similar to The Silence of the Lambs where a female investigator will stop at nothing to find the truth and stop the murders of young women, even if it means her own destruction.

With the help of an unorthodox homicide detective,William Blake, the only cop who trusts Beck, they begin to unravel clues linked to the killer. With each answer she unearths, a psychological or physical terror is exacted against her, perhaps by Richard Safra, father of one of the missing women she is trying to find. Just as the reader thinks the answers are evident, twists in the story lead to a dark climax and some of the answers.

Purified - teaser trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBPFSDuWKos

Looking for Clara - a woman's journey in search of herself by Simona Grossi

Looking for Clara - a woman's journey in search of herself by Simona Grossi

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/5/2017 - 4/10/2017!

How did I get here? Clara asks. Was I influenced by something, someone, or just myself? A career in law, a path that seems predetermined, perfect from the outside, but filled with nonsense, the one only Clara sees. She feels unresolved, at times disoriented, almost anesthetized by the life at the law firm. Her apartment in L.A. is practically empty, with almost no furniture, and a clutter of boxes, books, random piles of sheet music, CDs, and a piano, the “silent witness to my temporary lack of commitment. To myself.”

She would need to stop and think, but she can’t, or doesn’t want to. And then her law firm sends her to Siena, Italy, where she meets Mario, her eighty-year-old neighbor, who takes photographs for fun and writes stories on them. There, somewhere between dream and reality, Clara’s friendship with Mario will pull her into a journey filled with unexpected turns and discoveries.

High Hopes by Sue Lilley

High Hopes by Sue Lilley

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/11/2017 - 3/17/2017!

Grace, Sam and Dixie have known each other forever. Sam and Dixie got married and they all lived happily ever after. Or did they?

Grace has a secret. Pregnant after a drunken one-night stand with Sam, she gave up her baby girl for adoption. A penniless student with no family to support her, she convinced herself it was best for everyone. And condemned herself to twenty years of guilt.

Her love-life has been a disaster. She married in haste and ended up divorced. Now, approaching forty with a sense of failure and dread, she receives a letter out of the blue. Her daughter has traced her and wants to meet. More than anything, Grace wants to see her, to explain that what she did was an act of love. But how can she do that without confessing to Sam? He and Dixie have a son and confessing to a secret baby now will put his family in jeopardy. How could their lifelong friendship survive such a betrayal? Yet Grace has no choice.

She visits their home in Cornwall to break the news in person. But Dixie and Sam are caught up in their own dilemmas. Distracted by Danny, a sexy odd-job man, Grace finds it ever more impossible to say anything as the week edges towards her dreaded milestone birthday.

Then more shocking revelations toss the family into turmoil. The jigsaw is smashed and the pieces scattered forever on the wind. But someone unexpected holds the solution.

Buy now and discover what happens next in this engrossing saga. The perfect page-turner if you don't mind being late for work.

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

     Nightmares aren’t supposed to walk among the living.  But they do.  Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, hidden among the tall pines, creatures who’ve paralleled man since the dawn of time, live, hunt, breed.  Under the disguise of a religious order they have built an underground sanctuary, a safe haven where they are planning to rise to the place in this world they once held.  Their leader, Arcturus, and his lieutenant, Malik, look to once again feed freely on human kind.

     Nick Barnett, a former Special Forces soldier, has lost everything, his wife, his daughter, and most of himself.  One rainy night he collides with another vehicle and with his destiny.  As he struggles to overcome his addiction to alcohol he will have to face a world unlike anything he could have imagined.

     Suzanne Reynolds searches for her missing daughter.  The police have given up; she’s just another runaway they say.  But a mother’s love never dies.  Suzanne’s search leads her to the tiny town of Spirit River Falls where after and accident she meets Bill Collins, a retired detective and his friend, a local bar owner and Vietnam Veteran, Ernie Montgomery.  Together they will search for Suzanne’s thirteen year old daughter, Heather.

     Kelly Kryshack is just a young woman in her twenties, looking for love, looking for acceptance.  Abducted by creatures she cannot imagine she finds herself part of a group of people who are being hunted for sport.  But Kelly will do the unimaginable, she will become the first to ever escape.  Her flight will take her to a chance encounter with a recuperating soldier and soon enough a five person alliance will form.  Together they must face an enemy as old as time.  At stake are the lives of two young girls and maybe even the fate of humankind.  Can they defeat The Pride?

Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet - a must-read selling book by Raúl Sánchez Gilo

Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet - a must-read selling book by Raúl Sánchez Gilo

Anyone in sales will find inspiration and motivation in this unique literary experience that provides the keys to excellent sales results.

Discover in an entertaining way how to sell more and better with an original book, entertaining, easy and quick to read:
  • A combination of fiction and commercial science, with an effective narrative that reveals the hidden truths to sell more and better.
  • A book with much humor, to have fun reading.
  • A must read to beginners in sales and also for experts who need a refresher.
  • With the keys to understanding the balance between products, salespersons and customers.
  • A trip to the past to discover the future, with eternal sales techniques that will always be valid.
  • A book that every salesperson needs to read.
If you sell, or want to sell more and better, this book is for you. Learn in a short time what it takes years to discover.

Learn the fundamentals of a sales professional who's spent many years exporting worldwide to more than 60 countries, and on the front lines of sales. These concepts are field-tested and proven to work.

Among many other topics, you will learn about:
  • What means to sell and be a seller/salesperson .
  • Customer needs, motivations and expectations.
  • Recognizing your main weaknesses and strengths.
  • How to sell a product. The necessity of selling ideas.
  • Dealing with the quality, the brand and personal branding.
  • How to target each stage of the product life cycle. 
  • How to better know our customer and identify potential clients. 
  • How to better manage our effort and time. 
  • How to optimize customer satisfaction, the formula.
  • How to get customer loyalty, the final formula.
After the success of the Spanish version, now it is available the English edition, a must-read for the millions of salesmen, entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketing and sales professionals, start-ups and students.

If you sell, or want to sell more and better, this book is for you. Take control of your career, and exceed your targets. Do not leave your destiny to chance.

Start now to differentiate yourself, download the book now and get results today!

Hearts in Defiance (Romance in the Rockies Book 2) by Heather Blanton

Hearts in Defiance (Romance in the Rockies Book 2) by Heather Blanton

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/14/2017 - 3/17/2017!

Charles McIntyre has finally found something he loves more than power—surrender. He’s given his heart to a good, godly woman. Now he’s trying to figure out how someone with a past like his can surrender it all to God. But, Defiance—the violent, hardscrabble mining town McIntyre built on blood—none of it his own—won’t let him go without a fight. When it threatens the one thing this reformed bad man cares about more than his own life, will he rely on the darkness in his soul to win…or the power of love?

Murder by Association - a murder mystery by Gary Starta

Murder by Association - a murder mystery by Gary Starta


Now in Top 100 ‪#‎Amazon
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I can honestly say there are a hand full of authors that wins my support one hundred percent. Gary Starta is one of those authors. He has a writing proficiency that is impeccable and never predictable. An author that does his research to ensure a gripping and believable reading experience.

Murder by Association, the thrilling, mind-blowing, blood chilling prequel to Starta's BLOOD WEB. The protagonist Caitlin Diggs teams up with Detective Stanford Carter, and McAllister in the pursuit of an unhinged killer known as “The Plunger”. As they uncover the enigmatic and horrific clues they find themselves wondering if the evidence will lead them to the killer(s) or reveal additional questions that could possibly alter their lives forever.

Gary Starta has done it again. You’ll love the explosion of excitement in this thriller that will keep your brain in over-drive as you try putting the pieces together and cheer the main characters to solve the serial killings.

Saint Augustine's Road - Paranormal Thriller by Richard Tabaka

Saint Augustine's Road - Paranormal Thriller by Richard Tabaka

A new town,a new restaurant, a fresh start.  That was what Neal Carter had in mind when he moved the family to, what was supposed to be, a quiet rural road near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Besides, the house was practically a steal.  But the Carter family got more than they bargained for.

Kathy Carter hasn't been the same since the disappearance of her oldest daughter, Kaylee.  And now she is hearing, smelling and seeing things that aren't there.

Thirteen year old Cora Carter misses her friends back in Ohio.  Thirteen is hard enough to handle when you have no friends and are bullied at school, but it is even harder when you've attracted the attention of a very nasty entity.

Four year old Hannah loves the new house.  She loves to play with her new friend, even if no one else can see her.

When evil forces the familie's hand, Kathy turns to the church just down the road, but there are dark secrets there she has yet to discover.  Evil resides on SAINT AUGUSTINE'S ROAD.

Gun Princess Royale - Book One - Awakeing the Princess, a high-school sci-fi gender bender by Albert Ruckholdt

Gun Princess Royale - Book One - Awakeing the Princess, a high-school sci-fi gender bender by Albert Ruckholdt

A High School Sci-Fi Gender Bender

The story of an effeminate cross-playing high school boy living on a terra-formed world far from Earth, who finds himself an unwilling participant of the Gun Princess Royale - a popular and ultra realistic virtual reality game where corporate sponsored female competitors operate Gun Princess avatars in their battle for supremacy.

As his daily life descends into a waking nightmare, and his school reputation lies in tatters after his cross-playing is revealed on social media, Ronin learns there is more afoot than he could have ever imagined, and becomes a pawn embroiled in a conflict between a powerful corporate family and royal House with a mind to exploiting him and the prototype Gun Princess, Mirai, that he has been roped into operating.

However little could have prepared him for the revelation that he won't be participating as a Gun Princess meister, but as Mirai herself, and that there is nothing virtual about the Gun Princess Royale.

Activate Your Untapped Potential - a Self Help, Personal Success by Marco LeRoc

Activate Your Untapped Potential - a Self Help, Personal Success by Marco LeRoc

Free on Amazon 3/10/2017-3/13/2017!

You Can Turn Adversity into Advantage

So many of us let our gifts and our goals die in favor of the status quo.
Marco LeRoc has done what many people dream of doing every day: he’s turned adversity into advantage.
In this book, he’ll teach you how to do the same by freeing yourself from regrets and what ifs to pursue your purpose.

Master Your Life

We all have our “why” in life - the trick is to find it, and success will follow.
This book helps you understand what’s holding you back from achieving your goals, how to overcome your weaknesses, and what it takes to use your strengths to make a difference in the world.
Join Marco LeRoc, international speaker and twice-published author, on a journey to activate your own personal greatness.
From mastering healthy daily habits to cultivating a positive mindset, Activate Your Full Potential helps you better yourself and discover what you really want.
As a result, you can not only maintain lasting happiness, but also make a real difference in the lives of others.

Practical Steps to Unlock Real Change

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have learned how to:
  • tap into your creativity
  • create an action plan that’s destined to succeed
  • turn your failures into opportunities for success

Zwindial - an entrancing fantasy by Jasmine Ive

Zwindial - an entrancing fantasy by Jasmine Ive

The realms of Ethera are magical and vibrant. But they can also be unpredictable and filled to the brim with stinky harpies, creepy kelpies and obnoxious gargoyles. For Zwindial – an ancient wyvern with deadly venom – and Rowan Pathfinder – a faun herbalist wanting to cure an ill friend – their wanderings lead them to the unfortunate corners of their world and must use their wits to survive them.

The Stranger's Voice - a steamy romance novel by Grace Harper

The Stranger's Voice - a steamy romance novel by Grace Harper

$1.49 (regularly $2.99) 3/8/2017 - 3/12/2017!

The Stranger's Voice is about a woman called Adaline Starling who is trying to cope with losing her hearing at a young age. She's feisty, intelligent, funny and beautiful, but she would rather hide away than face the world. Callum Hague comes into her life and refuses to let her hide any longer. It takes Adaline a while to let him know about her silent future but only after she finds out about his hidden imperfection. Adaline and Callum begin a passionate relationship that empowers them to face all their fears together.

Chameleons, a WW II novel unlike any other. Armed Conflict, Mystery, Suspense, Heroism, Romance, Corruption and Moral Fortitude by Marcus Nannini

Chameleons, a WW II novel unlike any other. Armed Conflict, Mystery, Suspense, Heroism, Romance, Corruption and Moral Fortitude by Marcus Nannini

$2.29 (regularly $2.99) 5/1/2017 - 6/1/2017!

CHAMELEONS, A World War II Mystery/Suspense Novel with a new twist to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Chameleons’ approach to the “date which will live in infamy” is from the seldom-seen perspective of an Imperial Japanese Navy midget submariner. The author sets forth a strong argument that members of the Imperial Japanese Navy succeeded in melding into the local Japanese population, never to be discovered.

In focusing on who, perhaps, is the ultimate “illegal alien” Marcus Nannini turns our attention to Lieutenant (junior grade) Masaharu Yokoyama. Yokoyama was the most qualified of the five midget submarine commanders who were sent to attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He was charismatic, courageous, focused and lived by the words: “Vision, Spirit, Patience and Honesty.”

Nannini transports the reader from the image of sailors crawling for their lives over the hull of the capsizing U. S. S. Oklahoma, into modern day Oahu, and points in between with seamless transitions as the life of Yokoyama is peeled open for inspection.

Nannini uses no fewer than 16 images to bring to life the people and events depicted in this harrowing tale of courage in the face of nearly overwhelming odds.

It is a story of courage, questioning moral certainty, duty, honor, and, above all, doing the right thing without regard to potential negative consequences.

What they are saying:

“A well-written novel requires an author to master many skills.  For me, the most important is to keep the reader so engrossed that he or she finds it hard to take a break.  Based on this…, Chameleons is such a story.” Don Westenhaver, Southern California Writers Association.

“Overall, I thought it was a great story. I liked your transitions and use of flashbacks, as well as your approach for the presentation of Chameleons.” John Bean, EBooks2Go.

“Chapter Fourteen (the Plank Bar) is the best chapter of any book I’ve ever read.” David S. Mathias, Rebel Woodworking.

In The Land of the Kami: A Journey Into The Hearts of Japan - Historical by Michael Hoffman

In The Land of the Kami: A Journey Into The Hearts of Japan - Historical by Michael Hoffman

Free on Amazon 3/9/17-3/12/17!

The stories, or essays, or perhaps poems in disguise, collected here are somewhat whimsical. They emerged from simple questions: What is Zen? Who was Confucius? What was it like to be a kid in Japan 10,000 years ago, or 1000, or 500? How did death come to seem, as it did for many centuries, so much more important to the Japanese than life? It is the author's proud boast that, though the questions are treated in some depth, not a single definitive answer emerges.

The Toothless Puppy - a children's book by Ashley Almon and Karen Almon

The Toothless Puppy - a children's book by Ashley Almon and Karen Almon

$2.99 on Amazon 3/9/17-3/12/17!

Campbell the golden retriever is as happy as a dog can be. She has a caring family, an adventurous life, and a lot of great friends. But when she notices she is missing one of her teeth, Campbell becomes sad and worried. Where did the tooth go? What will everyone think of her now?

Campbell leaves home and sets off in search of her missing tooth. On her journey,she finds a wide range of friends as unique as she is, from a tailless sheepdog to a group of flightless penguins. As the animals show her the things that make them special, Campbell begins to realize that being different might not be so bad after all.

The Fear of the Blow - a gut-wrenching true story by Jena Parks

The Fear of the Blow - a gut-wrenching true story by Jena Parks

In, The Fear of the Blow, Jena Parks shares her heartbreaking personal story to show how domestic violence devastates entire families, especially the children, and hopes that what she reveals will give new insight on this national epidemic. Each one of us has a responsibility to protect the weakest among us. We must be the voice of the children who are paralyzed by the intense fear that silences their cries for help.

In His Footsteps - inspirational and spiritual memoir by Margaret Agard

In His Footsteps - inspirational and spiritual memoir by Margaret Agard


"An inspiring, easy read with laugh out loud moments"

It began as a prayer of desperation.
It became the foundation for a life of abundant love, peace and joy.

 Margaret's five-page long to-do list was keeping her from her walk with God. Her surprising solution?  Giving her to-do list to God, every day.  Step by daily step God changed both her heart and her life

This 18 month slice-of-life chronicles the results of the daily prayer that
Changes relationships
Creates financial freedom
Brings peace during trials
Increases opportunities
Renews faltering faith
Deepens joy
Takes you from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Margaret Agard is a wife, mother, former missionary and an award-winning writer whose latest book "In His Footsteps: I Gave My To -Do List To God and Got More Done, More Sleep and Less Stress" shares her new deep and intimate relationship with God.  Written in an engaging and personal style that brings a wry wit to a life led by God.

The Ialana Trilogy - The Six - a Young Adult Fantasy by Katlynn Brooke

The Ialana Trilogy - The Six - a Young Adult Fantasy by Katlynn Brooke

$2.99 an Amazon 03/07/2017-03/11/2017!

In this roller-coaster fantasy adventure series, six diverse characters, three girls and three boys, between the ages of 15-21 embark on an epic quest to find a magical crystal lost 500 years in the past. What is their connection to this crystal? They must not only rediscover their past and survive a perilous journey over mountains infested with venomous mutant creatures, but they must also discover who the traitor is in their midst.

In the second book of the series, they continue their healing mission but are thwarted by a Galonese Warlord, and hunted by a deadly foe. Shape-shifters, mutant creatures, and a power struggle between the rulers of Ialana all work together to make this one of their most difficult challenges yet.

In the third book of the series, the Six and Anwyn, the daughter of two of the Six, must find and deactivate a weapon of mass destruction before Astrobal, the Demon-Lord of the Shadowlands finds it and uses it to destroy all life on Ialana. An old enemy in a new and even more deadly form arises, one who is able to match their enhanced abilities.

In a nail-biting race to the end, the outcome is uncertain. Have the Six and Anwyn met their match this time?

No One Ever Drowned in Sweat: G.R.I.T. - The Stuff of Leaders and Champions - a Success and Happiness New Release by Scott Petinga

No One Ever Drowned in Sweat: G.R.I.T. - The Stuff of Leaders and Champions - a Success and Happiness New Release by Scott Petinga

$0.99 on Amazon 03/06/2017-03/10/2017!

Life is full of resistance seeking to sink your dreams. It takes hard work plus a daily dose of G.R.I.T. to overcome this resistance and reach your goals. G.R.I.T. stands for Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity which Scott Petinga, Chief Troublemaker at The Scott Petinga Group, says are the foundational ingredients necessary to get the journey started, keep momentum going, effectively handle hurdles along the way, and stick with the task until the destination is reached.

Scott knows about adversity . . . and failure. He flunked out of school, was kicked out of the Marines, has been fired from jobs, went through a divorce and is suffering through one of the greatest tests of all . . . being diagnosed with cancer. In spite of the harsh setbacks, Scott has used G.R.I.T. to get back up after being knocked down and forge ahead toward the fulfillment of his dreams.

In No One Ever Drowned in Sweat, Scott breaks down each trait of G.R.I.T. and how to successfully use them to reach goals. Besides sharing his own experiences, Scott adds words of wisdom from interviews of over 50 notable CEO's, entrepreneurs, non-profit heads, thought leaders athletes, everyday heroes, academics and forward thinkers from all walks of life.

You'll learn how these traits are the driving force that makes things happen, even if you don't have a formal education. As a matter of fact, Scott explains how it is the elements of G.R.I.T. that are needed to restore the business world which has grown basically weak and unproductive because corporate heads have valued those with educational parchments and alphabetical titles over those with the characteristics of G.R.I.T.

Love Potions - Magic, Mischief & Kilts - Paranormal Romance by Michelle M. Pillow

Love Potions - Magic, Mischief & Kilts - Paranormal Romance by Michelle M. Pillow

$0.99 (regularly $4.99) 3/1/2017 - 3/16/2017!

Magic, Mischief & Kilts - Erik MacGregor is having a hard time sweeping his new neighbor off her feet. The last thing he needs is his magically mischievous family trying to help. When his sister's love potion joke goes wrong, there's no telling what Erik will do in the name of love.

The Tiger's Fate (Chronicles of An Imperial Legionary Officer Book 3) by Marc Alan Edelheit

The Tiger's Fate (Chronicles of An Imperial Legionary Officer Book 3) by Marc Alan Edelheit

Free 3/6/2017 - 3/10/2017!

A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, and a born fighter…Captain Ben Stiger has successfully thwarted the attack from an army of the Cyphan Confederacy. Now Stiger, his men, and his new dwarven allies have fallen back behind the great walls of Castle Vrell. Stiger finds himself named Legate of the Vanished, the long lost 13th Legion. This title and his own word binds him to the terms of the Compact, an ancient and mystical alliance formed nearly two thousand years before. The snows have come and the mountain summit into Vrell is impassable. On one side of the pass sits an army of the Cyphan Confederacy some twenty thousand strong. On the other sits Stiger, his company, the remnants of the 13th Legion and a dwarven army. Each side is waiting for the spring thaw.

Bottled up in the Vrell valley, Stiger and his elven companion, Eli, learn of Garand Thoss, an ancient and abandoned dwarven city. Within its hallowed halls resides a prize of unimaginable value; a prize that will reveal the true history of the empire, and force Stiger to face a new enemy more deadly than he has ever faced before…

EXPOSED: Defeat Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, and Chronic Illness: The Beginning of the End! by Dr. Shawn Chaudary

EXPOSED: Defeat Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, and Chronic Illness: The Beginning of the End! by Dr. Shawn Chaudary

Free 3/6/2017 - 3/10/2017!

A quick glance at the contents of this book usually raises a few eyebrows. "How are these conditions related?" To put it bluntly, these are conditions for the most part are difficult to diagnose and considered by many invisible illnesses. These conditions are the most widespread but mis-managed conditions treated by the conventional healthcare model. This book will give you the answers that you were looking for and real world solutions. For anyone who has seen months or even years drag by with no signs of improvement in their condition - this book is the beginning of the END of their chronic pain and disease nightmare. Read every word of this book. Your life depends on it!

Aliens Got My Sally - UFO Pulp Fiction for the Modern Mind by Lee Baldwin

Aliens Got My Sally - UFO Pulp Fiction for the Modern Mind by Lee Baldwin

ARCHAEOLOGIST ANNA LEWIS has studied first contact with alien cultures in depth. Chiefly she wondered why we haven’t found an extraterrestrial intelligence in radio signals from the stars. Anna has a theory: if the human race is a latecomer among civilizations in our galaxy, then spacefaring beings might have visited Earth wayyy before humans developed. What were those little green men doing here?

HER BIOLOGIST FRIEND SALLY believes they were infusing deep-buried microbes with their galactic DNA. Anna thinks this would have made us turn out a lot like them, so she decides to go looking for an alien mine shaft.

THAT'S WHERE THINGS GO SIDEWAYS, because there’s an intelligent life form called a honey worm living in that deep shaft. As a species, honey worms live inside wormholes and their purpose is to stabilize the fabric of the universe.

THIS RESULTS IN ANNA taking a ride to a planet on the other side of the galaxy, where she meets humanity’s cousins. It takes her a while to understand that she is part of a rescue project designed to save Earth’s people.

IT LEAVES ANNA WITH A PROBLEM. The overwhelming knowledge she finds makes her wonder: will the world accept what she must tell them? Or will they kill her out of fear of The Other?

THE TWO LEAD CHARACTERS are lifelong friends, ensnared in the evils of the patriarchy. Because they must defeat the patriarchy for the human race to survive, Aliens Got My Sally is both science fiction and women’s fiction.

Bygones - romantic suspense by Lisa K. Nielsen

Bygones - romantic suspense by Lisa K. Nielsen

Lexi Hadley escaped her small home town, leaving sad memories and tragedy behind her. When her father dies, she is drawn back home to confront the past only to find it is far from over. Along the way she suffers unsettling incidences and reacquaints herself with a man from the past. Lexi discovers that not everything is as it appears and she starts to question her life and her choices.

The Mirror of Doom - a fun middle-grade fantasy by Bailey Baxter

The Mirror of Doom - a fun middle-grade fantasy by Bailey Baxter

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/2/2017 - 3/3/2017!

Stealing my sister's diary? Great idea. But, hiding from her in my creepy Uncle Edgar's room? Worst. Idea. Ever.

But, how could I know the mirror standing in the corner was actually a doorway to another world? And who would expect my uncle to PUSH me through it?

So, that's how I got stuck in this dangerous, medieval land with my brother and sister -- with no cell phone service, pizza, or bathrooms. But, you know what it does have? Man-eating creatures called galrogs... ruthless soldiers... and an evil queen who wants us dead.

Yeah, I'm really having second thoughts about taking that diary...

Other Worlds - a fiction by Michael Hoffman

Other Worlds - a fiction by Michael Hoffman

Free on Amazon 3/2/17-3/5/17!

“Listen, Granule, about what daddy said. Is it true?”

“Mummy said he was joking.”

“I think it’s true.”


“I think so.”

“D’you mean mummy’s a liar?”

Mandolyn was thoughtful. Granule’s eyes were fixed on her face. He loved her face. It was so… he didn’t know the word… it kept changing… unlike his own, which was always the same. Mandolyn smiling and Mandolyn grave were almost two different people; Mandolyn laughing was a third; Mandolyn perplexed a fourth, and so on. When she was deep in thought, two tiny wrinkles appeared on her forehead, making her look, to Granule, almost old, though otherwise, partly because she was so small, partly because of what Granule thought of as her beauty, she seemed younger than her nine years and could easily pass for seven or even six.

“Let’s run away,” Granule suddenly blurted out.

The Persian Woman - a thriller by Thomas Booker

The Persian Woman - a thriller by Thomas Booker

$1.99 on Amazon 3/2/17-3/6/17!

Former Navy SEAL Jeff Quinn has a young woman's diary warning of a potential terror attack. But when he takes it to the FBI, he is chagrined to learn that the agent assigned to the case is Special Agent Parvin Sassani, an Iranian. Quinn has a grudge against all Muslims; his wife was killed by a jihadist. He balks at giving her the diary. The first half of the book depicts the struggle between Quinn and Parvin over the diary. Quinn gives in, however, when Parvin puts her own career on the line to save him from a false charge of murder. From then on, Quinn and Parvin work together to foil the attack. In the process, Quinn comes to respect Parvin for her intelligence, culture,and courage. He falls deeply in love with her.

A Kiss To Build A Dream On - Romance by Katie Baldwin

A Kiss To Build A Dream On - Romance by Katie Baldwin

What if you met the celebrity crush of your darkest fantasies?  What if he fell at your feet? (Because he was drunk... but still!)  What would you do? Bethany Michaels, a small town librarian, is about to find out. If you want to know what she does, read A Kiss To Build A Dream On.

Amazon synopsis:

Bethany Michaels leads a fairly isolated existence, but she longs to be an outgoing and sexually confident woman. When her celebrity crush comes to town, and literally falls at her feet, her prayers seem to be answered. But can she protect her heart while still experiencing true passion?

Hollywood celebrity Aidan Shannon, drunk and lost in small-town Virginia, finds himself in the home of a beautiful woman, and he finds her more than just a little alluring. Bethany is voluptuous and nurturing, fragile, yet steely. And that is a problem for a man who never wants to be tied to another woman again.

Living in the now is good enough for Aidan and Bethany for the short term. When the universe steps in and shows them what’s important, will Aidan take a chance on love a second time around when his girl needs him?

Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break From Shame and Feel God’s Love by Eddie Capparucci LPC

Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break From Shame and Feel God’s Love by Eddie Capparucci LPC

Tired of being trapped in unhealthy and destructive behaviors? Feeling stuck in moving on and getting the most out of your life? You may not realize it but you’re probably dealing with deep-rooted shame that negatively impacts your relationship with others and God. In many cases, it is shame that prevents us from moving away from emotionally-troubling behaviors.

In this new book, “Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break From Shame and Feel God’s Love” you will discover how to remove the shame label from your life by overcoming harmful behaviors such as: irrational thinking; the inability to emotionally connect; self-loathing; excessive worry; a hardened heart; and being stuck.

Utilizing real case studies, the author provides insights and real-world solutions to help you manage behaviors that destroy relationships, limit personal growth, and cause shame.  More importantly, this book opens a new pathway to help you establish a loving and meaningful relationship with God.

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